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Turned From Darkness…

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Review of chapter "The Message." from (Current Donor)SamuraiCatFan
Finally caught up with the last couple of chapters. Very good. The only thing that confused me a bit is how everyone ending up joining Xandra and Erika (or should that be Xandrika at this point?) in Jamaica.

Like how Xander's cooking ability is actually explained by the various conversations.

Kendra is going to need lots of counselling and "talk time" to get over what happened. She needs to remain, it's not her fault, its THE BAD GUYS FAULT.

Maybe after they catch the old-council bads doing this, they can get Thor to beam them into the event horizon of a black hole.
Comments from author:
Glad you got caught up! Glad you like. Everyone is in Jamaica expressly to protect Kendra. Almost all the slayers who were 'chosen' are offworld with a military and witch detail protecting them... Those who aren't have to be protected... Charlotte is at Hogwarts with a bunch of very powerful witches and wizards (and maybe some other protection too!) and Kendra has Buffy, Illyria, Dru and Willow protecting her. (And Buffy has Illyria, Dru, Willow and Kendra protecting *her*, though she's probably not looking at it that way...) And of course they also have Erika and a seriously warded house, though they didn't know that when they arrived!

Xandrika. hmmm.. Guess so. never have been too fond of those combos names... but it's no worse than spuffy, I suppose!

Glad you liked the Xander can cook revelation! I had fun with that.

Yes, Kendra's gonna need counseling... with an axe or a scythe or a very big chain gun! Those talk nicely if the conversation is killing bag guys! :-) I think she "wishes to do violence."

Yes, she's gonna have a lot of people giving her support and helping her... sadly, she won't have Sam Carter to help her blow up a sun on these guys! :-)

I think violence of some kind will do very nicely!!


EDIT: How about XandErika -- which has both of their names complete? I like this better!
Review By [(Current Donor)SamuraiCatFan] • Date [11 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Message." from Mcspender
Very cool set of chapters, daang, you really update fast this days xD!!.
Let's see, I really liked that weell, Xander knows that this is for keeps, and very good touch about Willow not being the one who came up with the mega witch stuff, but it was a collaborative effort with Erika.

And, the part with Kendra. Oh boy, poor Kendra, she was so close and yet so far to help.
Arundhati at least got a little bit of revenge for herself, but Kendra, I think she's gonna get a looot of Justice in her friends name.

Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum. Let justice be done, though the Heavens fall.
Kill them All Kendra, Kill them all.

Cool set of chapters, see ya!!.
Comments from author:
Thank you my dear! Fast updates are the muses 'fault'. Me, I just try to type fast!

Yup, Xander is playing for keeps. He lost one woman and it almost killed him. He sees who and what he needs in this woman... a big plus? Although she's very, very powerful, she's also very grounded and very sane... and she loves him unconditionally... something he's never had before.

Poor Kendra. I think that message just ignited something in Kendra that she didn't know needed igniting. Kendra is going to be one very dangerous slayer. Which is to say, a dangerous, *dangerous*. (adjective)(*noun*)

All hell? Yeah, it's gonna break loose... and there's gonna need to be only ONE slayer for that!

Review By [Mcspender] • Date [9 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Black Magic Woman" from DarthTenebrus
Way to bring in a new original character there. The idea of Erika is bewitching in and of itself, and adding the beautifully rendered scene of the Jamaican countryside just adds more mystery, more wonder and beauty than anyone really expects. Xander is already lost in this beauty, and maybe he's there to stay, but I suspect he's not the only one that is consumed with wanderlust; with her newly gifted immunity to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, I expect Drusilla will wish to revisit all those places that she had seen at nighttime, and see them again in the brilliant, wondrous light of the sun. She would at least enjoy getting a tan on the beaches near Negril.

Edit/Reply 8Nov2013: I should have answered that last question then when you posted your reply.

Do vampires tan? In general terms, I wouldn't know from Knox or Harmony, but in the cases of Drusilla, William and Charles, I imagine fact, I even wrote a chapter in "Balance of Powers" that shows our dear Dru coming in off her balcony at the Hyperion and sporting a rather mild sunburn, which she appreciates about as much as her immunity to UV radiation, then getting dressed before Cordyllyria pops in and 'ports her and Patrick to New Zealand for a confab with the remnants of the Second Watchers' Council. She then passes on hers and Cordy's shared vision of a nuclear apocalypse triggered by a Sith Lord that once called herself Willow...

Intrigued yet?
Comments from author:
Glad you like it. I know that bringing in a majorly important original character this late is a risky thing. Glad that Erika and the Jamaican countryside came through... I was worried it was too much of a deviation from the feel of the rest of the story.

Jamaican countryside can be seductive and full of wonder... so, you want to see our dear Dru in the sunlight of Jamaica? That might be doable!

I think Xander's ready to not be running around all over the world... he might be ready to bury his demons instead of running from them...

That's a question I'm gonna have to answer... Do vampires tan?


EDIT: First: thank you for your recommendation!! It is deeply appreciated. I did have Dru taking sun in Jamaica... my theory would be that she wouldn't burn... or wouldn't stay burned for more than a moment or two unless she baked herself for hours... her healing would stay ahead of it, because she heals very fast from most injuries... so, yes, she can be gravely burned, but for that to happen, she would have to be subject to a very, very hot environment... or a spell... but she might get a little red if she fell asleep in the sun... but it should heal fairly quickly.... that's my theory. Gonna have to find time to read your story -- it sounds fascinating.... right now I'm a writing fiend and I'm falling further and further behind in my tracked stories...
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [8 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Message." from Eureka
Def cry worthy. To read the phone conversation was just so sad. I mean there is no way that anyone could have gotten to her in time to stop what happened and to think that Kendra must be thinking/going through to have finally heard it.
Comments from author:
*gives you tissues*

Nope, there was no way anyone could have gotten there in time. If only Arundhati had been able to go home and collect her mobile (with all the phone numbers)... Unfortunately, she wasn't able to even try to get help until the wolf was literally at the door. Kendra... well, first you meltdown... Then? You make the bastards PAY! As a wise slayer told her a long time ago... "Kendra, my emotions give me power."

I wouldn't get in her way!

Review By [Eureka] • Date [8 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Message." from Cordyfan
Two excellent chapters - the last one might have been short, but also very powerful and suitably horrific. Shouldn't take long to narrow down the cop who cast the spell on the phone, then 'persuade' him to spill all about his contacts. Besides, the phone spell is probably like switching on a torch in a dark room to Willow - now she knows what's happening, she'll be able to follow it all the way back to the source. The bad guys have had their 'fun', but now it's time for the Slayers to have theirs'...

Willow does still seem to have some slight jealousy issues with Xander, even after all these years, but she seems to be realising that his new girl is good for him.

Thanks for writing these - I look forward to the next instalment.
Comments from author:
Thank you! The last one was hard to write, but I knew I was going to write it a while ago... Kendra and Arundhati represent two different roads taken... and I know that the consequences for Arundhati were horrific, but she managed to do something she wanted... She CHOSE. At every situation, both the good and the bad, she chose.

Yes, well, the cops are going to be very sad they played with the enemies of the slayers. Consequences. Because this is the way of the world.

Yes, Willow felt hurt, but I think she'll get over it. Nothing does a body good like seeing someone you love glowing with joy.

I hope to have more writing soon... We'll see what the muse gives. ;-)

Review By [Cordyfan] • Date [8 Nov 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Message." from Misty
Wow! I'm speechless. Thank you.
Comments from author:
Thank you. I'm so glad it touched you.

Review By [Misty] • Date [8 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Message." from DarthTenebrus
Excellent progression as always, and working the plot through this new challenge facing the Slayer Alliance, as I think we might call it (message me with your thoughts on that particular terminology...), seems to be going rather smoothly.

A note on the previous chapter:

Tampering magickally with Kendra's mobile device seems to be along the lines of black ops, rather like softening a target before the big hit, as the conventional military wisdom agrees that the first thing you do to an opposing force is to cut off all lines of communication/resupply before attacking, then you attack in force with the main element of your units. If Xander's soldier memories are still intact he'll pick up on that, given the news of pregnant Slayers being attacked around the world.

On the latest posting...Kendra has now had her mobile magickally protected from further tampering by the two best magick practitioners in existence, so it's a given that her friend in Mumbai is dead, along with her unborn child. This is a further blow to Buffy and Willow as they both were recently in Mumbai and saw the crime scene for themselves. So either they or Xander are soon to put two and two together. .

Edit/Reply: The Slayer Alliance, as I term it, consists of the Slayers and Watchers, the Hunters, Stargate Command, the Wizarding World, and pretty much everyone else who took part in the action at Los Angeles and organized afterwards; that work for you or can you come up with a better name for it? (PLEASE don't use ISWC...that's already in use in multiple stories... )
Comments from author:
Yes, well, black magic is a 'black' op of sorts... if Kendra can't be warned, she can't be protected. If she can't call for help, she's vulnerable. She's only fortunate that a) the other slayers protected her b) the tampering was discovered before she was alone and in trouble.

