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All Fall Down

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Review of chapter "Chapter Seven" from Infinix
I knew I was forgetting something, I completely forgot that Jason was writing that. There is something very amusing about the whole AB crew liking BtVS. Xander would be the rallying point for Jason, Nathaniel and probably quite a few others and I can easily see the others choosing their favorite characters. The one thing I wonder about is what the Frilly Lacy French Vampires think about BtVS style vampires. Unless you have something really cool planned for Jason in Sunnydale I would recommend going with your original idea because that would be a nice ending point.
Comments from author:
*grins* I liked the idea of the Anita characters watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and debating the points (like the not-fictional fans did), but I knew just writing a fanfic with the Anita characters merely watching the show would be a bit boring. However, I just never could get the idea out of my head, and so this is what ended up becoming of that idea.

I admit that I could have done more with Jean-Claude to show how he felt about Buffy vamps, like Angel and coffins, but when I got there I couldn't really come up with anything (sadly) so that didn't really pan out like I'd hoped.
Review By [Infinix] • Date [14 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Seven" from littleoldme
The formatting in the later chapters, when everything is centred, makes this a little difficult to read. It's much easier on the eyes for things to be standardized to the left, like books are.

I think the idea of the fic is interesting, in general, but I didn't see enough of Jason, his psyche, or what's going on in his life in the fanfic- the entire thing read like you wrote a fanfic, and then decided to make it a crossover by having Jason write it instead, and that doesn't really work all that well as a cross, because it doesn't fit with his character or the Anita canon- there was nothing JASON about the character in this story to me. Interesting idea, but for me, it fell a little flat.
Comments from author:
I'm not sure what you mean about the formatting - I went back and checked, and the only things that were centered (that I could see) was the scene breaks and the "Interlude" stuff, but the actual fic text is not centered.

*sigh* I want to say that with all honesty Jason wasn't the "writer" just to make this a crossover, but I can see how it might seem that way. I've kinda always wanted to do something like this - one character writing another and then getting pulled into the world they were writing.

Still that feeling might be why I keep/kept getting ideas that would add at least one more chapter - if not two - to this fanfic, and since those chapters would be all about Jason in Sunnydale it would certainly feel more crossover-y.
Review By [littleoldme] • Date [13 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Six" from Infinix
Is it wrong that I want these characters dead? They get a glimpse of how bad their futures could be and instead of making it better they somehow manage to pervert it even more.
Comments from author:
I don't necessarily think it is wrong to want the characters dead, though admittedly that isn't where I'm going.

Mostly, I like the irony I'm playing with here. They were given a chance to make things better, and instead they've not made things better at all.

Of course, I realize I could have went in a totally different direction here, and one day I might actually come back to this and do an AU of "All Fall Down" where the characters are given the same chance and do actually do things (or most things) right.
(But even if I come back and do an AU of my fanfic, I admit it wouldn't happen for quite some time.)
Review By [Infinix] • Date [9 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from Greywizard
I'm fascinated by this story in much the same way people view approaching train wrecks and multi-car accidents - I don't want to see what I know is coming up, but I can't turn my eyes away.

None of the Scoobies you've shown us are at all likable, especially since they know what's coming in the future and still proceed along the same general path their future selves did, making no real effort to try and avoid the problems they know are imminent.

I especially find younger Buffy's behavior appalling, disgraceful and abhorrent in the extreme since she clearly could see how disturbed and mentally scarred her older self was as a result of her previous behavior and yet, she still went ahead and became physically involved with Spike, to the extent that she aided him in avoiding getting chipped, thus endangering her friends and family to a far greater extent than any of her actual enemies did. Her character in particular disgusts me.

You show a Xander who is apparently thinking with his dick, rather than his brain, something that is completely contrary to anything approaching canon, since he has repeatedly gone against what his friends think and want, if he thought it would keep them safe. I have the impression he was leaving his apartment to head over to the Summers house to kill Dawn, and I'm wondering what his reaction will be once he arrives and sees what Buffy has done.

Your portrayal of Will in previous chapters seem to emphasize all her more disturbing qualities while ignoring her loyalty and love of her surrogate family.

