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Phantom Genesis

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Review of chapter "Act 1: No Need For Rangers Pt.1" from BlackRouge
You have a nice plot so far and it seems interesting. Both Oz and Xander are good choices for a sixth ranger, but if you are going to follow how the sixth ranger is in the later seasons as the "loner type" Oz would be your best bet if you want to go against the stereotype go for Xander but it depends on which Xander, from the earlier season or post Chosen. If your taking Xander from the earlier seasons he'd have to be the goofy fun guy, but if you take a Xander from after Chosen you can develop him more and mold him for your plot. One question, what color is Dawn going to be? I'm guessing green but thats just me. Update soon!

p.s. I don't really care who you pick to be the sixth ranger I like them both!
Review By [BlackRouge] • Date [10 May 08] • Not Rated
StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking