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Chaos Multiplied

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Current Donor)Katrina
Nicely done! Clever. :)
Review By [(Current Donor)Katrina] • Date [17 Jun 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Current Donor)Shieldage
Cool enough. It's mislabeled as a Non-crossover though :D

Hah! If you add another Chapter where Willow, who's still channeling Eris, meets someone who's still channeling *Mandy* you could mark it as an answer to Challenge #2914


Original goddess? Makes sense :)
Comments from author:
Thanks! Although when I labelled it I was thinking of the actual Greek pantheon (sister of Ares, yadda yadda), but this could also work as a "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" crossover...except I hate the way they draw her :-)
Review By [(Current Donor)Shieldage] • Date [2 Sep 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Gargoylesama
Hail Eris, Oh hell, Discordia!
Comments from author:
Discord can be fun :-)
Thanks for reading and reviewing!!!
Review By [Gargoylesama] • Date [2 Sep 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from misterq
Ooh, yeah - I do want to see a continuation of this. Willow as Eris.. the possibilities!

EDIT - Heh, I would, but I still have half a chapter of Parent Trap sitting on my computer for 2 months, being gnawed on by plot bunnies. But if some of those plot bunnies decide to jump ship and inspire a continuation of your story, I'd definitely read it!
Comments from author:
Well, I have no plans to continue it (please notice the word "plans"...damn plot bunnies), but if you would like to continue it feel free...I love what you did with "Parent Trap" :-)
Review By [misterq] • Date [30 Aug 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Bobboky
: )
Comments from author:
Review By [Bobboky] • Date [30 Aug 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from CPTSkip
Lol! A "nice" Helloween story. I enjoyed seeing Willow as the center of chaos for once.
Comments from author:
Thanks! And you have a good point, I hadn't really noticed but the only time she really dresses as something different in peoples stories is part of a group, not on her own...hmm, could be an interesting challenge :-)
Review By [CPTSkip] • Date [30 Aug 08] • Not Rated
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