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Remorse, Regret and Other Weighty Things

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Review of chapter "Running out of slayers here" from Eureka
Good story. Here's to hoping that you will do a third dealing with Faith and Xander.
Comments from author:
Have thought about it and even had ideas. Mainly hit the old writer's block and the bunnies deserted me. Have been helping others with theirs some by betaing. May come back to it, but also have been pestered for the longest by an Eli Stone xover that I even put the challenge up for. Just haven't got all the plot points down.
Review By [Eureka] • Date [23 Aug 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Running out of slayers here" from Greywizard
Interesting story and done in a way I haven't seen before. Everything that Hyena-Xander pointed out to Buffy was true, and could serve to act as a major wake-up call to her, which would serve as a nice jumping-off point for a seriously AU and quite interesting new Scooby-verse.

However, I think that using Faith as a plot point to make Xander wake up is significantly and seriously either overstating or mis-stating any psychological effect she could have on him, aside from possibly terrifying him and sending him even deeper into catatonia.

While it is true that Buffy (and Willow, too) occasionally used Xander as an emotional chew-toy and typically ignored or denigrated his contributions over the course of the three years he helped with the Slaying, at no point in time did she ever casually use him to relieve any physical urges generated by her Slaying and then callously insult him by tossing him out of both her bed and her room, deliberately and intentionally betray any of the people trying to assist her in keeping control of the Hellmouth or try to kill him or any of the other Scoobies, the way that Faith did, all in the space of less than a single year.

While Angel did very little of any real import without being forced to do so for the most part during his time in Sunnydale, one worthwhile thing he did do was to prevent Faith from choking Xander to death when he tried to help her deal after Finch's death, since it is not at all clear or even likely, given the context of the scene, that she was merely trying to scare him.

There is also very little substantive canon evidence that Faith came from an abusive home, so trying to show that there is a connection between Faith and Xander from that aspect is going to be difficult, especially since, if Xander was a product of an abusive environment (which I admit is a background plot point that I use in my own stories a good deal), he is not going to relate well to someone who is an abuser, which is primarily what Faith was in most of her interpersonal relationships.

Given the above, I would find it difficult to accept that Faith would be able to pull him out of the coma he is currently in if he refuses to accept any type of assistance from Buffy.
Comments from author:
Firstly, thank you for a concise and well stated point. While I understand your viewpoint, the plot angle I was aiming at deals with Faith being somewhat reformed and mellowed out somewhat as shown in her return in season 7. While Faith was still somewhat wild, the desire to prove herself and define herself had vanished, which I believe comes with maturing and beginning to understand herself better. Faith's supposed physical or sexual abuse is a point that many bandy about, but while you say her forceful actions show this to probably not be true, many have stipulated and I will follow that her attitude was her trying to control those around her by being dominant since she now had the power to. Her whole attitude of want, take, have shows to me that she has swung far on the pendulum from the other extreme where she was abused and had little to no control due to a poor homelife that may or may not have led to her being on the streets relying on grifting, stealing or providing sex to survive. I think that this is further validated by her reaction to Xander's offer to help. She is confused by his offer and equates it to the only thing she knows which is his likely desire to have sex again. Not wanting to appear weak by needing him and setting up a relationship that would see her relying on him she puts him in a position of the submissive. I believe like you that she wasn't seriously going to kill him by suffocation, but she wanted to prove her dominance. My thoughts about her being able to help Xander are from how I hope to interpret her character. My thinking would be that she would have had some counseling or therapy while incarcerated. Because of this she may have started to come to terms with her past actions and life growing up. I want to use her to relate to both Xander's issues of feeling alone in the group which seemed to be their shared fate at times in Season 3, her past of abuse (not sure if I want to broach possible sexual abuse for Xan, leaning towards no), her taking life, her use of facades to keep those around them at a distance, and ultimately her being close yet not to Xander. Part of this is to show that being too close to someone suffering can make you part of the problem. While a connection is needed to hopefully save a person from self destructing, some distance helps in perspective as well. Faith not being there for all these issues he has at the root of what has happened will help her as she offers advice, a fresh perspective, and acceptance. Maybe rambling, but what Xander needs most is someone to help share the burden he has buried himself under. Buffy can't help as she is apart of too many issues he has. Anya is a vengence demon and slept with Spike which he may be able to forgive someday, he can never forget the betrayal (yes I know he left her at the alter, but in his mind it would be for good reasons). Dawn is too young and innocent to bring into this. Giles... well G-man might be the only other, but in my slant on things he just wouldn't work. Xander looks at him as a father figure and while he isn't Tony by any means he has repeatedly abandoned his children. That leaves Angel's crew which at this point offers no real help as Cordy is possessed and Angel... well we already know that answer. All that is left is Faith. Also part of his healing should be found in his first relationship where the female isn't solely dependent upon him to support them. Think about it. Cordy needed Xander in her ultimate search for herself outside of Queen C. Anya, well Anya needed Xander to help her discover her humanity. Faith is far better off mentally than either of his previous relationships and even fulfills one cavet that I think has been addressed only limitedly. His need to have a partner he isn't afraid of physically abusing. It has been touched on in cannon that he does fear himself and his being like Tony. Faith would be that which he saw initially in Buffy a strong woman that will not allow him to be a harm to her.

