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Halloween World: No Way Home

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Review of chapter "Chapter Seven: Reunion" from Weaver
Sorry I didn't review earlier. A good ending to a good fic. I have to say though, I'm rather curious about the talking pets in the intro. Will we be seeing more of them and whoever it is that they're following? I'm guessing that he's their former owner.
Comments from author:
I'm just glad someone reviewed at all ^_^. I actually would very much like to revisit some of the concepts and characters I toyed with here, I just have a wealth of ideas and too little time and patience to put them down. I can promise that something will happen eventually, though.
Review By [Weaver] • Date [8 Sep 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Six: Enemies" from DarkGoddess
Nice chapter, hope to see more soon! I hope you'll check out my addition to the Halloween World universe, Halloween World: Snapshots of Hallow Earth.
Review By [DarkGoddess] • Date [26 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One: Gifts" from speakerforthesilent
OMG a troper! *Ducks and covers behind any and all available cover*

An interesting start, though I object to Paige having a threat level of "Very Low."

Of course, when she meets up with her sisters she's probably going to have to Take a Level in Badass. :)
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review, though the logic behind her getting a low rating was that Presea judged that as a good guy, Paige was unlikely to be a threat to her. If Paige were evil however, her threat level would probably be Very High or Extreme considering she could just reach out her hand and say "heart" and her enemy is pretty much screwed.
Review By [speakerforthesilent] • Date [18 Jun 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Four: Aura" from spaceman
Good chapter. Hope for more soon. An evil Hinata and Rei is a scary idea.
Do the members of SEELE possess separate minds or is there a guiding hive mind or maybe a version of Morganna pulling the strings like the First Evil?

Hope you review my stories as well.

Preview of Halloween World: Chapter 14. Magia doesn't exist in the normal world, but a pocket dimension like Island of Avalon in the series Gargoyles. What's interesting is Magia possesses Project 108, which allows people to view and escape into other worlds. If a person doesn't want to live in Magia but doesn't want to face the horrors of Hallow World, it's possible for them to escape to other worlds (example Marvel universe, Naruto universe, etc...) The problem is time meaning a person could end up in that world's future or past.

Feeds the Plot Bunny VIAGRA!
Comments from author:
The members of SEELE still exist as individuals, but there might be something behind them pulling the strings, perhaps Morgana in the form of a supercomputer (I really haven't decided yet). I don't want to dwell on the subject for too long because I wanted to get my characters back on the road to St. Louis, but another chapter in Aura colony might not hurt.

I can't wait to see what happens in Magia, I think you've made your ultimate crossover even more ultimate with that particular device.

Also, feeding the plot bunny viagra sounds a little...squicky, but anyway.

Thanks for the review.
Review By [spaceman] • Date [29 May 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Four: Aura" from AzureDragon
Evil, slutty versions of Hinata and Rei, now that's creative. I was reluctant to read this when it was first mentioned in Halloween World, but I find it to be a nice companion piece. Keep up the good work.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review! Yeah, the Hinata/Rei thing just kinda came to me. Glad you're enjoying the story.
Review By [AzureDragon] • Date [29 May 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Healing" from queenskin
I don't know why, but I've been getting 'dun dun duuunnn' vibes whenever anyone talks about this Aura person. It's either that I'm extremely paranoid or that there really is something quote/unquote 'sinister' going on. lol.

I love what you have so far. I can't wait until the next installment of "Halloween World: No Way Home."

Comments from author:
A little does of paranoia can be a good thing sometimes. I'd say more, but I fear that would give away too much of the next chapter. Well, thanks for the review!
Review By [queenskin] • Date [25 May 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Healing" from spaceman
Another Great Chapter. Hope to see many more updates.
If your wondering how my story will go in order to write yours.

I'm currently working on the Last Machina Chapter (over 11, 600 words and it's only Monday!) and another version of Solomon appears to warn about a possessed version of Karl. After Machina, one or two chapters in Magia, and final reunion in Sunnydale.

Then my the Time Skip occurs to seven to eight years later, where the United West Colonies (Sunnydale/Machina/Magia/West Coast), New East Colonies (Atlanta/New York Fabletown/etc..) and various other surviving colonies around the world are at war with dark army lead by a council of BIG BADS.

I haven't picked all my BIG BADS yet, but I intend to include
Naraku from Inuyasha
Madara Uchiha from Naruto
Hollow Ichigo/Ogihci from BLEACH
Arrancar Kyubi from an earlier Cordelia chapter
Lucy from Elfen Lied
Yami Malik from Yugioh
Devil Hulk from Marvel Comics
Griffith/Femto from Berserk
Awakened Ones from Claymore.

Hope this helps your writing since your story would take place between the Bus Arc and the Colony Wars Arc.

