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Blue Angel's Fall

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Review of story "Blue Angel's Fall" from Anonymous Reviewer
That was an awsome story. It makes sense and exlpains why demona hasn't aged. Thank you for a wonderful, well thought out and well crafted story.
Review By [Anonymous Reviewer] • Date [24 Aug 03] • Not Rated • Add Comment
Review of story "Blue Angel's Fall" from Anonymous Reviewer
~Hugs the authoress~ thank you for the great demona ficcie! Personally, she was always my favourite character from the show lol. Her ideals seem alot less skewed than goliaths eternal optimism and blind faith that all humans have good hearts. Please, if you can see a future in this one, write a sequel! id love to see her getting into something with one of the main characters of B:tVS! I think it would be interesting, and also, im a sap when it comes to good demona fiction. there isnt a whole lot ive been able to find.. but then again i probably dont look hard enough. Anyhoo.. Maius lumen nitere porro tu nam omnis tempus.

(Above translation: May light shine on you for all time.. yea im really that much of a goober lol)
Comments from author:
I'm not certain that I'd call her my favorite character, but I could certainly understand her motivations.

Yeah, Demona is a fascinating character, and really fun to write about.
Review By [Anonymous Reviewer] • Date [7 Aug 03] • Not Rated • Edit Comment
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