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The New Plague

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Review of chapter "The New Plague" from iscariot
Heh heh heh

Someone else - other than one of your other reviewers - reads Transmet...

*sigh* I miss that comic.

I wonder how Buffy and Yelena would get on...ha! Sarcasm at ten paces.

getting 'round to the actual fic. Not too bad, certainly you've captured the character's well - although Spider was a bit less abrasive than usual [he needs his cat, and the filthy assistants....]

Now you've givne ME a fic idea...Xander and Yelena....hmmmmmmm

Of course, I'll ahve to add the idea to the list..
Comments from author:
Xander and Yelena? I identify Yelena a little too much. This is not a bad idea.
Review By [iscariot] • Date [19 Jun 04] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The New Plague" from (Recent Donor)BHRamsay
My GOd....Spider Roams again. Glory be to the fates that drove you to have the excellent taste to not only read Transmet but to try this. Im so happy I'll even forgive the presence of Spuffy awesome effort.
Comments from author:
I killed Spike. Again. It's a theme.
Review By [(Recent Donor)BHRamsay] • Date [17 May 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The New Plague" from Anonymous Reviewer
Okay, I'm not familer with the comic in question so I can't really tell how good a cross over it was but as it is the fic ain't bad. On the other hand, the bit about seal eyes and iced caribu blood was kinda gross. And how in hell's name is Spike ugly?
Review By [Anonymous Reviewer] • Date [26 Oct 03] • Not Rated
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