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Review of chapter "Decisions" from (Current Donor)Sraya
I hate the council Buffy is no longer technically the slayer so why does Buffy have to leave.??
Review By [(Current Donor)Sraya] • Date [15 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Innocence" from (Current Donor)Sraya
They should have known that she was innocent...ll
Review By [(Current Donor)Sraya] • Date [15 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Slytherins" from (Current Donor)Sraya
What wonderful family and friends not one of them even thought for a minute that she might be innocent ...
Review By [(Current Donor)Sraya] • Date [15 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Invitations" from SSanchez
Good story. I thought there were a few places you could have elaborated, but I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.
Review By [SSanchez] • Date [26 Jan 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Invitations" from (Current Donor)Listener
There are a lot of stories in this vein, which makes me leery to read them. I liked it, though it wasn't without its issues: Draco was overly fluffy toward the end, Faith got off too easily, and I didn't at ALL buy the wizards simply rolling over and doing what the council ordered -- especially Dumbledore (who would've fought the decree much sooner).

Still, I was compelled to keep reading through to the end, and the story was overall enjoyable.
Review By [(Current Donor)Listener] • Date [30 Sep 12] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Invitations" from isugirl
I really love this story. Buffy and Draco make a very interesting pairing and I think you did a great job on keeping the changes to Draco believable as their relationship progressed. It's definitely the best Buffy/Draco story I've read.
Review By [isugirl] • Date [1 Aug 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Invitations" from SEAborg
One of the more interesting HP/Buffy fics that I've read. I love the interactions between the different houses, and the fact that everyone thinks Buffy's a murderer at first. It produces some interesting character interactions.

Well done.
Review By [SEAborg] • Date [28 Apr 11] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Invitations" from oceanluvr
I loved your story!!! I look forward to reading it again soon!!!
Review By [oceanluvr] • Date [1 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Invitations" from (Past Donor)zephyrRS
I'm reading through some or the nominations and found this. Wow! Well done tale - thank you!
Review By [(Past Donor)zephyrRS] • Date [13 Aug 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Invitations" from Dragonelf
You have done an excellent job with this story.

When everyone is against you, it means that you
are absolutely wrong-- or absolutely right.
- Albert Guinon
Review By [Dragonelf] • Date [9 Mar 10] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Invitations" from Mierke
Poor Buffy :( You know, I hated Faith for pretending like she wasn't the one who killed him, but Buffy. And I've always loved Giles for seeing through her and believing without a doubt in Buffy. (Which makes me really glad you made Wesley the bad guy in this fic, and not Giles!)

Reading the first chapters of your fic are heartbreaking. She can't defend herself, because nobody trusts her and nobody knows what happened, outside of herself and Faith. It must hurt so much.

"“Due to your…circumstance, you will be placed in a room of your own. Not only is there no more room in the Seventh Year girls room, simply put Miss Summers, you are not trusted.”

Buffy felt as though she’d been kicked. She chose not to say anything, only nodded and tried desperately not to cry."

That was really painful :(


I like that you have her socializing with Draco and Hermione. After the war ended it should be possible for the two houses to get along. Plus, she's not easily intimidated.

It's great when she comments on the rivalry between the two Houses (Chapter 13). Leave it to Buffy to tease them with everything she has:

"Draco couldn’t understand this. If he’d asked Pansy or any of the other Slytherin girls when they were coming back to the Common Room, they would have packed up their books and walked away with him. But Buffy seemed oblivious, and for some reason, it annoyed Draco to no end.

“Why not now?” he asked.

She looked at him curiously and then looked to the three Gryffindors.

“Cos I’m in the middle of something. Y’know, with the learning and the socialising. I’ll catch up with you later,” she said. She thought about it for a moment and grinned mischievously. “Unless you wanna join us?”

The panicked expressions of Draco, Harry, Ron and Hermione were all identical and Buffy couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’ll see you at dinner Draco,” Buffy said.

Draco just nodded and walked away, his eyes scrunched up in confusion. Buffy looked towards Harry, Ron and Hermione who were all still looking horrified."


"“Let me guess. You’re a Slytherin patriot at heart and anyone who dares to be in another house is unworthy of your attention,” Buffy mocked. He scowled at her and put on his best air of arrogance."

