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World Without II: Parts 31-60

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Review of chapter "Part Fifty-Seven and Fifty-Eight" from breve
i was really really really hoping something like this would happen!
and now i'm praying that they don't die before they can make it to willow.
please don't kill them off, please.
Comments from author:
Thank you for your reviews. They mean so much. Now just a warning, when you get to WWIII, it is unfinished, but don't dispair, I am working on it, but wont finish it until after my exams. Laney
Review By [breve] • Date [30 Oct 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Fifty-Nine and Part Sixty" from pezgirl
Daniel closed his eyes.

What was he doing?

A powerful gust of wind filled the room, then, above his desk appeared a large ball of fire.

When Daniel opened his eyes, they were black.

Bloody hell.

Well that's one way to change a man's mind :)

Hey Jenny Calendar!

Maybe Sam's not just put out because her science-world is getting a beating...

Cassie's a witch?

Janet's not gonna be a happy bunny if Cassie ends up being a part of the army

Great fic; off to read part 3 :)
Review By [pezgirl] • Date [24 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Part Fifty-Nine and Part Sixty" from lucyferr
All Ky told him was that they shared a body.
And Ky's entire life story, of course.
Faith was still trying to figure out that one. Ky NEVER opened up to anyone like that… but sitting here with Giles… she understood why. She felt comfortable with him.

that's interesting

"I'm fine, really. Just… I'm fine until I look out the window," he admitted. "Though, Saturn was very pretty."

good line. you have lots of them.

He knew it wasn't all his fault but he could have handled everything a lot differently. Especially the Faith thing. He was partly responsible for the situation she was in now… she had a snake in her because of them. Jack couldn't think of anything worse.

Yeah, woulda been better if he'd bothered being more grownup. But then he wouldnt be the Jack we all know and ... yeah, he wouldnt be Jack if he did know jack.
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Part Fifty-Seven and Fifty-Eight" from lucyferr
Just Ky? "You didn't talk to him?"
"Nah, Ky let me say hello but he kind of spluttered when I spoke. He's more relaxed around Ky than he is me. I think it's a geek thing."

lol - i can see that

Jenny Calendar felt a little sorry for the niece of Jack O'Neill. A concerned uncle she could understand, she had one of her own, but FIVE worried relatives all checking up on her? Yikes! What if she decided to have sex or something?

Cassie da 40 year old v

When it came to things that didn't fit into the mainstream, people still reacted as they did thousands of years ago.

Well what do you expect with monotheistic religions that by their very nature say 'there is only one way'? That Abraham bloke caused more deaths in human history than anyone else.

The blonde was the skeptic in the group.

Oh yeah I'd totally be with Sammy on this one in RL. Ok, in RL I'd be hiding under the bed somewhere
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Fifty-Five and Fifty-Six" from lucyferr
I doubt the JCS & Mr Prez will be groveling - oh no, they'll certainly not be at fault, they'll blame the underlings. Since when did top brass have things like honor and stuff?

I didnt expect the angle with Cassie and the witchcraft bookshop owner - good one there.
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Forty-Seven and Forty-Eight" from lucyferr
Feeling real sorry for Ham & Jack et al, getting horrible orders from their superiors
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Forty-Five and Forty-Six" from lucyferr
Jack was going to be SO pissed when this was all over.
The thought made her all tingly inside.
Pissing off Colonel Jack O'Neill was turning out to one of her most favourite things to do. After this was all over, and they won, she was going to sit down and think of even more ways to piss him off.
Axes would be involved.

Did I mention I like your style of writing?

Good first scene with Giles.
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Forty-One and Forty-two" from lucyferr
Willow pulling out of the alliance was having a profound effect on everyone. Especially the brass at the Pentagon. It was them who authorized the testing. They didn't think Willow would follow through on her threat of ending the alliance... For the two hours since Willow's announcement they had tried, every way they knew, to change her mind. The President had even spoken to her on the phone in an attempt to dissuade her.

