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Fool's Consequences

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Review of chapter "Redirection" from spikesplayfulpet
I think i read this story awhile ago and sorry to say i forgot about it because it hadn't been updated in awhile. I just want to say that like this story and what you have done with it so far. Keep up the great writing and i hope to see an update soon.
Comments from author:
Thank you for the compliments. I'm working on the next chapter already, though I can't promise when it will be out, it will be much less time than between the last few chapters.
Review By [spikesplayfulpet] • Date [6 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Redirection" from Starfox
High Tribunal sounds ominous - but the idea of the wizengamot judging people sounds even worse.
Comments from author:
Indeed. I think I'd prefer a trial guaranteed to end in execution, exile, or exoneration over the Ministry's idea of justice, myself.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Reaching" from Starfox
Interesting revelations concerning the council. Ties into the old religion of Britain point towards the fae, maybe?

Nasty vision for Jess. I wonder what happens should the two brothers discover she is a witch. And Charlie needs some help with romancing her - comparing her to one of the beasts that burned him might not be the best way to her heart.

And I almost pity Dumbledore. Almost.
Comments from author:
No, druids.

Jess' dream is at least in part sparked by Sam's visions of Jess in the first season of Supernatural. The first part was his glimpsing her on a street corner at the end of 'Bloody Mary', the second was her dropping in during the episode where they deal with demon-powered witches for the first time. The second part was, obviously, creative license.

Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rediscovery" from Starfox
Ew... Snape has a nasty sense of humor even towards his family. Dragon Burn scabs indeed.

Wineyards and teasing talks - poor Harry.

Ah, Helene could quickly become my favorite character. One woman not at all impressed by the kings. Or at least not impressed enough to abstain from threatening Harry to treat Calypso well.$

Good scene with Dawn - I was wondering when her special talents would appear again. I am curious who will be chosen by the wand as well.

And more fluffy scenes in Sunnydale. I guess some trouble there would be sidetracking the story, but it feels a bit too peaceful for a Hellmouth.
Comments from author:
Even if he's mellowed because his wife had returned, he's still Snape.

I do like Dawn. She's a fun character write when the opportunity presents itself.

Well, with Faith not going evil, and no "Mayor McSnake" problems, it's been a virtually apocalypse free year.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Remembering" from Starfox
Interesting and original abduction attempt. Of course in hindsight it was an obvious means to kidnap them, but that's hindsight. Of course if that's dear grandmother or such abducting them, then that's quite a foreshadowing of events to come - eccentric comes to mind.

Nice scene with Faith and Xander, well done.

Great-grandmother Malfoy is a staunch advocate of muggleborn rights? One can but wonder if that includes the right to be equal to pure-blood noble borns. Too bad Harry more or less seems to have cut his muggleborn friend(s) off by now.

Edit: As long as muggleborn can only be upward mobile to a certain degree they are still second class citizens - or subjects, in this case. And in a heriditary oligarchy they cannot move up to the highest position. And I don't want to sound insulting, but it just seems so strange that Hermione is not present anymore in Harry's life - after being his staunchest, closest friend for 5 years, risking her life with and for him every year there is no mentioning of her at all anymore, no inclusion in the summer plans, nothing, no explanation. I'd never have thought those ties would fade so fast. I really don't get why he doesn't consider her family. Is blood really that important for him?
Comments from author:
Eccentric, and headstrong, opinionated, and willing to fight for what she believes in.

The right to not be tormented about blood status, to find their own way without repression, and to make their own mark on the world. Everyone has the right to be upwardly mobile. Noble born does not automatically mean better. A person's worth is proven through their actions. She taught her son that. She is French, and proud.

"Too bad Harry more or less seems to have cut his muggleborn friend(s) off by now." THIS is what I meant about being insulting. Where, exactly, does it say that Harry has cut off his friends? Do you consider your friends to have 'cut you off' when they are dealing with personal or family problems that don't involve you? How very self-centered.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Removal" from Starfox
And there is the corruption I feared - Tonks can't act on her lawful duty, but has to obey her family and the kings present. Once Voldemore gets a few kings on his side, he can do the same. And since it's heriditary, he can get kings on his side by killing the present kings until someone of his inherits. That's the danger and corruption of absolute monarchies.

