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The Offer

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from bookworm
An intriguing story. Works as it is and could also go several places. Did you make up that idea of Time Lords connecting mentally in the act, or did you pick it up somewhere else?
Comments from author:
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm quite happy with this trilogy. When I finished the last story I came to the conclusion that if I never wrote another Doctor Who fic I'd be okay with that, because I told the story I wanted to tell with these. I'm pretty sure the idea of a mental connection is a fanon trope. It's been a while since I've dallied in DW.
Review By [bookworm] • Date [13 Dec 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Past Donor)morgyair
Well done...loved the interactions between Jack and the Doctor
Review By [(Past Donor)morgyair] • Date [29 Jul 08] • Not Rated
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