Extra: Have you scene Guystars/Geisters - Fractions of Earth? Siliconian Goddess Piira could be (Dot Hack) Aura's older sister! They look almost identical! Here's a picture from the second volume, Piira is bottom left.
Comments from author:
Wow, she really does look like Aura! Also I'm glad you told me all of that about Halloween World, it should be really helpful. My story will be finished after they find Piper and Phoebe, a quick trip to Sunnydale to say hi to everybody during the timeskip, and they'll probably just become drifters after that. I think I'll do a sequel once Halloween World ends just to show how its ending affected the No Way Home group.

If I could make a suggestion, I think Voldemort would make a good addition to your Council of Big Bads (especially since he's the only literature Big Bad listed on TV Tropes). Either way, all of those guys together is definitely a very scary thought. Anyway, feel free to use any places or people I've mentioned in the Colony Wars Arc if you want.

Well, thanks for the review, can't wait to see how Halloween World turns out.
Review By [spaceman] • Date [19 May 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Two: Wings" from queenskin
cool. can't wait 'til the next installment. =3
Review By [queenskin] • Date [16 May 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Two: Wings" from misterq
Heh, good chapter. You know, I hate to imagine what happened to the city of Las Vegas during the event. Hmm.. suggestions? Ever watched the anime 'Hare nochi Guu'? Guu is what Cthulhu would be if he/it was a cute 9 year-old girl. Characters from Final Fantasy VII are also fun. 'Read or Die' characters are fun. Reed Richards, Tony Stark, or any other scientist type? For a heroic psychotic, Lobo, B.B. Hood, or Brock Sampson? Maybe a liquid terminator fighting on the human's side? A Nabiki and Kasumi Tendo? I wonder if any in-costume role playing (tabletop) games were going on when the even happened... How about more mesh people, people whose costumes merely merged with their old selves rather than supplanted them? Hope some of those plot bunnies helped...
Comments from author:
Vegas is an interesting thought, it could definitely become an interesting place. Brock Sampson could prove to be interesting too considering he was able to survive in the cold void of space. The tabletop I wanted to try to make some of my characters have their old personalities dominant, but it just worked out that they were their costume selves. I'll try to include some of the stuff you mentioned. Thanks for reviewing!
Review By [misterq] • Date [10 May 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One: Gifts" from misterq
Curse you! Thanks to your reference, instead of doing productive things, I spent all day on tvtropes(dot)org - what a nifty wiki! Now, to read the next chapter in this great story. Nice job.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review! And yes, TV Tropes will ruin your life, they even have an article about how it will ruin your life.
Review By [misterq] • Date [10 May 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One: Gifts" from cwolf
the lump of metal with a little red hat confuses me.... what series is it from?
Comments from author:
I just made it up. It's supposed to be Santa's crashed slay and Santa and the reindeer were eaten by horrible monsters.
Review By [cwolf] • Date [10 May 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two: Wings" from DarkGoddess
Cool story, can't wait to see what happens next.
Review By [DarkGoddess] • Date [9 May 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two: Wings" from spaceman
I'm loving this story. Hope you continue more soon.
It's interesting to note that after the Buses return to Sunnydale and there's a big reunion, I plan a 5-6 year time skip, which means if your group reached Sunnydale, they can interact with characters without messing with the current story line.

Your story is to my story what the Bount Arc is to BLEACH, an interesting filler.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review, thanks for mentioning it in your stories, and thanks for the complement. I wasn't planning on having them reach Sunnydale since that was strictly in your territory, but I may reconsider since there's going to be a timeskip.

Also, just a little side note, all this crossover-ness inspired me to put forth a challenge (not Halloween World related) called But We've Never Even Been to Japan... If you know anyone who wants to take it that'd be great.
Review By [spaceman] • Date [9 May 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One: Gifts" from spaceman
I love this! Please write more soon!

Talking about Christmas, go to image comics and read The Last Christmas #1 on You'll find a different Santa for a post-apocalyptic world.

There is also Santa's Slay is a 2005 horror/comedy film that stars Bill Goldberg as Santa Claus.

Also, St. Louis. As in Anita Blake? Wonder what Anita's threat level would be.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review and the encouragement!

I'll be sure to check those Santa things out.

I picked St. Louis because it would be easy for them to reach by river. I've never read Anita Blake, but I've heard good things. I might try to include her if I can find info on the character, though I probably wouldn't get the characterization right.

As for threat level, it would most likely be low because Presea judges people on the immediate threat they pose to her. Good guys get low threat levels unless they begin attacking her, then she judges them on how powerful they are. Bad guys generally get threat levels based on their power, then it goes down if they don't actually attack.

Anyway, if you could please spread the word about this fic I would be forever in your debt. It's the first thing I've ever written that I actually like.
Review By [spaceman] • Date [22 Apr 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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