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Force of a Slayer

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Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from Rune
I think that in the long period where the Sith were not hear from or off they were busy undermining the Jedi Order. Its Code is foolish in the extreme. Stealth Sith inside the Order making small changes like that, setting the Jedi up to fall. Buffy will make them THINK, I hope they remember how to think and not just spout off code or laws and junk like that.

Thanks for the fic.
Review By [Rune] • Date [16 Feb 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from BrownFinderth
Such a wonderful, exciting story!!! Really! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
Review By [BrownFinderth] • Date [17 Aug 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from lucyferr
“I didn’t ask for this, it just happened. Why would I have these feelings if I wasn’t meant to? The will of the force, you all say it, all the time. And yet you ignore it at every turn. If the force really is guiding our every move then I was meant to love Obi-Wan. Just as Anakin and Padme were meant to be together. How could it be anything else?”


Padme and Buffy are long overdue some serious girl talk, btw!
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [9 Jul 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In-Between A -o- Mission" from lucyferr
Buffy is Obi's cookie?

Hell yeah I approve. Besides, he's younger than most guys she's dated.

Good urst between the two during the chapter, looking forward to hearing the Siri story. And if Obi could do it again, would he have given up the Jedi life for Siri? Sounds like she did.
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [9 Jul 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Just the Beginning" from lucyferr
“I bet you always did just what Qui-Gon told you to, didn’t you?” Buffy asked, a light mocking tone to her voice now; better he be laughing at her than worrying about Anakin. “I bet you hold some kind of Padawan award for good behavior.”
“I was well behaved as that,” Obi-Wan said, looking down at her now. There was something in his eyes now, something sad, but also mischievous, and Buffy had to know what he was talking about.
“Oh really?” Buffy teased, looking up at him, a small smile on her face. “So tell me, you got into a lot of trouble, did you? Running around the temple getting into fights?”
“No,” Obi-Wan said, shaking his head. Though he had a very vivid memory of Anakin running through the halls chasing after a training droid he had fiddled with. “But I am not totally ignorant to the feeling Anakin is fighting with; I understand better than he would like to think.”

enjoying your Buffy-Obi banter

“He told you that in a few little beeps?” Buffy asked, a little amused by the droid.

Always wondered about that. Seems impossible, info theory and all

I get the danger of someone as unstable as Anakin not being the executioner, but it does seem unsafe to leave the Tuskens completely unharmed. What's to prevent them from doing it again?

But he took a deep breath and shook his head as something Buffy had told him came back to him, ‘you have to trust people, you have to help them enough so they can take care of themselves, and then you have to understand that sometimes the people you love are going to get hurt.’ Anakin knew Padme could take care of herself, he trusted her strength.

good boy!

“So,” she said a moment later, “how are we getting back to Coruscant?”
“In a ship,” Obi-Wan said with a straight face that made Buffy laugh again.
“I knew there must be a smart ass in you somewhere,”

good banter, again

“I don’t want to deceive the council, and I don’t want to have to lie to you.” Anakin explained, smiling when Padme reached over and took his hand. Obi-Wan watched in surprise as Anakin seemed to relax at her touch. “I’m leaving the Jedi order,”


Obi-Wan took a deep breath and closed his eyes. And for a moment he was 18 again, standing in the Room of a Thousand Fountains holding the hand of the woman he loved. He remembered as they decided to put their feelings aside to stay in the Jedi order. He remembered Qui-Gon’s counsel to give up his love, to fulfill his destiny.

So what happened with that?

“Oh,” Buffy said, an evil little grin on her face. “I think I hear a challenge in there.” Now Obi-Wan rolled his eyes and Buffy laughed. “I’m sure we can come to some kind of a compromise.”
“I’m sure,” Obi-Wan said, nodding his head. Neither of them noticed the pair of eyes following them on the dance floor.

right, whose eyes?
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [9 Jul 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Starting Out" from lucyferr
Enjoying this story. Jedi Council as Watcher Council - hm, well, she probably had got some members of the Watchers council to admit (with their dying breath) that emotions are cool.
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [9 Jul 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from draconis
Since this story was completed a long time ago, and perhaps I missed an explaining note, but can you please tell us what you changed that required an 20091227 update? Thanks.
Review By [draconis] • Date [27 Dec 09] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from dragonsdaughter
Very well written!
Review By [dragonsdaughter] • Date [12 Jan 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from (Past Donor)Fritolays
I absolutely loved this story! I am just now getting into Star Wars crossovers and yours makes me want to read soo many more :)
Review By [(Past Donor)Fritolays] • Date [16 Nov 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from deathgeonous
Interesting and fun so far. Well, on to the next one, thanks for writing this, bye for now.
Review By [deathgeonous] • Date [2 Oct 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from spring
This is a wonderful fic. I will soon read the sequel to this I hope that it is just as wonderful as this one if not better. I do have to wonder why the one Jedi master has so much animosity towards Buffy, it seems a little odd for a Jedi master. Again I love his fic
Review By [spring] • Date [12 Jul 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Far, Far Away" from Seventhchild
I think this story is great, like your Buffy :)
Review By [Seventhchild] • Date [11 Jul 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Far, Far Away" from MadBrilliant
Just wanted to let you know that this series has been rec'd at 'Pushing the Quill.'

We're a haven for fanfiction from all fandoms, so feel free to come by and leave a rec of your own. We'd love to know what authors are reading!
Review By [MadBrilliant] • Date [25 Apr 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from Bluejello
Wonderful! You did an excellent job of working Buffy into the Star Wars-verse.
My one complaint: Your writing of Anakin's nickname as "Annie" instead of "Ani." I'd recommend that in your future writing, you use "Ani." It's a more logical shortening of his name and doesn't remind your reader of a popular girl's name. ;)
Review By [Bluejello] • Date [27 Dec 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In-between C - Rescuers" from (Past Donor)Cheese
Excellent story, very enjoyable. I can't wait to read the sequels!
Comments from author:
Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it. :-)
Review By [(Past Donor)Cheese] • Date [8 Dec 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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