It's quite hypocritical, but not too much of a surprise, that Harry has issues with being called a king but not with using the power of a king. Someone should point out to him that he is close to a slippery slope, one Dumbledore slid down.

Calypso should know better - a ministry that uses dementors as prison guard and whose prison sentences are actually inhuman torture should have not qualms at using such spells as punishments.

Edit: But Harry wasn't raised in this society. He was raised a muggle. Buffy and Dawn too were mostly raised as normal people in a democracy. It just feels odd for them to forget that.

Edit2: Buffy still spent the last 5 years in a modern society. Some of the most important years in her education. That's not something that should be wiped away that easily, not from a headstrong, determinded young woman like her. It simply feels odd that she's forgetting about the real world so easily, and accepting things that should make her cry out in anger at the injustice of it.

Edit3: Understandable, though I'd say Voldemort needs to be stopped, then the ministry. I guess my strong reaction to the lack of modern thinking in the story comes from my desire for happy endings. Without changing the system to democracy the wizarding world will go to hell in a generation or two again, with the next dark Lord taking over thanks to the inherent corruption of all monarchies, which is why I don't think leaving the council of kings in power is a happy ending.

Edit 4: Would you agree to have the USA ruled by 12 heriditary kings? It's still an evil system, since no one not born into it can ever rule. You don't actually need a revolution to do away with that, just a change of system - unless of course the ruling oligarchy is evil enough not to change. I don't really see Harry as evil, as wanting to suppress the muggleborn, and keep people from having a say in how they live.
Comments from author:
Harry is still learning. He's going to make mistakes. I quite agree that someone needs to help him make certain distinctions, but that probably won't happen until he actually screws something up.

ALbus Dumbledore was never King.

People raised within a given society (particularly those of the privileged minority of the wealthy upper class) often do not see its failings until they are directly affected by them. Then, they are often surprised. This is the "rude awakening" effect.

Edit: Harry was not raised. He was enslaved by the Dursleys. I very much doubt he had much understanding off how democracy us supposed to work. Buffy spent five years in California under a memory charm. She lived within the Wizarding world, albeit secluded, until she was twelve.

She's not forgetting, just willing to learn about the differences, and recognise that she's in a completely different society from that which she lived while away from her father's people. At the moment, however, she is more forcussed on things like figuring out how to get rid of the soul-sucking demons, and how to fix the current problems with the Wizarding government. At the moment, she is on the "the Ministry is evil and must be stopped" bandwagon.

As to the stop Voldemort, then fix the Ministry, I agree. So do they. As to the inherent evil of monarchy, that's another thing. There are checks on their power at a larger level that keeps them from simply taking over and 'conquering the world', as it were.

First off, monarchy is rule by ONE person. What they have is oligarchy. Which if you consider that any major action MUST be by the agreement of the entire Council as a whole, is much more balanced than a monarchy. Consensus, not majority. Which means that any debated action must be argued out until compromise is reached.

Yes, the position is inheritable, and thus not 'fair'. Nothing is truly fair. Any king taking direct actions to kill another king forfeits his own life. If a King is killed by the express command of another King, the one issuing the command forfeits his own life. The only reason Tom Riddle wasn't executed long ago is because he never claimed his title, because he was unaware of it. As such, he is a war criminal who will be executed when he is apprehended.

There's a word for what you want. Revolution. Which by its very nature usually results in the deaths of about half a populace, when all is said and done.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Recounting" from Starfox
Ah... just for that "You'd be surprised" thought I hope Jess sees the day when the aristocracy really is just a bunch of outdated titles. Although - from the perspective of a muggleborn, does it matter whether kings or nobles lord it over them? Evil system either way. Penelope will remain a second or third class class citizen no matter who wins.
Looks like romance is in the air for Jess - and good job showing how everyone (of note) is related to everyone (of note) in Wizarding Britain. Interesting though that hospital portkeys are so powerful - I wonder what keeps others from abusing that to strike into warded mansions (and why Aurors can't use them). A vow of neutrality and dire consequences for those who do, like in "The assassin wore white"?

Light and fluffy kitchen scene - with some insight in Harry's childhood.

