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Five That Got Away

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Lisa
This was awesome! Though I'm not overly familiar with NCIS I still loved!
Review By [Lisa] • Date [9 Dec 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Moderator)Demona
I am such a slacker. God, I thought I reviewed this. Shame on me.

Yay for such a wonderful little meeting between the three. It seems like a fair and honest assessment that they would be friends and know one another within the Bureau.

Great job with their voices and comparisons. And poor Sacks. I mean, the guy thought he had the real deal with DiNozzo being a crazy killer on his hands, but sadly DiNozzo was nothing compared to the Winchesters and the Connors.

*whimbles a little over Henricksen*
Comments from author:
And I'm a comment slacker...

Sacks was all let down about how 'drab' his cases are compared to the other two... Of course, considering what has happened with the other two since I wrote this... Sack better be glad for drab.
Review By [(Moderator)Demona] • Date [6 Mar 08] • Not Rated
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