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The Adventures of Colonel Fuzzy and Moonbrain

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Review of chapter "Ow! My Head! And Ass!" from SnakeofMedusa
Good story, but you seem to have forgotten that Wash died during 'Serenity' and it's never fully explained how the Colonel escaped from the Alliance.
Comments from author:
Oh no, I didn't forget that Wash died. If you read the author's notes, you'll notice that I decided that Wash didn't die, nope, no way, no how ::closes eyes, covers ears, hums::

I figured "damn it, it's a romantic fanfic with a raccoon, I'll keep Wash alive just because I can." Wash mysteriously surviving that fatal injury tends to be a common theme is my post movie fics.

I love Wash too much to keep him dead in my fics. I guess it's kinda immature, but oh well, I don't care. I often find that Reality doesn't seem to suit me.

And as for the Colonel, I had written some more on it, but the fic was written for a Mal/Simon ficathon, so I found myself deleting some exposition in order to focus the story more on the M/S parts. But in my mind, I figured that the Alliance had been shortsighted again, not realizing that a super-intelligent raccoon could easily escape an animal cage.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate.

Review By [SnakeofMedusa] • Date [27 Feb 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Ow! My Head! And Ass!" from Elleria
Love this.
Comments from author:
Oh, thank you!
I'm glad you enjoyed my trip into crack!land.
Although I am there fairly often. Have a nice summer house on the coast.
I'll shut up now.
Thanks for the feedback.
Review By [Elleria] • Date [19 Jul 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Ow! My Head! And Ass!" from AzrielSunHawk
Well damn! no yummy mal/simon goodies entangling? darn!!

any chance you might be persuaded to write more on this? this is the first mal/simon story i've seen. and you did a FABULOUS job!! Thanks!
Comments from author:
This one is finished, I have no plans to revisit this storyline. But I do have four other M/S stories on here, one of which is a cross with BtVS. And one does have prony goodness!
Thanks so much for your review, it made me happy!
Review By [AzrielSunHawk] • Date [17 Jul 07] • Not Rated
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