All in all, I think that this is, indeed, a universe that would develop from a wish granted by a vengeance demon, since it is a nightmare universe none of the Scoobies would ever want to live in, especially after seeing the doppelgangers allegedly living their lives.
Comments from author:
I don't know what to say really, but I feel like I should try and say something.

Re: Buffy, I admit that I took the worst aspects of her character and played with them here - I kind of liked the irony of knowing that an even younger Buffy would hate the current Buffy right along with the older Buffy.

I know I usually take the better aspects of the characters and build on those, but this time I freely admit that I went in a different direction.

As for Xander, I do love Xander, but I also think there wouldn't have been anything that would have kept Xander from sleeping with Anya, except Anya herself. After all, Xander was little more than a teen when Anya first showed up. So, I decided to play it that once the relationship started Xander would start deluding himself into believing that he could succeed where his older self had failed, though deep down he doesn't really believe it.

As for Willow, she herself did (for a time) ignore those things in canon, in canon she was the worst offender, but obviously she's not the worst in this fanfic. She might even come off a bit better than Buffy or Xander, maybe.

However, Xander and Willow are still loyal people, just in a twisted different way. Xander planned to kill Dawn for the same reasons Giles might have, which I think are better reasons (at the end of the day) than Buffy's, though Buffy tells herself that she was doing it to save the world even she doesn't really believe it.

Anyway, we'll (finally) see Willow in Chapter Six plotting to protect those she loves. Obviously her plans will probably be of the not-so-good considering the overall fanfic, but she does (kind of) have her heart in the right place.

As I told another reader by the end of Chapter Six Spike will probably end up being the only character most people don't hate. Well, not counting the Anita characters, of course, who haven't yet been tainted.
Review By [Greywizard] • Date [6 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from Infinix
Ah there's that Buffy that we all know and love to hate. So very sure of her own infallibility while managing to also have confidence issues. No offense but I hope that whenever the AB world comes into this that we no longer have to deal with young!Buffy because with where the Spike thing is leading I think I'll have to puke if it's going where it seems.
Comments from author:
Well, I do have a bit of a twist planned with the Spike thing, though what comes before the twist happens might be a bit puke-worthy. However, the B/S stuff won't really be the main focus of the fanfic.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.
Review By [Infinix] • Date [3 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from TheMaskedLurker

Int'resting angle.
Dawn as the feather that broke
The camel's back. Huh.

-[ The alteration of all those memories to incorporate Dawn into their lives as a possible cause for several tragedies. Haven't run across this possibility in the fanfics I read. I'm quite intrigued. ]-
Comments from author:
*grins* You've caught what I'm doing. ;)

While I admit several characters (mostly Xander, Willow, Anya, and Tara) didn't seem as greatly affected post-Dawn as others there are three rather key (pardon the pun) characters who did.

Giles and Joyce were to me rather consistantly out of character after the arrival of Dawn (Giles wangsting about and then actually leaving. Joyce acting like Buffy babysitting her kid sis was much more important than you know saving the world), but I have to admit that the overall season five arc for Buffy took the out of character cake for me.

Now I'm not saying that Buffy hadn't had out of character moments before Dawn, cause I believe she did (mostly in season four), but those moments were nothing against her suicide blond act of season five, which I truly believe (and it's doubtful anyone will ever convince me otherwise) was a direct result of the monks meddling around in her head.

But what finally got me to actually put these ideas down in the form of a fanfic was that I watched "Tabula Rosa" again, and that got me thinking about how bad mind-rape in the Buffy universe is shown to be. It was portrayed as being so bad that Tara left Willow because of it. And yet none of the characters were ever shown to really care that they'd actually been mind-raped on a much larger scale by the monks themselves. So, I got to thinking that maybe the monks meddled a little bit more than anyone actually thought/considered, and a fanfic was born. ;)
Review By [TheMaskedLurker] • Date [30 May 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from Sarry
This'll be an interesting read after a couple more chapters are up.
All the Dawn!angst is kind of a downer. T_T BUT STILL! The possibilities!!
I'm curious to see how you're going to bring Anita Blake into this. (Comic relief?)
Comments from author:
Well, I'm not sure how interesting you'll find it, because this really is just supposed to be a very short fanfic, probably not more than five chapters.

