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His New Girlfriend Sees Ghosts

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Review of chapter "His New Girlfriend Sees Ghosts" from SlowMercury
This is really funny! And really cute. I love the way Buffy thinks. If the muse ever strikes, I'd love to see Buffy confront Paul and Suze, especially if it happens right after a fight where she gets her butt kicked six ways from Sunday, just to add insult to injury. Did Paul not know about her Slayer status?

EDIT: And my whinging and begging for another installment was not intended to imply that this story is in any way incomplete as it stands. It's perfect.

EDIT of the EDIT: I meant after Buffy got her ass kicked. Much as I love her, it's much more humorous/cinematic if she's on the losing end, with hair sticking out in all directions, etc. when she finally runs into Suze and Paul.

And I have no idea if this is remotely plausible for your story, but it occurs to me that Buffy and Jack might not make such a bad team. He'd see bad things, and she'd aim where he told her. There would be a lot of snarking. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Or, y'know, a really terrible one.
Comments from author:
Oh, don't worry, I would never have accused you of whinging and begging!

As for the confrontation, I'm hoping to get started on that sooner, rather than later, but I think there might be something else in the same storyline coming before that. Out of curiosity, did you mean especially after Buffy gets her butt kicked six ways from Sunday, or Suze?

And Paul was completely clueless about Buffy's Slayerness.
Review By [SlowMercury] • Date [22 Jun 07] • Not Rated
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