LOL I love your Buffy/Draco interaction. She's so feisty, always knows what to say - so not what he's used to. Which is probably what makes him like her so much.


Buffy is so lonely and must be going mad.

"Three and a half hours later, Buffy was wide-awake and venting. The punching bag seemed to have been the very thing that Buffy needed the most, and she had never been more grateful for an inanimate object in her life. She could picture Faith and Wesley’s faces on the receiving end of her punches. She was talking to herself, to the world, to the powers That Be as she hit the bag, emphasising each word as the bag took the brunt of her anger.

“It. Wasn’t. My. Fault…It. Was. An. Acc – i – dent…Both. Of. Us. Not. Just. Me…Bitch. Be – tray – er. Back – stab – bing. Mur – der – ous. Fiend.”"

That was such a poignant scene. She can't get anywhere with her anger, but she must just be boiling up inside! Poor girl.

Nobody trusts her, that must hurt so bad. Especially because she didn't do anything!

Oh my, and Giles cutting off all contact (Chapter 8). I might hate you a little bit right now. That's just... *cries* I mean, it's hard to hear that from everyone. But seeing Giles give up on her, even though it's what the Council says (I mean, really, since when do they care about what the Council says?) is just really hard.

It's good to see that he hasn't completely given up on Buffy (Chapter 12) and wants to put a truth spell on the two Slayers. At least someone doesn't take Faith's word for granted and still believes in Buffy, even though he's not absolutely sure. But of course, the Council is not allowing it... Grrr!


Trelawny having a real vision (Chapter 16), brr, that's always creepy. That can't be something good...


It's great to see Dumbledore coming to trust her (Chapter 26), and helping her get through it. I think she really needed that; not only to get back to Sunnydale or something like that, but mainly for someone to believe her, to believe that she was good.


Your Oz was great (Chapter 38):

"“I’m excited on the inside,” he assured her."



I really hate the Council! Everything was going so great, and now they feel the need to mess everything up (Chapter 39). ARGH! And there isn't even anything Buffy can do about it this time! I just hope Giles and co. find a way to prove her innocence.

Travers... (Chapter 40)

"“Miss Summers, I might suggest that you re-think your statement about Mr Finch’s murder,” Travers said softly as the lackeys left the room. “Your written and verbal statement regarding your guilt in regards to the incident is the first of the conditions that you must comply with in order to continue on in your capacity as the Slayer. You’ll be given twenty-four hours to think it over. If you don’t…well, I’m fairly certain that any number of the Potentials that we’ve been training will only be too happy to take your position as the Slayer.”"

That was just... I can't find the words for it right now. But 'evil' comes to mind. The worst thing is that they can do it and get away with it, and there's nothing Buffy can do or say to stop it from happening, unless she confesses to something she didn't do. It's just... ARGH! :P

Faith confessing to the murder was great. And their reconciliation scene was really lovely.


I loved the farewell scene between Buffy and Draco:

"“Promise you’ll write to me,” Buffy whispered.

“Every day,” he swore.

“And you’ll think of me?”

“Every minute.”

“And miss me?”

“Every second.”"

That was beautiful.
Review By [Mierke] • Date [3 Dec 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Invitations" from jezaeiri
I hate you. I didn't sleep at all tonight because of this story which was great. So I hate you but only a teeny tiny bit because I love this story.

Very well done.
Review By [jezaeiri] • Date [20 Jun 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Invitations" from eliseth
What a wonderful story! This is my favorite Buffy-Harry Potter X-overs :)
I love the way you write the story and the different characters.
this was a really cute story.. with action and a little bit of angst. perfect.
Have you ever thought about writing a sequel? If you do, I promise I'll read it! :)
great ending.. like the way Draco comes and saves the day.
Keep up the fantastic work! :)
Review By [eliseth] • Date [27 May 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Invitations" from justapiranha
liked it!
Review By [justapiranha] • Date [17 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Invitations" from spring
I love this wonderful fic. I really love that last statement from Draco, I have to wonder how he plans on convincing Joyce to agree to this. ^_^ Please continue to write such wonderful stories.
Review By [spring] • Date [16 Apr 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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