Don't know hope some of that makes sense and fills in the idea of why. Again, thanks for the well thought out points as it does help focus my direction as I address them.
Review By [Greywizard] • Date [28 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Running out of slayers here" from AonGealach
You know as much as I love happy endings, I kinda just want Xander to die. He has lost everything in his life that means something to him except for the people who constantly demean him and push him aside. What does he have to live for? Just to make others happy is not a good enough reason.
Review By [AonGealach] • Date [27 Jun 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Running out of slayers here" from SFBKludge
Yep you really gave Buffy something to think about.

Looking forward to the next part.
Review By [SFBKludge] • Date [27 Jun 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Thru The Looking Glass" from SFBKludge
Methinks Lady Buffy is going on a wild ride.

This is going to be extremely uncomfortable for her. Everyone lies to themselves. Even if the Lie is a little white lie, it builds up. Seeing yourself from the outside is bound to be a humbling experience. (BTW: Lying to yourself and facing it is the whole basis of the "Sword of Shanarra.""

The only thing that would make her look aside as it were, is that (IMO) in this instance Xander is going to be dragging himself through his entire life (or at least 6 seasons worth) and his pain and probable loathing of himself for allowing things to go the way they did will be what gives her the strength to carry on.
Comments from author:
Well after this story she will be needing some therapy and alone time as she isn't going to be left too intact for the moment. What I will struggle will be the last story in which Faith will be called to hopefully right the sinking ship. Hope you like the rest of this part.
Review By [SFBKludge] • Date [27 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Thru The Looking Glass" from Jinxy
this is a good start so far, I like your idea, but it seems sort of rushed and lacking detail. are these outlines that you intend to flesh out later or pretty much the way you want it to go? other than that seems to be developing well.
Comments from author:
Problem I think I am having Jinxy is that I have the framework and ideas there, but some of it I just can't get out without getting thru it. Don't know may be trying to get to the more theraputic revelatory part which would be the third story in the series, but trying to lay out the scene repeats especially is like slogging thru the mud. Hopefully it will flow better or flesh out more in my writing when I get past the parts dealing more with showing Buffy just what the Zeppo has been holding back on for all these years. Time will tell. Any tips would be appreciated.
Review By [Jinxy] • Date [26 Jun 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Thru The Looking Glass" from Cyberwere
I like this story a lot. Definitely a different take on the Hyena possession than I've read before, but it works very well.

Having Buffy see and experience things from Xander's viewpoint is something I think should have happened in the series. But then, Xander has always been my favorite character and Buffy one of my least. ;)

At any rate, please update soon. I can't wait to read more!
Review By [Cyberwere] • Date [26 Jun 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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