Sadly, she could not have saved Arundhati, no matter what happened... if she'd picked up the call and been able to teleport in, she probably would have been too late... she would have needed a witch for that.

I think they've figured out that the slayer line is in jeopardy... what I wanted to show was why Arundhati knew she had to make what was a horrendous sacrifice. Plus, she's given them a little clue... I wonder what they'll find in Las Vegas?

So, next up... action. Might be painful... hopefully, for the bad guys!

More soon!


PS: you're going to have to explain the 'slayer alliance' to me. that's not one of mine.

EDIT: The first place I ever saw ISWC was in one of *my* stories, a long while ago. I've been using it in this one for more than 300,000 words, and back into 2008 -- probably not gonna change it now. Never really thought of an additional name for the extended clan of other organizations... that's an interesting idea.
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [8 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Some assembly may be required..." from Difdi
Huh, Crater Lake as an active volcanic mountain rather than a lake? That sets a possible range of dates for when the Old Ones ruled, from about 400,000 BC to about 5,600 BC when the mountain blew up along the lines of Krakatoa -- Wizard Island formed about 4,000 BC.

If the last Old One created vampires, then whatever event kicked the Old Ones out could be (barely) within written human history...though modern historians would consider it religious writings or mythology...
Comments from author:
who knows, maybe whatever was happening in geologic activity allowed for supernatural forces to be unbalanced... the release of that much power could have allowed for the harnessing of a great deal of magical energy....

Glad to have given you something to think about! Thank you for giving me something to think about... I love it when my readers set my mind to ticking over... it causes all sorts of interesting and delightful things to happen!

Thank you.


Review By [Difdi] • Date [19 Oct 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Skirmishes" from quondamquadrat
This has been a delightful read, and has kept me entertained for quite a while. Thank you for sharing it, and for putting so much effort into something so fun to read. :)
Comments from author:
Why thank you my kind friend! It is a great deal of fun to share my vision and my 'crazy' with you all. It's actually a lot like work, but very satisfying... especially when lovely folks review!

Review By [quondamquadrat] • Date [10 Oct 13] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Skirmishes" from Misty
Cute & interesting. Thank you.
Comments from author:
Glad you enjoyed it. You're welcome.

Review By [Misty] • Date [9 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Skirmishes" from (Current Donor)SamuraiCatFan
The old council really brainwashed the potentials and Slayers that were in their so-called care. When reading this chapter, I couldn't help but to start to hear Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Get Up, Stand Up" in my head. I suspect the problem Kendra has with thinking of what SHE wants is something that is impacting almost all of the old council trained Slayers.

Just thinking that Xander (or at least "old" Xander) might drool a bit at, ummm, having both Erica and Kendra.

Sounds like the old-council cadre doesn't have enough internal resources to carry out their plans and that they are being forced to outsource without really being able to select the talent they are outsourcing to. Doing so often comes back around in a very bad way.
Comments from author:
They sure brainwashed a lot of them... but slayers are tricksie creatures... they have this defiant demon deep inside! I have it on good authority that the inner slayer likes reggae! "Get up stand up, stand up for your rights... get up, stand up! don't give up the fight!"

I think the Bob Marley song Kendra needs goes like this: "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds..."

Yes, of course, your inner Xander would drool about 2 hot Jamaican girls! Duh! :-P

The old council may lack for personnel, but they have contracts and demons who want their own slayer baby... and they have money to hire unpredictable people... makes them dangerous. Here's hoping they're also findable and that they can be put out of commission.

Review By [(Current Donor)SamuraiCatFan] • Date [6 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Skirmishes" from Cordyfan
Kendra would seem to have a long way to go, before she can shake off the influence of the old Council. Even dying and returning wasn't quite enough, it seems. This must be a large and well-funded conspiracy, if it can pay for attacks on Slayers in all corners of the globe. Once Buffy and company know exactly who's coming after them (and prior to the well-deserved stomping and killing) maybe attacking their financial base would be a good start. I'm sure Willow, for one, can still hack with the best of them.

Great chapter - thanks for writing this.
Comments from author:
Kendra does need someone to open her up, but everyone takes instruction differently. she's not weak, but she's been indoctrinated. Maybe something will happen to show her just how sick the old council was... maybe this is it? Large and well funded. Yup. Remember how much money there was at WRH? Remember the cyborg attack on Wesley? That takes real money. Then there's the 200+ contracts... that's a lot of contracts.... It's not hat hard to put someone on each of the 50 odd people... Unfortunately, going after the money won't be enough... but it definitely will help!!

