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Cobra Regenerated

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Review of chapter "Crisis of Limited Xander's Prologue" from JediKnight
Please reboot this story at some point soon, the only problem I had with it was that you seemed to favor the bad guys.
Review By [JediKnight] • Date [28 Jul 09] • Rating [1 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Crisis of Limited Xander's Prologue" from draconis
Maybe I had story linkages screwed-up to begin with all this the "Reboot" you wrote about in the explanatory note preceeding 20090708 item11 update of "Cobra Regenerated"? As I see the history...

"Cobra Regen" is move to now be the lead-in story to a very recently created series named = "Crisis of Limited Xanders"

..."Cobra Regen" was taken out of the "...Collision Series".
Series="Marvel & Hasbro Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collision"
"Cobra is poised to Return with demonic new warriors." which now contains only "Synergous" and "Shades of New York")

Is "...Collision Series" (last updated about a year ago) going to be continued as some sort of a side-story to "Crisis of Limited Xanders" or are you abandoning the "...CollisionSeries" and its two remaining stories (which remain incomplete)?
Comments from author:
Primus that confused even me, what happened? When I added Cobra Regenerated to Crisis of Limited Xanders was it removed from the original series? UGH.

The Collision Series is officially Abandoned in place of the Crisis Series. The Reboot of Cobra Regenerated hasn't even been started yet, it will be part of its own brand new series with a Reboot of Synergous that will be completely different from the original. Shades of New York is gone from the Reboot, there will be no Marvel Characters nor anything except G.I.Joe, Transformers and Jem and the Holograms. I hope that helps clear things up.
Review By [draconis] • Date [20 Jul 09] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Crisis of Limited Xander's Prologue" from jamielnorris
love the story hope you are not going to drop Synergous or shades of new york they are good too
Review By [jamielnorris] • Date [13 Jul 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Path to Enlightment" from IcemanII
Great start...I really am enjoying this fic so far. Buffy and Willow with Cobra. Xander joining G.I. Joe as long as he gets the Red Ninjas to follow him. Looks like things are getting interesting. Keep up the excellent work.
Review By [IcemanII] • Date [6 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Path to Enlightment" from Cdog
Interesting, although I'm kinda worried how the Scoobies will be with each other when everything is said and done.
Review By [Cdog] • Date [5 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Gateway into the Abyss" from Fyrloche
Interesting. You do know that you bounce around more than a chipmunk on speed, don't you? LOL It takes a minute to keep up with everything. Rowdy Roddie Piper? Never saw that coming. Set. Now that's very interesting. Next thing you know Scarlett is going to channel Red Sonya. Who will you get to channel Thoth Ammon and Conan, I wonder? (Red Sonya has been channeled before. She briefly possessed Mary Jane Watson and helped Spiderman stop a man possessed by Thoth Ammon. Just in case you didn't know. )
Comments from author:
Well that I did not know. The Set of my AU however has precious few ties to Conan however. I'm tying him in with Cobra-La and have plans to involve him in a big way durng Season Three. (Think Mayor Snake.)

If I bounce around so much it's only because so much happens in my mind as I write. I hope it doesn't sour readers off.

I'm glad to hear from other readers though, always glad to hear. And I thank you for your review, now I'm off to get some more writing done and the planning stages for the next story arc.
Review By [Fyrloche] • Date [21 Jun 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Lies, Truths & Misdirections" from cmdruhura
Did you have to pick Piper? I mean even Colt Severs would be better.
Comments from author:
I didn't pick Piper just because you know. Last years G.I.Joe convention included a figure of Rowdy Roddy Piper as a new exclusive character and part of the Iron Grenadiers. Some of my character choices are limited by the toyline as a whole, while some are used because I'm partly interested in incorporating the newer toy characters from Hasbro or Fun Publications the people behind all of the exclusive characters at every Joe convention.

