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A Real Sunnydale Hero

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Review of chapter "A Real Sunnydale Hero" from EdBecerra
I've got a twisted (how appropriate for TtH!) PSA for you, though it's not mine. Someone did a parody PSA featuring COBRA, and it's been floating around the 'Net for years. I nearly gagged laughing the first time I heard it. Maybe you'll like it...

Here's a transcript. (set to the GI Joe theme music...)

Timmy: Oh, no! There's another "No Skateboarding" sign. I guess I'll just go home now.

Crimson Guard Commander 1: Come on, Timmy -

Crimson Guard Commander 2: - you can do whatever you want -

Both: If you have the proper legal counsel.

Timmy: Tomax and Xamot! But the sign says it's against the law to use my skateboard here!

Tomax: It's only against the law if they catch you -

Xamot: - And if they prosecute you.

Tomax & Xamot (in chorus): But with Crimson Guard lawyers on your team, it won't happen.

Timmy: So if I have good lawyers, I can do the crime without doing the time! Now I know!

Tomax & Xamot (in chorus): And Knowing Is Half The Battle!

Doesn't that remind you of Wolfram & Hart? *grin*

Ed Becerra
Comments from author:

That's bloody awesome!
Review By [EdBecerra] • Date [4 Nov 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "A Real Sunnydale Hero" from DHX
YO JOE! indeed.

nice little ficlet would love to see how a Duke-ised xander handles sunnydale.
Review By [DHX] • Date [3 Nov 07] • Not Rated
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