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Starlight Bathing, or The First Time...

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Review of chapter "Chapter Three." from DarthTenebrus
Damn...if edhel were to write a "pillow book" like what I just read, I doubt it'd be written in Quenya...too formal and/or high-minded for sex stories; Ñoldorin might be as close as it gets, but my money would be on Sindarin...

Ceryn Manwë, huitho!
Comments from author:
Thank you! Of course Rumil did the illustrations for one - but I don't know who wrote the words. However my money would be on Sindarin too, not only for that one, but most others as well!
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [8 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three." from Oxnate
The first time I read through this series, I skipped reviewing many of the stories. Even now when I reread them, I don't usually review like I probably should. Then again, most of the latest reviews on all your stories would likely be by me by now if I did that. But today I needed comfort and found it here where no other stories could hold my interest for even a minute. Your story was able to pull me from my own worries and frustrations. So thank you.
Comments from author:
**Your story was able to pull me from my own worries and frustrations. **

Thank you - it is really good to know that and I do hope things are better today.

It's nice to know, too, that mine are on your 'reread' stories list. (Don't worry about the commenting - it's just nice for me that I now know you do go back to them as some of your favourites.)
Review By [Oxnate] • Date [3 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Current Donor)DeepBlueJoy

I cried when he made himself vulnerable. That was... so beautiful, respectful, loving... pure... removing every obstacle in all senses of that.

Then I laughed and teared up at other moments -- it was moving -- again with that word. This is one of the most sensual stories I've read. Many are sexual, but not sensual at all. A few are sensual, but it's very romancy, which is not really all that interesting. This had an intimacy and an emotional honesty that is hard to express on the page.

Another thing I loved about this was the openness, the unambiguous comfort that the elves have with themselves and their bodies and their sexuality. I hope that if I ever have a daughter that I would be willing to be as open and as encouraging of pleasure to her -- we've cheapened sex and sensuality in our society on the one hand, and made it taboo on the other. Sex can be passionate, hot and so much more than the mechanics. Too bad people miss out on that so often. This story shows so very much more, and for that -- I am very grateful.

Thank you,

Comments from author:
Thank you so much for the lovely, thoughtful, review - I am so glad that you enjoyed it.

I, too, like the sexual content to be both sensual and passionate - I am glad that this worked for you.

That 'making oneself vulnerable' motif crops up again in Brotherhood... as does the occasional sex scene!
Review By [(Current Donor)DeepBlueJoy] • Date [23 Dec 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three." from (Recent Donor)Luna
I have forgotten to review! I pasted your story onto Word so I could read it at my leisure (damn almost-Amish type home w/o Internet).

*sigh* This was beautiful! I really do love this pairing. Its wonderful how you can show us a deeper glimpse into the social lives of the elves and the interactions and realtionship between the two are well-constructed. You have created some very real characters here, excellent work. Plus, they give me the warm fuzzies :)
Comments from author:
Thank you! I have got very fond of my elves - I think Rumil and Dawn/Tindómë are my one true pair.

I also really enjoy thinking about the way the elves live - I am doing a three or four chapter Mid-winter story for Christmas and it looks at a slightly different elven way of life, set after Tindómë is returned to Ithilien in Return of The Key, so elves of Ithilien rather than elves of Lothlorien. Working out the differences has been fun.
Review By [(Recent Donor)Luna] • Date [14 Dec 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three." from (Current Donor)vladt
lovely. very good read, thank you.
Comments from author:
Thank you - I really appreciate you taking the time to review - as well as the time to read the three stories in short succession - which is really flattering to me!
Review By [(Current Donor)vladt] • Date [21 Aug 09] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three." from Elenea
That was very romantic.. *sigh* A very high level of intimacy without doing much, and building up to a very special night for both of them, and I loved her ability to adapt to the elven ways very quickly. And how she's grown from 'Dawn from Sunnydale' to Tindómë. They are very special together! It was a very sexy, sensual and heartwarming story, and I am for certain jealous of them, and the world they're in.