And more fluff, and background for the Malfoys. Well done.
Comments from author:
Penelope isn't muggleborn, since you're so hung up on that point. She's half blood. Also, her opinions should be taken with a grain of salt, as she's talking about the family of the young man she considers to have abandoned her. You've made your opinion of royal and noble social classes abundantly clear, thank you.

Yay, romance and fluff. *grin*

A geas on them that prevents unauthorized use maybe?
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Resolve" from Starfox
Interesting revelation about the effects of Angel staking Darla.

Bellatrix lost her memories - a possible blessing in disguise given what she did under the spell.

And another of Dumbledore's lies is exposed. It does make sense that he'd leak secrets in order to manipulate both the school and Harry.

They should also get some better means of communication with Sunnydale - like the pair of mirrors Sirius and Harry had. I don't know what this (american) obsession with swearing is, but in the real world, a mother trying to wash her children's mouth with soap for swearing - especially if it's a teenager - would likely get charged with abuse.

Edit: Ah, I never got around to watch Angel, I still have it in my "watch some day" pile.
I know Molly did - but then, I said "in the real world", not in the messed up Wizarding Britain. Faith is an american teenager, living in America, and the idea to subject her to such feels wrong.

Edit 2: Not an american teenager, but yes, I was a teenager for the early 90s. I stand corrected - I thought corporal punishment parents was abolished in California before it was done with in Europe.
Comments from author:
The Sire/Childe bond is canon. The impact of Angel staking Darla on Angel's mental state was mentioned in one of the early episodes of Angel, I believe.

Indeed. The sheer horror of those events would likely have destroyed her mind entirely once it was freed.

Albus was definitely a meddler.

Yes, they should look into that. Could be tricky with all the wild magic around the Hellmouth, though.

Um, Molly Weasley did wash one of her teenage children's mouths out with soap in canon. Lucius is from an earlier generation, and that was the usual punishment for such things prior to the late 90's.

Were you an American teenager in the 90's? I was. At fifteen, I was still not 'too old to spank'.

Yeah, not so much. Beating children is a crime. Reasonable disciplinary action, including spanking, is not against the law.

Also, Faith did realise that Lucius was teasing her.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Recovery" from Starfox
Another interesting revelation about the potion that started all this. Destined love - fits Buffy, of sorts, and explains a lot, but it also takes the story a bit closer to the sort of regency and romance novels Buffy once mentioned, and it also is hard not to come over as a cheap plot device to sort out romances. I am not sure if the "destined love" angle was needed, or contributing to the story - I found the romance between Calypso and Harry better when it was not some destined fate, but growing from them.

Good scene between Narcissa and Draco.

I am missing Dawn and Hermione. It feels like Harry is totally ignoring his muggle side, and with it Hermione - once his best and most loyal friend, now she doesn't even get mentioned, nor consulted despite being smarter than the rest of his circle, and the best expert on the real world he knows. Dawn too could serve to shake things up, and make the "Kings" realize that there is more to the world than archaic customs.

Edit: Well, I didn't think Harry would be as much as a blood purist as to not consider Hermione family - especially after his explanation that Ginny feels like a sister in his talk with Neville. Of course, maybe this Harry is all too ready to dump his sister in all but blood as soon as he gets a "real family". Still makes him... less of a nice person.
The real world and the magical world are separate for a reason, yes - to keep the status quo in the wizarding world, and to keep muggleborns down. And to keep the wizarding world a cess pit. I am not talking about removing the statute of secrecy, but I am talking about tapping into the resources and ideas of the modern world. I do not understand why Harry is ignoring all that potential - nor why he is ignoring Hermione.
Comments from author:
It's not going to sort anything out, so much as reinforce what they find for themselves. The point of that was the impact that their bloodline's makeup can and often does haves on them. Previous generations of Malfoys have even made their own attempts to deliberately seek out their "perfect partner", to rather notorious effect...

As Hermione is not a member of the family that Harry is responsible for, and this is really about Calypso and the family, it's hard to get Hermione screen time. Dawn is eleven. She doesn't have either the understanding or the interest to involve herself in politics. At the moment, her interests are learning everything she can about magic, spending time with her parents, and flying.

