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Just a Suggestion

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Review of chapter "Just a Suggestion" from tals
Cute little drabble. Although I'm kinda confused regarding the use of the Slash-icon, and the FR-13 rating. While this can certainly be read as the first encounter in what might grow to be a relationship, it can also be read as the first meeting leading to a friendship. And there's nothing overtly sexual (or even implicitly sexual) about the story, so the Slash-icon is really overkill, and might keep some people from reading this little ficlet. No reason for them to miss out, not if coffee is as far as it goes... ;)

regards Tals. Thanks for sharing.
Comments from author:
It's kinda standard for me to make everything PG-13. *shrug* I guess I see your other point. I guess since I was seeing this encounter as turning into more than coffee I didn't see it that way. Guess I'll give it a bit of a change. Thank you.
Review By [tals] • Date [13 Nov 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Just a Suggestion" from Elleria
Is good.
Comments from author:
Review By [Elleria] • Date [12 Jun 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Just a Suggestion" from (Past Donor)gemmi
I liked this drabble. It was plainly written and got the point across, and eeeep! Radak/Xander
Comments from author:
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it, they would make an amusing couple.
Review By [(Past Donor)gemmi] • Date [7 Jun 07] • Not Rated
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