Comments from author:
Thank you so much for the lovely review. I am so glad found it romantic,sexy and sensual - that was what I was aiming for, and also that you think of them as special together. I have come to the conclusion that Dawn and Rumil are my One True Pairing! :~)

I am writing the next story, which starts just a month after this, and when she had doubts about just how well she has adapted to her new life, but I will only post it when it is finished, so it will be a little while yet!
Review By [Elenea] • Date [9 Feb 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from BloodOfAReptile
I'll try to review at the end as well, but I just wanted to say that this line:

“Ah, but then people would have had to step over us to reach the food, meleth…”

Made me giggle out loud. A lot. :)
Comments from author:
Thank you - I liked that line too, when I wrote it! It just seemed to fit the dry sense of humour that Rumil developed as I wrote him.
Review By [BloodOfAReptile] • Date [31 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three." from Aura
I am happy I decided to read this before I went to go for my dinner otherwise I think the food would be very much in the world of ignored!

I adore these two I love everyone and the detail you put into them the depth. But these two give me a warm happy feeling how they are intune with one another, new things for her, new things for him the link between them. :-) Also how she never really is left to feel out of depth how he just says things letting her know she can do as she wished... nothing seemed awkward the bond was there. Though they have had this link for oh so long, I liked how we got more information as to that as well how it may be stronger due to her situation where her need was dire but also maybe because she was the key. (I also adore the moment where they both come to help Dawn when she goes to find Gandalf! I didn't mention that either did I?)

I liked his pov on the night where she was drunk, his teasing her of calling him pretty and how Orophin translated how she would have kissed him if she hadn't been sick. His fear. Though Orophin must have been pretty damn scared himself for a long while, he loves Dawn but how happy he was when it was found she would live as long as them in that moment it really hit me that he would be fearing she would die and if that happened he could very well lose another brother.

I tend to ramble...
Comments from author:
You don't ramble - you write detailed reviews that make me feel happy!

I am glad that you like these two together - Rumil quickly developed his own personality as I began Return of The Key, even though he is mostly having to communicate with gesture or by Legolas, or occasionally Orophin, translating for him. I gre very fond of Dawn and Rumil as a couple. The scene in this where he talks about how he felt in Minas Tirith really wrote itself as soon as I began "This is not the first time I have taken you out of this dress" - we understand his behaviour better now. But when she was in danger no amount of fears about her age, mortality etc. stopped him coming to her rescue - I am really glad that you liked that bit.

Oddly enough, you very insightful comment about Orophin fits in with the scenes I already have for the next story in the series - where Orophin will feature a little more than usual. He must indeed have worried that he might lose another brother, and you are right that it was very understandable that he was positively dancing with glee when Gandalf explained that her Keyness would make Dawn an immortal.
Review By [Aura] • Date [11 Jan 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three." from LovinXovers
Awesome finish,

Well Done

Comments from author:
Thank you, I really do appreciate you taking time to let me know that you enjoyed it.
Review By [LovinXovers] • Date [9 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from robertlisle
I take back what I said in my last review, you do have more to show us. Very nice first chapter, look forward to seeing where this goes.
Comments from author:
Thank you. I am so glad that you think there is still room for a little filling-in like this.
Review By [robertlisle] • Date [8 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Keshkreature
lol, that was very sweet and beautiful, and a wonderful companion ficlet to your previous work.
Comments from author:
Thank you. i will post the second chapter tonight - as usual I have the whole thing written before I began posting!

I hope, although it gets more erotic in the next chapter, that I kept it sweet and beautiful too.
Review By [Keshkreature] • Date [7 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Current Donor)MarcusRowland
Nice to see this again - hope it's as popular here as it was on Livejournal.
Comments from author:
Thank you. I've got another plot-hobbit eating me out of house and home which might turn up on LJ in a few weeks.
Review By [(Current Donor)MarcusRowland] • Date [7 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Recent Donor)MissingAuthor
Love the depth your story has to it, from Elven social customs to the characters themselves. Wonderfully done chapter.

Comments from author:
Thank you so much. I have to admit to really enjoying developing this little corner of Elvendom! I will post the other two chapters over the next couple of nights.
Review By [(Recent Donor)MissingAuthor] • Date [7 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from LovinXovers
great story
Comments from author:
Thank you - I will post the other two chapters over the next couple of days as they are already written and beta'd.
Review By [LovinXovers] • Date [7 Jan 09] • Not Rated
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