It allows me to use some characters that will hopefully be fun to play with, and gives me the opportunity to expand on the Joe/Cobra roster without having to make up a ton of OCs that can be difficult to pin down.
Review By [cmdruhura] • Date [3 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Parental Downfalls" from justapiranha
I really am enjoying this fic so far. But I do have some comments on it, sorry. In chapters 3 & 4 you seem to be bashing Buffy quite a lot. At the same time you are building both Xander and Willow up, but is their anyway you could build up willow and Xander without bashing Buffy too much? You also seem to be making the slayer seem important, but continually rip Buffys character apart. And what is up with Buffy does she really not realize that there are several people posing as her dead mother or is it a side affect of the conditioning Covergirl put her though when she found her mother murdered by her father? How will this affect her realtionship with G.I. Joe? And finally how many more storylines will you be adding before this fic becomes too hard to fallow?
Comments from author:
Blink, blink

Are there too many storylines? I don't think so, because from my perspective certain scenes introducing storylines in the past five chapters are setting up for events that will take place over a longer period of time. The new mayor, the Initiative, and other such things are really just setting up for later events.

Buffy Bashing? I'm sorry, but I don't see that. I mean Buffy has been snarked at by Cordy and she's told her reflection that she hates her past now that she's woken up to the reality of her heritage. In point of fact the one bashing Buffy the most seems to be Buffy herself, her attitude towards her past and her present and all that. I suppose that could be considered Buffy Bashing, but Xander sure hasn't bashed his bestest not-girlfriend. The narrative from Dru's perspective didn't bash Buffy she bashed her choice in men because she thinks Buffy and Xander would make a better couple then Buffy/Angel.

And how did I rip Buffy's character apart? Could you perhaps cite examples or something I mean I really can't see it.

As for not realizing that people are posing as her dead mother it's part of the story, Buffy was traumatized, I haven't even written up the scene in my mind, but I liken what she saw to a plot point from a fanfic I read once crossing Faith with Daria that cartoon show I know nothing about. The story was brilliant, but anyway the premise was that Faith was a split personality of Daria's because of the horrible trauma she experienced seeing her mother murdered in front of her.

Buffy had just been called as the Slayer, and it was the night she killed her first Master Vamp that Hank brutally murdered her mother. She was already suffering from the death of her first Watcher emotionally and her entire world had been turned upside down because of the Slayer thing, so a second event like what happened completely messed her up. The Primal Slayer spirit was unleashed and she attacked her father nearly killing him, then she was sent to the psychiatric institute as was revealed in Buffy cannon. But Cover Girl managed to break through the walls she'd erected to sheild herself from that event, by pretending to be Buffy's mother. So really Buffy's completely messed up when we see her at the beginning of season one in my AU canon.
The Buffy that's been involved with everything in Sunnydale up until Halloween is only one small part of her psyche, the part that refuses to acknowledge anything is wrong with her home life and refuses to accept what she saw when her father killed her mother in cold blood. But when Buffy became Margarite O'Shaunnesy her Grandmother the second larger part of her psyche was influenced by the soul of her grandmother and that's the part we see now slowly rebuilding herself. Taking on a new identity and letting go of the 'Buffy' whose been with us up until this point. It won't be until she faces Over Kill as the big bad at the end of Season Two that everything will be fully reintegrated with her personality and her memories. Which is when she'll get suspicious as to who's been playing the part of her mother all this time.

And taking the time to explain all that might have officially ruined what I've been building up for, but then again who can say. I myself never know what's going to come out next. That may be why all these storylines keep jumping out at you left right and center, but in the long all encompassing big picture everything will make sense in the end. Especially once I get to the end. I'm sorry if this completely turns you off of this story, but I have always been one for the grand machinations and complexities of manipulations. Or at least that's what I think I've always been, I mean I've written a massive story and worked on it for 10 or so years and still have plans to get back to it eventually. Right now I'm trying to get out of the super story and write the medium stories. So yeah. Big review response on my part, but I figure helping shed some light on some things that may be confusing help.

