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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Two Times the Scoobies Should Have Trusted...

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Review of chapter "III. Silence" from kaleecat
Poor John, barely home for any length of time & he gets stood up by the hot one-eyed guy who knows how to pick a steak. It's kind of a sad chapter for him and, for Xander who can never trust who he meets; who will never know what might have been.

It's a bit strange the disconnect between the three chapters, until I remembered they aren't necessarily the same 'universe'--it's a vision of three possible realities given an intersection between SGA & BtVS characters. But my mind can't help but wonder, down the line when Dawn & the mini-Slayers get recruited into the SGC, what if a certain Colonel & a certain White Knight met once again.
Review By [kaleecat] • Date [5 Aug 08] • Not Rated
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