As for Dawn angst, it is a bit necessary, but mainly just something I've always wanted to do. Most fanfics that have the characters go back to the past show the past with a younger Dawn there as well. That honestly just bugs me, not really because of Dawn or because the fics are bad, because several of the ones I've read are really good. It's just that there was no Dawn before season five - I have the DVDs to prove that no matter what the characters remember, Dawn has not always been among them.

Even more interesting to me is that my thoughts are borne out in season five itself when Buffy does that see the truth spell. The reality she sees is that Dawn's room is a junk room that has been magically altered, and the photos with Dawn have also been magically altered to include her, she wasn't there when they were actually taken.

Sorry, didn't mean to get wordy/ranty there, it's just that I've never seen a fanfic where the characters go back and discover what they remember isn't exactly what really was. Not saying there isn't one out there, just that I've never seen it and I've always wanted to, because from the moment Dawn appeared I've kinda always wondered how all the characters (including her) would react to being smacked in the face with that truth.

As for the Anita characters, or Jason specifically is there to "write" the fanfic. He will be making another appearance soon as he grapples with the "story" - can't remember without checking but it may be Chapter Three, if not it is Chapter Four. Then the whole (well, not the WHOLE) Anita cast show up in the last chapter, and there is an aspect of comic relief to that.
Review By [Sarry] • Date [27 May 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue/Chapter One" from Greywizard
An intriguing start, and I'm curious as to exactly who will be killing who.

Younger Buffy killing her older self after finding out that she's been sleeping with Spike?

Older Buffy killing older Xander for wishing them back, after things start going majorly wrong?

Dawn killing younger Willow to prevent her from raising older Buffy after she died/dies in the future?

Lots of ideas to possibly follow up on. Hope to see more of this soon.
Comments from author:
There really is a lot of potential isn't there. More than even I realized when I started this.

/Younger Buffy killing her older self after finding out that she's been sleeping with Spike?/
Or younger Buffy killing Spike to stop any chance of that happening to her. ;)

/Older Buffy killing older Xander for wishing them back, after things start going majorly wrong?/
Or older Buffy killing the younger Xander to maybe hopefully stop him from making the wish in the first place. ;)

/Dawn killing younger Willow to prevent her from raising older Buffy after she died/dies in the future?/
Or Dawn trying to convince the younger Buffy that when the time comes that Dawn herself must jump meaning that she's basically killing herself, or setting herself up to be killed. ;)

I'm not saying any of what I've tossed out above will happen, just agreeing with you that there are many ways the whole thing could play out.
Review By [Greywizard] • Date [24 May 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue/Chapter One" from CPTSkip
Interesting start. I'll bet one of the first things Older Buffy and Dawn do is get Joyce to a doctor. I'm sure saving Joyce will make everything else OK for the Scoobies. Please write more as I love time travel/AU stories.
Comments from author:
*grins* Ah, but you know what they say about the best of intentions, right? ;)

All I'm saying is that it should be kept in mind that it isn't just Buffy who has ideas on what can be said/done to make things better. Well, that and a little something known as the ripple effect - they change one thing and something else could/might change simply to strike back.

Honestly, I'm not planning the following (just throwing it out as an example) - what if they did save Joyce? After bringing Buffy back, Willow mentioned that the universe doesn't like anyone getting anything for free. So, the universe itself might strike back by taking someome else in her place - someone like Giles, for example, which I think would be just as devestating for Buffy and the gang as Joyce death was.

And now after that tease, I'll just close by thanking you for reading and reviewing.
Review By [CPTSkip] • Date [24 May 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue/Chapter One" from Valkyrie
I'm going to follow this, because I'd like to see where it goes and who gets what's coming, and to find out exactly what is coming to them.

I'll be interested to see who's the character death.
Comments from author:
Thanks for reading and reviewing.

As for the character death - there is more than one, but really only one (two?) will count.
Review By [Valkyrie] • Date [24 May 08] • Not Rated
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