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Remember Me?

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Review of chapter "Part 1" from Gideon
An intriguing premise. How would Buffy react with the last two years missing from her Memory?
Hopefully they will get through the explanations without Buffy taking off. An ignorant Slayer could be a dead Slayer!

I noticed that you said there are following chapters still to be posted. I hope you get to them at some stage.

Edit: I see it is at from the review below. I'll read it there!
Review By [Gideon] • Date [22 May 10] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Part 1" from (Recent Donor)christytrekkie
Oh my gosh, have you given up on this I see its been a while since you've updated and it's so riveting. Please update soon.
Comments from author:
Thank you so much for the very nice comments, christy. "Remember Me?" is posted in full at I was rewriting it as I posted here because I completed it a decade ago and I felt I'd grown so much as an author that I couldn't let it stand as is. Well, you saw how far I got on it. (vbg) If you can stomach dangling participle and incomplete sentence hell, go here

and you can read the full thing. I hope you enjoy it. One day I'll actually finish the rewrite. Ah, the mythical one day...

Thanks again! I haven't thought of this story in ages. I may have to reread it myself.

Review By [(Recent Donor)christytrekkie] • Date [26 Sep 09] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Part 1" from Marcel
Very nice start... I can't wait to see how Buffy's doing with the Chosen One speech this time :)
Comments from author:
Thank, Marcel! My computer blew up, but as soon as I can get the info restored, I'll have Part 2 for you. Hopefully it won't take too long. Keep your fingers crossed! Thanks for reading!
Review By [Marcel] • Date [17 Jun 07] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Prologue" from CharmedSlayer
I really like this story. You should update soon. I cant wait to see what Giles's reaction is to Buffy having Amnesia. Great Work!
Comments from author:
Thanks! Part 1 is almost ready for posting. Check back later in the week to read it. Thanks for reading!
Review By [CharmedSlayer] • Date [24 Apr 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue" from amusewithaview
Huh, so is this just to throw a wrench in the works of her relationship with Angelus or...?

Interesting so far, non-crossing take on amnesia.

Comments from author:
Nope, this is certainly not just a wrench in their relationship. She really can't remember a thing. I just thought it would be interesting to see how the Scoobies could react in this type of situation. Thanks for reading!
Review By [amusewithaview] • Date [9 Apr 07] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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