...snigger... (and sure am glad i dont live in that reality - i'd be demon chow in 2 milliseconds)

Her one objective, when she walked through the gate, had been to save them and she did that. And, in way of thanks, the SGC had fucked her over. Jack didn't blame her for not giving them second chances.
They didn't deserve one.

well, nobody said Jack was a total idiot. Partial idiot, true, but not total. Not like whichever rumsfeldian top brass thought they could call willow's bluff
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Thirty-Nine and Forty" from lucyferr
The only redeemable feature Jack had going for him was his concern for Daniel.

well said

"I blame General Hammond. Both he and the SGC have repeatedly broken their word. I don't know if giving your word has meaning in this reality, but it does in mine," Willow told them. "Your timing could not have been worse."

ditto - glad Daniel resigned as well - kinda funny how hammond and jack beg willow et al to trust them again. Sure, the military can be trusted, but the civilians commanding them can't.

Jack glared.
Faith blew him a kiss and made a very nice gesture with her axe.
Good to see they were all adults here.


She had the warriors who would lead her army.

Oh dear
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Thirty-Seven and Thirty-Eight" from lucyferr
Jack knew for a fact the government was planning on manipulating Willow into helping them, in the future, against the Goa'uld. The alliance, to them, was only a stepping stone to get to Willow. The brass were deluding themselves if they thought Willow would bow to any demands they put on her.
This girl was more dangerous than a Goa'uld System Lord.

finally he gets it!

They walked at the EXACT same pace, they raised their hands at the exact same time. Spoke, breathed, smiled… even their expressions were the same. From fear to anger, everything was the same. No one could move that in sync with someone unless they were….

love your descriptions

"Bad doesn't even begin to describe it. It makes our fight with the Goa'uld look like kids playing war in the park," Daniel admitted. "Things are a lot worse than she let on, Jack. Forget the demon on P25-876 for a second, if an army gets through, we're looking at a possible hell on earth. A REAL hell on earth."

hm it's useful for daniel to say this - nobody would believe it if willow said it

"Now why aren't I surprised to see you here, Colonel Jerk Off?"
My axe and your ass have a date I'm just dying to keep."

brilliant lines!
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Thirty five & thirty six" from lucyferr
Jack is approaching Ron Weasley levels on the beingannoyingometer
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "World Without II: Parts 31-60" from lucyferr
Faith wondered if maybe her taking on Ky had been the last straw for Red. .."I know you're some shit hot witch in your reality but you're not in control of this. And you're not alone. I may not be your friend Buffy, but I'm – we're – both with you. You have us now, so get your head out of your ass, stop protecting us, and work with us."

Wow, Faith's good.

Ky is intriguing too - surprised she was willing to go against Tok'ra orders so fast in the prev chapter.

“I don't think I have to worry about the alliance, I don't think I'm going to survive."

good angle there
Review By [lucyferr] • Date [30 Jun 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Fifty-Nine and Part Sixty" from MarcusSLazarus
Firstly, I have to say that the story just keeps on getting more and more interesting...

If nothing else, this latest appearance of Jenny and the 'relationship' she might be developing with Jack should be intriguing to witness in greater detail, and the bond between this reality's Giles and Faith makes another interesting touch (Given that the 'original' versions of them never spoke that much, when you get down to it).

However, I STRONGLY object to the attitudes of both the SGC and Willow's 'group'; quiet frankly, they're both acting excessively stupid.

I mean, firstly, the SGC would NOT break a treaty with an important ally like they did here when studying Willow's blood; the NID or the Trust- before they were taken over by the Goa'uld- might do that, but the SGC have always placed a high value on their relationship with their allies, and I find it hard to believe they'd start screwing that up now.

And as for Daniel and Willow...

God, the people there make ONE 'mistake'- a mistake that didn't even really HARM Willow, I might add-, and suddenly Daniel's leaving his closest friends for the past few YEARS and Willow's breaking away from the only people in this reality with anything LIKE the resources to help her?

They're just being... idiots, whatever way I look at it.

Right now, I'm just hoping that they get some sense knocked into them sooner rather than later and manage to reconcile with the SGC before things get ugly...
Review By [MarcusSLazarus] • Date [13 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part Thirty-Nine and Forty" from WalkingPower
Reading this is reminding me of how much Willow's character went downhill in the later seasons. You really nailed how selfish, quick-tempered, and arrogant she became.
Review By [WalkingPower] • Date [4 Dec 07] • Rating [6 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Part Fifty-Nine and Part Sixty" from arkeus
hop, finished :-)
i have more and more that feeling that your worlds are connected, but i guess we'll see :-)
good work, you are quite good .
Review By [arkeus] • Date [31 Mar 06] • Not Rated
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