Also, the magical and mundane parts of the world are separate for a reason. The division of the Wizarding world from the mundane one was done to prevent the wholesale murder of anyone with magic by paranoid non-magical people. WHY, precisely, would the Wizarding world want anything to do with a society that among other things had laws in place to kill witches, where they were 'discovered'?

Edit: Oh for goodness sake! Look, Harry feels like Ginny is a sister. That doesn't mean she is one legally. Same for Hermione. How well would you have handled having full responsibility for the care and protection of a dozen people dropped on your shoulders at sixteen? Not to mention learning that you are one of a group of people responsible for the safety and prosperity of an entire nation?He's not a thirty year politics professional, he's a kid. One who was woefully unprepared for the weight of the mantle that was dumped on his shoulders, and he's doing the best he can with what he's got. He's not ignoring Hermione. He is, however, rather busy dealing with things he shouldn't have even had to worry about. He's involved her in helping him figure all this out, and that includes taking her advice into consideration. She is not a primary in this story. That doesn't mean she's been cut out of Harry's life as your comments imply.

In case you were wondering, most of my responses to your reviews have been short because I usually only have net access from my phone. Your nitpicking my political system has irritated me enough to have me go to a public computer in order to comment at greater length. You are treating my characters as if they should already have all the answers to everything. Buffy was, before her calling, a shallow, self involved twit. Where exactly would she have found the time to CARE about politics? Yes, she would object if someone tried to arrange a marriage for her. She was given a choice, and that's all she is concerned with for now.

In time, she will probably talk with somebody about the inherent inequity of anybody having the authority to make such decisions for someone besides themselves. Even in the real world, the upper classes still practice marriage contracts. They're called prenuptial agreements now, but they are still contracts that are generally written by someone other than the people getting married. The parties involved still have to consent to be married for the contracts to be binding.

This is not 21st century America. It's 20th century wizarding britain which, yes, operates on outdated mores. It's very Victorian in some ways, and totally out of left field in others. In order to correct a problem, you have to first UNDERSTAND it.

Also, please stop multi-editing your reviews in order to argue with me. It's frustrating because I really don't have the space to get into detailed debates in my little phone window.

If you don't like my political schema, write your own. You have made some valid points in some of these comments, but it is going beyond observations and into brow-beating. You don't like the way my political set-up works. Try writing one yourself that is built upon values and needs from more than two millenia past. Do they need to update their political structure? Yes they do. Will that take time? Of course it will.

I like that you are getting involved enough to share your thoughts about what changes should come about. Just please try to be a bit less insulting in the process.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rekindling" from Starfox
Ah, Xander's back! Sad to see it looks like Willow will be out of the picture for good, stuck in Sunnydale High, and that he might get brainwashed with wizard stupidity, but I hold out hope that he will persevere and keep being the provider of common sense and the champion of mundane people as he was in the series.
Though, with all the lessons going on, I am really hoping someone, sometime, will put her foot down and tell the idiots that it is time for them to learn about the real world before they mess up their world further.

Touching dialogue between the elder Malfoys.

And a cliffhanger at the end. Good chapter.
Comments from author:
Xander's not planning on leaving Sunnydale completely, though he is planning ot leave High school early.

I have trouble writing Willow well without falling into the stereotypes she represents in canon, and I'd rather leave her in the background than do that.

put her foot down? Who are you thinking should do that?

The so called real world you keep referring to does not exist. There is no such thing as a perfect political system, which is what you keep implying. Americans like to try to force democracy on every other government in the world. Nice in theory, but bullying other countries into accepting our political agendas is why America is loathed and mocked by much of the rest of the planet.

Glad you liked Narcissa and Lucius' talk. It was rather overdue.

I do enjoy my cliffies. ^_^
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Regrouping" from Starfox
Good dialogue between Blaise and Buffy. I kept wondering if she'd have a flashback to her Halloween costume when she was talking about Lady Elizabeth or the regency.

The description of the Luna/Calypso friendship was a nice touch as well, it was a bit under represented so far. Good follow up scene with Harry.

