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Done For?

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Review of chapter "Not So..." from naplam
The line Old, alone, done for is from the 2003 movie, not the book.
Comments from author:
Yes, I'm aware. I believe I said somewhere that the 2003 movie follows the book more closely than the Disney film. They do take some liberties. This begins with Hook's end in the movie, yes.
Review By [naplam] • Date [12 Feb 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Not So..." from (Recent Donor)tammin
Very interesting, I enjoyed this story immensely. I like how you worked a "Wicked" component into your story.
Comments from author:
Really? Where? I haven't read/seen "Wicked". I've heard a bit about it, though. What did you see that you thought came from that work?

Thanks for the compliments, though. Might do more later, but not for some time. Just a stand alone for now.
Review By [(Recent Donor)tammin] • Date [10 Mar 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Not So..." from DofEire
A most enjoyable one-shot! Did your multiple crossings include the book 'Capt. Hook' by JV Hart and Brett Helquist? I seem to recall a character named Bella in there somewhere...

Pity I can only give you 10 out of 10. :S There ought to be a higher rating.
Comments from author:
*raises eyebrow* Huh. I haven't heard of that book. I'll have to take a look. The name is a coincidence, though. At one point in the new Peter Pan movie, in which Jason Isaacs plays Captain Hook, he calls Wendy "my beauty". toward the end of my fic, I made a play on this with the female lead's name, when he says "Bella mia" to her, which in Italian is "My beauty."

Thank you for the kind words, however. I'm debating writing more with these characters, but not for awhile. I'll probably leave this as is for now.
Review By [DofEire] • Date [10 Mar 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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