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Lost In Your Eyes

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Moderator)Ava
In a word: lovely.

In several words: This makes perfect and utter sense. I'm not a John/Cameron shipper but I still see the moments, the pauses and reactions they get from one another and I can see how that would affect Derek. I can even understand his rage against a machine that is part of the process to eradicate human life and I can completely understand Derek's reaction to Dawn. All and all this tied so neatly, so well together that is was a joy to read. Thank you for sharing this.
Comments from author:
Thank you! I wanted to convey the discomfort and anger that Derek feels whenever he sees John interacting with Cameron but I also wanted to bring up that maybe, just maybe, Derek isn't alone in his feelings, and who better to understand that than Dawn after the whole Buffybot fiasco?

I'm happy to see that it came across the way I wanted it to! Thank you for the review! :-)
Review By [(Moderator)Ava] • Date [27 May 08] • Not Rated
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