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Winter Wonderland

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Review of chapter "You better not pout, you better not shout" from RemusCDLupin
Very interesting indeed. I wouldn't mind seeing under what premise Harry was gotten out of the Dursleys and Draco away from Lucius and Narcissa. Nicely started though.
Comments from author:
I can't believe this story got a review. And such a nice one too! Yay me.
I'd practically given up on this story ... only practically, not completely :-)
I actually will have to re-think that through, since I seem to have misplaced the notebook where I jotted down my ideas. But I have a couple of rough drafts in my head. I take this review as a challange and an encouragement, thank you. Time willing, I will come back to this and try out these ideas. The main one actually had to do with wishes and Haillie of the Buffy-fame. It was actually part of a grander story line, which as I said, I lost detailed plot-line. But never fear! I shall think of something.

Thank you for this review.
Review By [RemusCDLupin] • Date [2 Jul 08] • Not Rated
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