Interesting revelations about the legality of a private army - though of course, the order of the phoenix in canon was a bit too concerned with keeping their enemies alive to be considered an army. Of course the idea of a royal pardon opens a can of worms - if that's legal then Voldemort could use it as well to pardon people. If it's restricted in some ways, who decides when those restrictions apply if people disagree? The council? With simple majority, or more? The scene left me with some very mixed feelings concerning the power of the council, and I do hope some of the characters also do pick up on the danger inherent in the entire system of those powers and privileges. If anyting, Voldemort being a king is the best reason to work on abolishing the entire system, before people like him get the majority - in a few months, or a generation or two.

Edit: It's a testament to wizard stupidity that no one so far has mentioned the simple fact that in a heriditary monarchy, things go south when the wrong sort of people inherit. And that will happen sooner or later. There's a reason we haven't found a better system than democracy yet - monarchy and aristocracy was throughly disproven as a viable ruling system by history itself. Willow and Hermione should mention that, if the royals are still speaking to such peasants, of course.
Comments from author:
Heh. It may have brought up memories, but I don't think she would have had a flashback, per se. Those tend to superimpose themselves over reality for the person having them, and usually are of sinned severe traumatic experience. Buffy, as the Slayer, would be increased by her evening of weak and stupid behavior, but not necessarily traumatized.

I'm pleased to know that you enjoyed the Calypso/Luna bit.

Is only legal if a) it's done openly, and b) it can only be done for someone the king in question would be responsible for in the first place.

The Council, as a whole, has final authority, but only if they can reach consensus, in matters regarding overall rule. As Abraxas Malfoy said in Trains and Tacky Treatment, am unfit king can be removed for cause. Removed here meaning executed by legal remit, as titles only pass when the bearer does. If Voldemort stated trying to force succession of other lines on his own, he would be removed. He has an heir, after all.

If Voldemort knew he was one of the twelve, things would already be worse than they are.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Renewal" from Starfox
Someone really needs to tell Harry that the reason they call him "Harry" is not because he is "just Harry", but because he as their ruler ordered it. Migth shake him up a bit, and get him thinking about the whole "king deal". So far it doesn't seem as if he really thought about what it means for him, for his friends, and for his subjects once it goes past the current crisis with Voldemort.

Good scene with Faith meeting Narcissa.

Great scene with Luna revealing how smart - and sneaky - she is. She's got a lot of potential.

And a nice revelation (or teaser) about the Malfoy Portraits, and good dialogue between Calypso and Joyce.
Comments from author:
Again, Harry is learning as he goes. It's not as though he was trained for this responsibility. Sirius just sort if dumped it on him.

Thanks. I hoped that meeting played well.

Luna is a Ravenclaw. One with a good grasp of strategy, and a generous heart, from what we know of her.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Recoil" from Starfox
Good chapter - nice dialogues and scenes. Though I wonder why none of the normal raised people have issues with the utterly archaic society in the wizarding world. No democracy, head of houses can decide who marries whom... I would have expected at least Buffy, Dawn and Hermione to voice some dissenting opinions about the appalling lack of human rights in that society.

Edit: Well, even if they think democracy is worse than a corrupt aristocracy - which I think is an unlikely attitude to have for a modern educated person - the idea that Harry can decide who they marry should rankle Buffy and Dawn. I can't really think of any sane modern western teenager who would accept that. Hermione should voice some opinion about that at least - and not cave in should anyone be stupid and primitve enough to defend such a system. Especially since as far as we know, all the important people were allowed to pick their husband/wife or defied their elders.

Edit2: Would you have no issue with a tradition that a husband can beat his wife into submission, just because none of your friends is planning to do so? That’s what we are facing here, and I don't understand why no one of the girls is at least pointing out how wrong this tradition is.

I am aware that they are planning to shake up the establishment – but they are planning to do so by using an even older establishment. It’s not democratic, it’s a council of kings. Not by the people and for the people, but a squabble between a council of nobles with a noble-dominated ministry. The idea that by right of birth, a guy or a dozen can dictate a society’s laws and structure is one of the biggest problems of the wizarding world, not a solution.

