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Mirror of Truth: Repost Again

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Review of chapter "Chapter 4" from PATM
No public reviews. Huh. Or is that Hmm. The story is laid out pretty well with a interesting premise. I *wish*
that I could state plainly what the problem with the story is without seeming to put myself forward as the "expert".
But... I'll try. Conversations seem to be laid out in a manner similar to stenciling. Most or all of the words are
spelled correctly and would pass the spell check test even if they are the incorrect words for the subject of
each sentence they appear in. It seems as if english is not the language that you think in, I cast no aspersions of
any kind in fact I admire your effort. I don't write I only read. When I try to write my brain go somewhere
else, but I love to read. Lastly I'm not sure if I described two of the issues plainly but I made the effort.Cheers
all around! The last chapter was same as the chapter just before it. to wit, chapter 4 and chapter 5.
By stenciling I would state that cut and paste is the same thing, except try to hide the scissor marks when
handing the work in for a grade. I guess you should keep at it. Other wise no one will write public reviews.
Comments from author:
You are correct in stating that English isnt the language I think in. I will try to make a better efford in the Chapter 5 of this story. Thank you for your review
Review By [PATM] • Date [8 Jul 09] • Not Rated
StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking