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Gibbs' new team

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Review of chapter "Daily Routine" from Bill
SWEET! Glad to see more of this.
Review By [Bill] • Date [7 Apr 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Daily Routine" from RevDorothyL
Glad you haven't given up on this! :)
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [26 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daily Routine" from trongod
For some bizarre reason, the 'Latest' isn't really listing new stories/chapters, so I was fortunate enough to find this entirely by accident. The break up of Gibbs' old team came as a shock, especially as you didn't really refer to what event it took to cause it - and now I really wonder just what they did that was enough to make a bunch of agencies start on the warpath against them - but the farewell scene was true Gibbs, I thought. Hope that you have Ziva, Tony, and Tim call/email/write every so often to get a glimpse on how much they and Gibbs has changed in the intervals.

The new team and the reason for their current position was excellent. The whole new Slayer revolt and wanting to return to a one on one situation is a surprise, and based on what happened to Buffy and Faith, I think one that will bite them in the butt sooner rather than later. Teams /work/, and keep the Slayer alive and healthy. Calleigh came as a surprise, although given what happened to her, I can understand her leaving Miami for a new home to work out of.

Xander and Abbie's reactions to one another was well done, although I get the feeling she's more Willow's speed than his, if Willow breaks Gibbs' Rule #12... Which might not be such a good idea on her part...

Excellent work all around!
Review By [trongod] • Date [20 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daily Routine" from serenityselena
a very interesting story with some surprising revelations for our heroes...
can`t wait to read more ^_^
Review By [serenityselena] • Date [20 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daily Routine" from liit
the story is great so far. wondering if faith, buffy, and giles will come and visit (for holidays or something..that will be an interesting story line, especially they didn't part on bad is understandable for buffy and giles to stay and help still-they been doing this for a long time, and they have the responsibility to help)
anyways keep it up
Review By [liit] • Date [20 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daily Routine" from VillageOrchid
This chapter flows well.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [19 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rosenberg's Results" from VillageOrchid
Good pacing for the back-story of what happened to the IWC or whatever it became. Retiring from being a champion is a bit of a relief, even if it may only be temporary/something that can never be totally retired from.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [19 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Sample Assignments" from VillageOrchid
I'm glad you're enjoying this. I'm enjoying it, too.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [19 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Tours and Tales." from VillageOrchid
I'm enjoying your feel for the NCIS characters.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [19 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from VillageOrchid
Now that I've caught up and seen almost every episode of NCIS, I can appreciate the context of this story better. Thanks for sharing. A plausible Vance strategy and Gibbs reaction. He still has Ducky and Abby, too.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [19 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daily Routine" from Studyofchaos
Interesting story in that you split Willow and Xander off from the rest. With Faith being split off as well will she make an appearance? Anyways, pairings.... Xander / Abby or Willow / Abby?
Review By [Studyofchaos] • Date [19 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daily Routine" from burmafrdnow
The only quibble I would have would be with how you explained the Scoobies leaving the Council. To start with there were not enough of the old guard to do anything.
Then the fact that Giles and the rest rebuilt the New Council and frankly I do not see what you described as happening.
And frankly you insult the other Slayers for your back story.
Comments from author:
Sure, I have no problems with quibbling or arguing. I kinda like it!

My view of what happened was that the core of the Watchers was removed due to the explosion. I felt like the next generation of slayers (after Faith/Buffy) was... how to put this gracefully... more of a "serf/lord" mentality than the leader/helpers that Buffy and Faith were. My thinking is that the Scoobies put together a democratic model for the new council, and the mini-slayers chose to be more "independant" than "team" based. They each wanted to be lord of their own territory, rather than sharing. And rather than force their views, the scoobies are letting them see how it goes. I get the feeling they (the Scoobies) are kinda tired of fighting, honestly.

As to insulting the other Slayers, yeah, that was almost/sort-of the intent. I put this together to live in the NCIS world, not the Slayer's world. I don't really intend to use the supernatural ALL that much. I don't see the Scoobies going their own way unless the council they created turned their back on them.
Review By [burmafrdnow] • Date [19 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rosenberg's Results" from (Current Donor)DeepBlueJoy
I like this story and can't wait to see what you do with it, but you should know that there are problems with Willow/Kelly being related.

Technology for egg donation was not commonly available long enough ago for Sheila Rosenberg to have been able to donate while she was in her 20's. (assuming she was in her 20's when Willow was born that would have made Kelly's birth date further back than I think it was (I think Kelly's childhood friend who was in one episode was quite a bit younger than Willow -- but I'm not sure that was discussed in the show at any length, so I think this is less of an issue than the technology.)

(Semen donation has been occurring a lot longer than .)

Sheila Rosenberg would not have been young enough to donate by the time that the technology became available. because there are serious age restrictions on who can donate eggs because of the risk of birth defects in older women. (Older eggs are also less viable)

If we assume that Kelly was born about 20 years ago. 20+ years ago egg donation was not a common procedure -- and Sheila Rosenberg would not have been a good candidate by that age. And Gibbs would probably not have been able to afford such technology -- but people desperate for children will do almost anything, so cost is not really a barrier, it just makes it less likely.

*Embryo* donation would make Kelly Gibb's Willow's full sibling, so I am assuming that's not what you were suggesting -- that Gibb's was not Kelly's father. Embryo donation has also not been readily available since this involves a lot more complex legal issues than egg or semen donation. For one thing, both the man and the woman have to agree before the embryo can be implanted in a third party. It's even less plausible than egg donation.

Thanks for your efforts. I look forward to further developments.
Comments from author:
Yeah, I realize I had to warp the reality to get the right technology at the right times. Sorry for that inconsistancy. I do intend to have Willow and Kelly be full blooded siblings. I got the picture that Kelly would have been about 17-19 when Gibbs met her childhood friend again. Yeah, that would make Willow older, but I found that to be less of a problem, honestly, than I expected it to be.
And I must protest. Just because someone is not genetically related doesn't make the child any less theirs. And the legal work on that front has been taken care of for some time now in our world.
Review By [(Current Donor)DeepBlueJoy] • Date [23 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rosenberg's Results" from (Past Donor)morgyair
NICELY done! I did not see the embryo donation as a possibility but hey it worked...very well done indeed....
Review By [(Past Donor)morgyair] • Date [20 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Rosenberg's Results" from PATM
Pretty clean introduction and all but the voices aren't those I know. Gibbs maybe Ducky, pretty
good Abby I'd say no. Willow does deserve a better role model than she got in the series though.
I'm glad I caught the story after the fifth chapter. I did enjoy if over all.
Review By [PATM] • Date [18 Jun 08] • Rating [7 out of 10]
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