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New Day Dawning

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Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 3" from Fablesrogue
I hope you continue this as well. It's seriously good writing.

Review By [Fablesrogue] • Date [12 Aug 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 3" from SamuraiSky
Joe, this is vying for the place of my favorites with Blue Belle. Love what you've done with Dawn and her team of Slayers.
Review By [SamuraiSky] • Date [30 May 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 3" from CastorandPollux
Hey Joe, Could please continue this story as well.
Review By [CastorandPollux] • Date [5 Feb 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Snip Snip Snip" from Vld
Three mothers and one father... all female. Joyce, Buffy, 'Lyria, Janet... with Hank as the surrogate male-mother... don't know if i should envy or her or not.

I like charisse and Elle, they seem cool. Still like the Cuckoos a lot, though. Despite how bitchy they can be.

Since when does Billy pull a Ranma? Or is it a Kampfer? Or did he find some of Lala Deviluke's funier inventions... and manage to make it work correctly? I doubt he got crashed on by a spaceship and revived as a girl by the aliens within, otherwise he would be a girl fuul time.
Comments from author:
Sorry, I use the same origin/explanation for Billy and Billie across multiple fics and so it evidently slipped through this time. Essentially, Billy can use his powers to access one of the alternate realities where he was born a she, pull that body across and occupy it (creating "Billie"), and then put it back when he's done.
Review By [Vld] • Date [7 Oct 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 3" from Elorie
Your best work, IMO. Any chance of this continuing?
Comments from author:
Right now, I'm concentrating my Hank/Janet/Scott/Cassie energy on Blue Belle but after I finish off the Giants Among Men chapter and free up my muses for all but Janet, I might come back to this. :)
Review By [Elorie] • Date [25 Sep 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Hackers" from ptbptb
I know this isn't going to be a popular opinion, but Eli was right (if impolitic) and Dawn/Cassie were wrong. It's sheer luck that they didn't end up dropping a dead body on that ambulance and I don't think the Punisher look would suit either heroine.
Review By [ptbptb] • Date [17 Aug 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Girls' Day Out" from (Past Donor)TheGreebo
That's probably some sort of abondoned and or unlikely to be continued, so not sure you care, but in ch13 Dawn wonders why no one was bothered by the smell green thing, while in one of the previous chapters the triplets erased that event from the memories of the avengers.

Seems inconsistent :)
Review By [(Past Donor)TheGreebo] • Date [16 Aug 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 3" from TwoBlackDragons
Evil author\muse = one who doesn't finish stories they start.
And this is a terrific story, so please stop being one of the evilest of authors.
Review By [TwoBlackDragons] • Date [28 May 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 3" from anotherlostsoul
I really like this story... which I think I've said before... maybe... though I don't remember if I said it in one of our numerous discussions or if I said it in a review somewhere.

At any rate, I think that you need to work on posting more of this, and soon.

Oh... and did I mention I'm back?
Review By [anotherlostsoul] • Date [27 Mar 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 3" from Meneldur
If I start with saying the story sucks, would that be a change in routine and nice, or would it be even more annoying than my repetitiveness adn obsession with review your stories?
Bah, who cares. I like this story a lot as well. Dawn is portrayed excellently, so is Cassie, and their relationship is written well. The only thing I'm unclear about is whether Dawn's still on probation, or has already had sex with Cassie, and I missed it. Oh and what happened to Dawn? She's not teasing and joking as much as she did.
Kate seems a nice character, but rather bland. Still, since it doesn't seem she plays a major role, it doesn't matter.
Astrid is a wicked character. i love her, especialy the whole Venom thing. I wonder what will happen whent he others find out, though?
Emma and her Triplets aren't that interesting. It's the stereotypical mean Emma, and I usually prefer one who is mean and sarcastic to those she considers beneath her, but at the same time is nice to those she loves/likes. But since I don't think they play a major role either, this also doesn't matter.
Now Charisse is another great character. She's like a nice Emma, but still sarcastic and witty to those she doesn't like/argues with. I hope we see more of her and Elle, and also her fights with Emma.
The Wasps are nice enough. Not much about them, but each is unique and funny, so I'm happy.
Why do we keep seeing some of the Cleveland gang, though? Will they come into play later? And speaking of the Slayers, if Willow was supposed to visit Dawn a month from the start of the story, shouldn't she have showed up some time ago? She was a mother figure to Dawn, much more than Buffy.
Billie was great. ALthough that raises the question of why it seems Illyria is an exotic dancer. I guess we'll know in the next chapter.
Who're the girls in the art in the first chapter? I assume the flying one is Dawn, and the one on the left is Cassie, but who is the last one?
I think that's it. That's the problem working with a large cast of characters, as I've already said: It's hard to develop them all.
Since I've noticed you recycle a few jokes, surely i can use this line again: 'I hope you update this story soon. Until then, or the next story/chapter I read and review.'
Comments from author:
No sex yet with Cassie, although being off probation does mean they're closer physically than they were before.