And like I said I don't really see myself as Buffy Bashing, but who knows it could be what I'm doing. Well that's all, hope it's helped clear up a few things.
Review By [justapiranha] • Date [22 Apr 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Aftermath Part 2" from cmdruhura
You do realize that the initials of Bridgitte O’Shaunnesy Destro are B.O.D., which could become THE BOD.
Comments from author:
Is that a bad thing? LOL
Review By [cmdruhura] • Date [21 Apr 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One YAHF Night" from Willowfan
Great start...just one small thing...June 33rd? Maybe wanna edit that:)
Comments from author:
Oh wow, how the hell did that happen? Thanks you're the first person who either noticed that or thought it was wrong. I've really got to pay more attention to my typing. Ugh. LOL
Review By [Willowfan] • Date [11 Apr 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Aftermath Part 2" from Fyrloche
This is a pretty good story. Getting kind of ambitious, aren't you? You've got several plot lines going at once. It should be fun to watch you juggle them. I used to read both the Transformers and G.I. Joe comics. There was even a brief crossover between the two. Resulted in the destruction of Bumblebee and the birth of Goldbug. He had a bit of an attitude toward humans in general and the military in particular since they had blown him up while he was unarmed. I remember Circuit Breaker vaguely. (I was never a big fan, just a dilettante.) The inter-dimensional poker game was hilarious. (Always loved Q!) I look forward to more.
Comments from author:
You're right there must be close to several plot lines by now. Fortunately we can resolve a few of them in Season Three, like the new Mayor. Unfortunately Blackrock's resolution won't come until Season Seven. Them's the breaks.
I'm glad you're liking this, the next few chapters might start getting back on track with Buffy Season Two I can't say 100% though since I do write this up on the fly chapter by chapter and who knows what'll happen. I do know Angelus is going to be livid when he finds out Harris dusted Spike and somehow converted Dru into a teenager.
Juggling more then one plot line at a time is a favored pastime of mine, although I'm not sure if I've ever received any bad words because of it. We'll just have to wait and see what other readers feel, considering the last two chapters have only had one review each so far makes it a tad difficult to know how the readers are taking the story.

There were other Transformers/G.I.Joe crosses as time went on, but sadly at the moment nobody on Earth even remembers them due to Blackrock's powerful memory spell.

I'm glad you like the inter-dimensional poker game, seeing as how I introduced it in the last chapter I felt it would make for a better idea to end the chapter rather then have it end with the villains of the piece again. Janus certainly seems to be a manipulative son of a BBBB. LOL Where are all the Transformers you ask? Or perhaps the readers ask in general. That will be explained shortly in the narrative of the second part of the series. Which I started working on this past weekend, I couldn't help myself, my muse gave me the idea for part two and so I'll be posting it up by this weekend if I get enough of it finished in time.
Since Buffy, Willow & Xander have more then enough on their plates to deal with now the destiny of one of the other Scoobies will become inexorably linked with our friends from Cybertron. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use this particular Scooby since the main canon of the show is going to be thrown completely out the Window. The Slayers job will eventually be taken over by the supporting cast while she's off dealing with family issues and the like. And after Blackrock makes his play there won't be very many demons or vampires around for the Slayer to be needed.

Oh dear I'm saying way too much, but I love talking shop. Anyway keep your optic sensors peeled for Part Two of the series, temporarily titled Synergy for now though I'm hoping to change that for something more. Impressive. And now if you'll excuse me I really ought to get back to writing up chapter one of part two.
Review By [Fyrloche] • Date [9 Apr 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Aftermath Part 1" from SFBKludge
Hum B&W Cobra.

Looks like things are getting interesting.

BTW: You can add or make any story you've published as part of a series. Its an option when you add a story that you can link it to an earlier story and make both of them series.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the info now I know and knowing is half the battle. LOL

Also thanks for the review, apparently not many are feeling compelled to comment on the latest chapter. Oh well maybe once I can be inspired enough to finish off Chapter four I'll get more then one new review for the latest chapter. Heh.

And yes, things are indeed becoming interesting. By the way, what exactly do you mean by B&W Cobra? I'm unfortunately not getting the reference. Is chuckling politely.
Review By [SFBKludge] • Date [17 Mar 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Nighttime Activities" from Dargos
What if Buffy, Willow and Xander joined Cobra ?

There is not enough Scoobies-as-villains stories.
Review By [Dargos] • Date [7 Mar 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Nighttime Activities" from Fyrloche
I was a fan of G.I. Joe when I was younger. Prefered the comic to the series. I mean, come on, these guys were elite soldiers, the best of the best, who could bullseye a target at incredible distances but could never hit a living target. I know, I know; it was a kids show and they had to keep the violence at a minimum, but it still insulted the intelligence of some of us. This is sounding good and I will be tracking it. Will StormShadow help train Xander? He and Snake Eyes were my two favorite characters. Later.
Review By [Fyrloche] • Date [7 Mar 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Nighttime Activities" from WEMB
Enjoying this story a lot. Looking forward to more soon. Only one quibble though, the military time clock start over at midnight. IE 2400 is midnight but 1201am is 0001 on the milclock. Just a vet thing. Keep up the good work.
Review By [WEMB] • Date [7 Mar 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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