You're welcome. Thank you for your input into my writing. It is a great help. You don't know how much.

Review By [Cordyfan] • Date [6 Oct 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A Fight to the Death" from jayesh
Imagine my surprise and delight ( and tears) when i found this chapter. I hail from the same city, you based this in. I was even more astonished, when i saw the reference to the tv series. You do your research nicely :)

Splendid chapter.


Mumbai India =p


Oh the irony. I was at Matheran for my weekend retreat. Good weather :)

Indian culture despite its huge shortcomings, is often overlooked in regards to its sheer age and diversity. Bollywood is often laughed at.. but hey it has a life of its own.

I am wondering, if you are on twitter? Would love to connect with you :)
Comments from author:
Namaste, Jay!

I cannot tell you how much this review means to me! I have been a longtime fan of Indian culture, (studied Kathak for 4 years) Bollywood, especially older movies (from back in the 70s). Sadly, I don't speak Hindi or any other Indian language fluently and understand it a lot less well than I did when I was a teenager, so even though I watched several episodes of C.I.D [not subtitled, unfortunately] (and probably will keep watching after this) I didn't feel I could use it as an official crossover... but if you're seeing ACP Pradyuman when you read this, don't feel bad, so am I!! ;-) I wanted to bring in the medical examiner as well, but this story is already much longer than I expected!!

Note: I can't take credit for the C.I.D. connection. Tth forums are a wealth of knowledge, and a very kind person (feynstrom) introduced me to the show when I started doing my research for this chapter. The town 'outside Mumbai' is inspired by a specific place - Matheran, but I didn't want to be too granular lest someone thought I was referring to specific institutions and my details were a bit different. The pictures are beautiful. One day I will have to visit.

So glad you enjoyed it! You made my day!!


Blue :-)


EDIT: I'm so envious of your trip to Matheran. It is one place of many in India that I must someday visit. I might never want to leave.

I've found as I've moved through various cultures and countries that all have their drawbacks, even the best ones, and as old as Indian cultures are (it's much more than just one culture) it is truly diverse and therein lies much beauty, but also much history, some of it very ugly. Bollywood I'm a big fan of... It has changed quite a bit since I was a girl -- in some ways for the better (production quality, 'reality') in some for the worse (I miss the really lovely melodic music of the older movies), but it has managed to reach out and get the attention of people beyond old India-philes like me. Now others are beginning to get interested. I think it's a good thing that it has become easier to buy Bollywood movies outside India, and to play Hindi music on my online music service - the same one that plays my rock and roll.

Please reach out via the email interface on Tth (my author page) or the private messages function on the forums (see community button above to join forums) - I don't do twitter, sorry. Would love to chat with you too.


Review By [jayesh] • Date [6 Oct 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Skirmishes" from DarthTenebrus
Aap kaise hain, Blue? (Hindi - how are you) No, I don't speak much Hindi, but I do like to study languages. But I digress. ..

Here we learn a few of Kendra's hangups as a result of her Council upbringing, and we see that at least she has a few friends in Jamaica that are concerned for her and want to see her do better for herself.

And it is also good that Jamaica is not out of the loop where the ongoing action to protect the Called Slayers is concerned. If they get the call to evacuate to the Echo site via Stargate I expect they'll go in time to evade the other Council Fundamentalist patrols.
Comments from author:
Sab theek hai! (Everything's OK!) Especially after that greeting! hehe... Yeah, my Hindi is much more limited than I wish it were, but I love Hindi movie music and classical dance, and spent a not insignificant portion of my teenage years immersed in everything I could of Indian culture that was available where I grew up, which, unfortunately, wasn't India.

Yup, Kendra's seriously uptight and shut down, but she has a lot of people who care about her... and it's time for her to figure out why she stayed for her second chance life!

Nope, JA's not out of the loop anymore, though don't you wonder why Kendra couldn't get a call for two days? Not all the called slayers will evacuate... but more on that next chapter.

Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [5 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Skirmishes" from Mcspender
And they just launched their first strike against someone who could figth back, and they got trounced. I hope this sends a message to the Fundies: Don't mess with Jamaica.

I hope Kendra can learn to live, and stops just existing =).

Cool chapter, see ya!!!.
Comments from author:
It's really a bad idea to mess with a Jamaica woman. I think Kendra has found her a burr in the saddle of her complacency. Vivian's not going to be polite like Charlotte, or too busy like Buffy. :-)

Yes, the slayers are gonna fight the powers... and fight for their right to kick ass... take names and PAR-TAY! hehehe..

Thanks you luv! Glad yo liked!

Review By [Mcspender] • Date [5 Oct 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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