Kate is pretty bland from the comics. Not much I could do there, since she wasn't being used enough to warrant fully fleshing out.

Astrid is my baby, I love her.

Charisse and Elle are based off a RL friend and then obviously Elle from Heroes. They're adorable too and I hope to see them as part of Dawn's group soon.

As for the Scoobies... I'll claim retcon punch and insert some sort of Hellmouthy business? To be honest, I largely forgot about their promise to check in and don't really want to horn in on Dawn's semi-independence or Dawn and Janet's relationship by forcing the Scoobies into things.

Illyria isn't an exotic dancer; either I didn't describe it well or you fell into the same gutter my mind lives in most of the time. She's a singer and club owner with Lorne. We'll be visiting the club again soon.

Sophie is the third girl, which is why she and Cassie look so similar (being near-twins and all in the fic).
Review By [Meneldur] • Date [14 Feb 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 3" from Ignotus
So I take it that "Real People, False Situation" debate was partially settled?

The way you have Dawn and Cassie interacting is absolutely perfect. And I must admit that I am somewhat lost in the Young Avengers universe - what I know about them comes mostly from your stories and Wikipedia - but I really like how you are working things.

And Horny the Hornet. My gods, the jokes and innuendo that must go around that University...
Comments from author:
Actually, while I think I violate the spirit of the current rule, I don't violate the letter of it; the story now features Ellen but isn't about her. So I'm safe. If I tried to mark it an Ellen DeGeneres Show crossover, on the other hand, I'd be flagged for quarantine.

The Young Avengers got 12 issues of their own series, 5 issues of Young Avengers/Runaways, are now in the 6 issue Dark Reign: Young Avengers and have largely split up so their members are now else-universe. So there's not that much to go by. It's why I split them up and only use Cassie (who predates the Young Avengers; all the others were invented for the title) and Billy (turning him into Billie for his scenes makes it easy to justify OOCness).

And seriously, SPSU is kinda like MIT with grits. How could they pick a mascot like that?
Review By [Ignotus] • Date [27 Sep 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 2" from CrystalBlaze
So now the heroes of the past are going to find out the Slayers and companions are GOING to be heroic whether the old guard like it or not.


Frankly, after Marvel's many misdeeds of late, I much prefer your take on them.
Comments from author:
Well seriously, Venom had potential back in the 90s (or was it the 80s) in his "lethal protector" phase but then they undid that... and then redid it recently with "Anti Venom". And I don't even know where Hybrid, the good symbiote that healed a paraplegic, went to in the last decade and a half...
Review By [CrystalBlaze] • Date [17 Sep 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 2" from TheatricalBarrister
I love how you throw all sorts of details in your stories that may or may not be significant (such as the "Hornet's - 1948" stuff). I'm often not sure if it is some reference that I should know, or foreshadowing of future events, or just some detail you thought it'd be neat to add.
Comments from author:
The workout gear is derivative of the Collegiate Pink series from Victoria's Secret. Each has the schools' sports team name and the year of founding printed on the chest of the shirt, with the name, founding year, and mascot on the pants. I see it a lot because the malls near me sell for UCONN (you might need to manually cut and paste the link; TtH's conversion engine isn't always reliable):;cgnbr=OSPNKCLIUCN&rfnbr=5098

In Cassie's case, the white and green clothes are for SPSU (Southern Polytechnic State University), founded in 1948, whose teams are the Hornets and the school mascot is Horny the Hornet (no, I'm not shitting you). It's basically a Georgia version of MIT and is very highly regarded in the fields of AI, robotics, and cybernetics. They participate yearly in UAV, submersible, and other robotics competitions. Given that her father was an electronics genius, it's appropriate on Cassie given her fixation on taking after her father.

I have a few OC Slayers who are friend inserts (such as Courtney) who've requested that I use properly marked collegiate Pink outfits for them if they're shown in similar scenes.
Review By [TheatricalBarrister] • Date [15 Sep 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 2" from Stardust
I picked a bad week to stop sniffing Permanent Markers. *grins* I can't really think of anything else to say other then this was good, even without the Brit-picked Sophie. Between the Opening and the Closing I don't know which I liked best. Oh wait yes I do know which I liked better, the numbering system. Care to help a blonde out, was there a reasoning behind the way the doors are numbered?
Comments from author:
The first digit is the room number, one through six. The second digit is the current occupant, because they were going to just put Wasp-One in Room #1, Two in #2, etc. but the twins wanted to be next to each other, Regan and Mahika got the kitchen units and then Vi got stuck with one after the dismissal of Mahika and arrival of Vi (which, because Sophie didn't move her room when she got promoted, through things further out of whack...)
Review By [Stardust] • Date [15 Sep 09] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Daysed and Confused Part 1" from Riniko
Enjoying the story and looking forward to reading your next chapter.
Review By [Riniko] • Date [14 Sep 09] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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