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Summers Women

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Review of chapter "Summers Women" from Melli
This is an incredibly interesting, well-written story. I love how you wrote Spike, he seemed very in character. While the only one of those pairings that I actually read is (weirdly enough,) Spike/Dawn, the other two pairings in there strangely didn't bother me, when normally they might squick me a bit. Great job!
Comments from author:

Thanks so much.

I was really hoping to get a review on this piece, I had been eagerly waiting...and then I fell sick which is why you didn't get a reply immediately.


It really seems to me that Souled Spike just wouldn't be in love with Buffy, at least not in the same way the demon loved her. Oh, he might still go through the motions but...just look at the huge difference in how Angel and Angelus feel about matters. To Angelus, the soul's love for the Slayer was tool he could use to manipulate her.

I think Dawn's scene where she first meets Spike again after he's been resouled is sort've a stepping stone for her character. For once she steps out of her role of little sister and seems...actually quite dangerous. At least I believed her threat.

The stuff with Buffy and Joyce...I think I'm one of the few who thought that Buffy and Spike's twisted abusive relationship was something we really could have done without. I don't have problems with them as a couple, just with the way they were handled. As for Joyce, she really does need someone to appreciate her as a woman rather than as being a middle-aged bystander. Who better to look past her apparent years and see the woman within than a vampire really, especially one who the canon definitely portrayed as being friendly with her.

wow, gosh, didn't mean to go all lecture on you. I just put a lot into the story so it's nice to see someone appreciating it.
Review By [Melli] • Date [7 Sep 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking