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Permanent American Vacation

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Review of chapter "Epilogue" from LaraWakim
OH wow I didn't see that comming as the end wow I really liked this story. I look forward to more of your stories... Hopefully Sev can help them *S*
Comments from author:
I'm terribly sorry in my delay of replying to your kind review - holiday's = busy time.

*grins* Hopefully he will, but I admit that currently (and in the foreseeable future) I have no plans for a sequel to this one.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.
Review By [LaraWakim] • Date [1 Dec 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from AsaReMe
Personally, I would love to see a sequel to this story but I do completely understand not being able to figure out how to continue your story seeing as how I am also have problems in figuring out a sequel to one of my finished stories.
Comments from author:
*grins* Admittedly I never like to say never, but I will say that in this case a sequel is highly unlikely.
Review By [AsaReMe] • Date [17 Jan 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from winnie
The story was going along and I was right there with it and then I came to the end and what a change.I would never have thought of that
Comments from author:
*grins* About the ending, I realize things might have worked better if I'd had at least a few more transition chapters before the end, but in the end I discovered that I just really couldn't get into some of the things I'd originally thought about, so I decided to simply go from Chapter Six to the epilogue. The plus side is that the way it ended was pretty much the way it would have ended no matter what.
Review By [winnie] • Date [27 May 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from winnie
very interesting plot
I see the problem with a sequel to this story, it is almost like a choose your own ending
Comments from author:
*grins* I'm glad you found things interesting, and yes as for a sequel I decided that was a good place to end things rather than writing everything in stone, since even I'm still not sure how I'd "make" it go.
Review By [winnie] • Date [11 May 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from Obsidian
A Good sequal to tie up loose ends I would say. Bravo *sound of clapping Hands*

Comments from author:

I'm glad you liked the sequel as well. Thank you again for reading and reviewing.
Review By [Obsidian] • Date [10 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from Elleria
This is brilliant. Love it lots. :-)
Comments from author:
I'm glad you liked, also glad you took time to leave a review. Thanks.
Review By [Elleria] • Date [19 Jun 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from (Current Donor)romero
I enjoyed seeing how the magical world began to unite and the process to make it so. The added bonus was that Severus was still alive, but I felt sorry that he was lacking a companion..Thank you for a wonderful read.
Comments from author:
I'm glad you enjoyed the magical world uniting. That was an idea that was in the back of my mind when I first started "Unexpected American Vacation," but it ended up not happening in that story, because when the ending for that one came to me it canceled out the new WW stuff.
(I really believe that is the main reason this sequel came so easily to me)

As for Severus I must admit that I just ended up not really knowing who to pair him with. I really liked the idea of Asher/Severus, but when I tried to do A/S it just ended up not working for me, so in the end I left Severus single.

Though in one of the early epilogue rough drafts I had Severus start to get involved with Hermione's descendant (who was a bit older in the original draft - a teacher instead of student), mainly because I'd wanted to do Hermione/Severus in the first place, but I realized that the longer Severus lived the less likely it would be for him to find someone who would be of interest to him, especially someone who was young(ish). So then I teased with the idea of Snarry, but Harry's obviously locked into a pairing here *grin* - well, that and I'm not a big Snarry fan, I don't hate Snarry, but I'm not really into it either so that also failed to take off.

Thank you for reviewing.
Review By [(Current Donor)romero] • Date [29 Mar 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from prehensileclaw
Didn't see that end coming... excellent choice. This was a very satisfying sequel. Thanks for writing =)
Comments from author:
I'm glad you liked, also glad you let me know you liked.
Review By [prehensileclaw] • Date [26 Mar 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from chajalive
I have followed your story with interest. I enjoyed reading it. The extreme speed up in the last chapter was a shock and not a very pleasant one. I do appreciate though, the story not having been left hanging unfinished, but it does seem very hurried and has little to do with the previous chapters.
Comments from author:
Well, I am glad you did enjoy the story up to that point. I will say that I didn't feel like I was hurrying, but I can understand how it might seem that way.

Originally, that last bit in Chapter Six with Harry was supposed to come out in the epilogue with Severus, but once I started typing the epilogue I realized that because I had kept Severus from really getting involved with the new WW that I was having him know things that he couldn't actually know.

The funny thing is that when I first started that last scene the main reason for the time jump was because I was thinking about taking the story in a new (different) direction. I was thinking about showing more about contention between those who wanted to rule themselves and those who didn't want to competely exclude muggles.

In the end I just discovered that I really couldn't get into it, so I did decided to go from Chapter Six to the epilogue. But I admit that there is a potential story which could be told between Chapter Six and the epilogue, and while I'm not going to promise anything, it is possible that at some point I would come back and find myself writing it.
Review By [chajalive] • Date [26 Mar 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from slytherinwithwings
Bah, as I said at the end of the prequel, knowing the exact ending is overrated. I loved this story as much as the first and hope you do another soon. Doesn't even have to be in the same verse. Keep it up.

Comments from author:
I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

As for another, I admit that right now I don't have any plans for another HP/AB crossover. It might happen, but for the moment my ideas are for other crossovers.
Review By [slytherinwithwings] • Date [26 Mar 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from (Current Donor)romero
I've enjoyed reading this and the first story in this series. I like the fact that Severus joined this group and am intrigued by the fact that he is now Asher's second in command. I was so happy that he was able to remove Asher's scars. Watching while the new school is planned is very interesting as is the fact that Tammy's group is open and willing to help. I'm looking forward to reading more.
Comments from author:
I'm glad that you are enjoying this, and that you reviewed to let me know.

About the new school stuff, that was actually an idea I had planned to be in the original, though at that point H/L/N was going to start it and then return home after it was established, but that just ended up not happening in the first part.

A little side-note is that strangely enough it was supposed to be Anita who helped them get everything going, but as I mentioned in one of the story notes (somewhere) Harry and Anita just ended up not being as close as I originally thought they'd be, and then (of course) after the turn things took in the sequel I realized that Anita would never help them.

That is when Tammy and her group entered my head and I realized having them help would work out even better than just having Anita help anyway. Of course, that adds more annoyance on Anita's part since she doesn't like Tammy or her group. *sigh* I think Anita just likes being difficult.

*crosses fingers*

I have the edits on Chapter Six ready to be worked in, if (big if) I can get that done this afternoon I might be able to post the chapter tonight.
Review By [(Current Donor)romero] • Date [20 Mar 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from FrequencyQueen
Interesting blend of Anita's world with Harry's. Anita's being a bit more reactionary than I remember from the books, but she did have quite a temper. Nice concept.
Comments from author:
I'm glad you find the concept interesting, also glad you reviewed.

As for Anita, well, you may be right, because I can't (at the moment) come up with anything specific from the books to support me, but I know that to me Anita seems like a reactionary person instead of a person who takes action. If that makes sense. Things happen and she reacts to those things, but rarely takes an active stance. The nearest I can come up with to (hopefully) explain is the auduer, she had it for several books, and instead of taking action to keep things from getting "out of control" she ignores it until it gets to the point where she has to do something about it.
Review By [FrequencyQueen] • Date [6 Mar 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from kizunakat
I love this story. about the duck thing. lots of feed stores and even pet stores sell them around easter. kizuna
Comments from author:
Thanks, I am glad you are enjoying this story.

Hmm, I'll have to keep my eyes open since it is getting close to Easter, though I'm kinda thinking about waiting until the weather warms up a bit to get one, it is still a bit chilly. Of course, for a baby I'd keep it inside, but getting the duck(s) home in the chilly weather might not be good for the bird.
Review By [kizunakat] • Date [5 Mar 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from KyrissDraconis
Keep writing, I think the blend of these two genres are great.

BTW if you are within an hour or so drive (and are willing) of a farm, you might get your duckie by calling ahead and visiting/picking up your new quacker. Just a thought
Comments from author:
Thanks for reviewing.

Also, thanks for the duck suggestion, though I may wait until the weather is a bit warmer to get one (two) because winter is still hanging tough at the moment.
Review By [KyrissDraconis] • Date [5 Mar 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from SeekerSidhe
Excellent story. I can't wait for Anita's reaction to the school.
Comments from author:
I'm glad you are enjoying the story. As for Anita's reaction to the school, well... That gets over shadowed by her reaction to other things.
Review By [SeekerSidhe] • Date [4 Mar 08] • Not Rated
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