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Enchanted in Sunnydale

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Review of chapter "Chapter One - Just close your eyes -" from Alestar
I agree with your first review. I think this has a lot of potential as a, "Xander meets a weird girls who wasn't a demon and doesn't want to eat him." story. There have been some great ones out there, some of my favorites being with Wednesday Adams. This is the complete opposite end of the spectrum, but the same kind of idea. Xander meets a girl who's odd and somewhat supernatural, but human.

I could also see Giselle inspiring him to be the best he could be, whereas Anya only inspired him to be a porn star. =)

Hope this doesn't get left abandoned. - If you need a beta or someone to bounce ideas off of, let me know.
Review By [Alestar] • Date [10 Feb 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One - Just close your eyes -" from link
Interesting beginning. I would love to see how the lady fares against vampires. Will she fainted like Buffy does during the Halloween when Buffy went as a proper lady? I'm not sure whether Buffy will love or hate her. It depend on how you will take the story, I guess. Please continue.
Comments from author:
Thank you for reviewing my story.
I have an idea of how Buffy might be treating this damsel in distress.
But you will read that ;)
However you can expect more than just on reaction to give the story more layer.
Thanks for reading once again.
Review By [link] • Date [1 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One - Just close your eyes -" from CPTSkip
I really liked your story's beginning. I also like the idea behind this cross and look forward to more of your story. I am wondering just who will be Giselle's Prince, or Princess, Charming. Could Xander actually meet a nice girl who didn't want to eat his eyeballs for once? Lol!
Comments from author:
LoL one crazy disney-princess-lady in a huuuuugee dress for Xander coming up ;)
Review By [CPTSkip] • Date [1 Jan 09] • Not Rated
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