On a tangent, what about the normal world? It would be very nice if after the struggle between the council, the ministry and Voldemort, the British Army would move in and finally bring human rights and democracy to the wizards. With the support of all the muggleborn wizards and witches that are being discriminated against and fed up with being denied the basic human rights they were raised with it wouldn’t even be hard to take over. I really miss the voice of the real world here. Hopefully Xander will be that, laughing at outdated antics, and championing democracy and the normal humans, instead of buying into all the aristocratic propaganda. Seeing him and Hermione (aka Willow 2.0) team up could also be a very nice way to really shake things up.
Which brings me to another thing: Harry needs someone normal (aka not raised by wizards) who is able to check him. Hermione was and could be that one again – she’s not under his power, contrary to all the Blacks, so she actually can stand up to him if push comes to shove – but Xander could be another way to keep Harry from becoming just another brain washed wizard who thinks it’s ok for a king to actually rule.

Just to be clear, I really like the story, and enjoy it. I just think that if the story is not meant to be a pure fantasy story where the rightful heir to the kingdom is being restored in a fight against the evil ursurping noble, and peasants are just window dressing, then the real world and modern values need a stronger presence. After all it's not like the usual "modern boy/girl transported into fantasy world, has to adapt since there's no way to return" story. Here the modern world is right next door, a brief walk or drive away, filled with all the power of modern armies, information services and technology, as well as modern culture. A sleeping giant that so far has been ignored.
Comments from author:
Not every society is a democracy, and the elected officials - the Ministry, in other word, are proving that democracy has its own problems. At minimum, they're learning what they can about the political structure of Wizarding Britain. At the moment, the prevailing attitude is anything has got to be better than a) what the Ministry has been doing, and b) Voldemort's idea of an alternative.

Edit: it's tradition that they can negotiate marriage contracts. In practice, most Families generally don't arrange marriages without their children's input. I'm sure the girls would object vociferously if Harry tried to force them to marry anyone, and he wouldn't do that anyway.

Has it escaped your notice that they are planning to shake up the establishment?
Review By [Starfox] • Date [23 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Resurrection" from Starfox
Hm. Another proof of how stupid the wizards are. Even Hermione - though she can be excused for having been "educated" in the wizard ways for years now, and being put down by almost everyone whenever she tried to bring in normal ideas. Xander will have a field day criticising this "ambush" with his Halloween-acquired military experience, or even just his movie/tv knowledge. No one thought to use an actual trap? A claymore or the magic equivalent would have destroyed the cabinet and probably taken out half or more of the invaders with no risk for the ambushers. Or some blasting rune on the cabinet (and the floor in front of it. Or some of those infamous exploding potions set to break. Maybe some gas while people use bubble head charms. Caltrops with poison on it. Firearms would work too - think the ambush from "the Rock". And some prepared hardened shelter for the bait, instead of some couch to dive behind. They are in the room of requirement, after all - it provides.
The wizards really need Xander or anyone with common sense. It's a good action scene, I can see the lot of them fighting - and yet feel the need to shake my head at them for being so stupid to actually fight that way, out of cover and all - especially with Avada Kedavra going through any shields, so hard cover would be very useful. (Though Buffy, being supernaturally fast and all, could be excused for entering melee/leaving hard cover.)
Comments from author:
You realize that the entire battle took less than ninety seconds, do you not? Definition of an ambush. Defenders/ambushers hide until the enemy is in the "kill zone", then take them by surprise to subdue or destroy them as quickly as possible with minimal collateral damage. The school itself would have prevented explosives from doing any real damage, and lethal traps in the room would have tipped the Death Eaters to the ambush before they were all out of the cabinet. It was a calculated risk, and truthfully if they had needed more than they had, the room would have provided because as you said, it was the Room of Requirement. Also, firearms might have worked, but then again, they might not have. Muggle technology does not function inside Hogwarts. Muggle weaponry would be warded against. As for 'hard cover' any object the AK hits dissipates us energy...even a ratty old couch.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [22 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Reveille" from Starfox
Good build up - though Buffy's culture shock is nothing compared to what Blaise will be going through in the real world, unless he is much more educated than all his peers. He might be a basket case after his first outing in modern society, especially if they do it in California.
And action scene - followed by action scene of a different sort. Nice.
Comments from author:
*grins* You're right about Blaise, and Calypso too, actually. The summer will be... educational, for both of them.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [22 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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