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Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon

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Review of chapter "Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon" from Motta
Well, the three cliches you mentioned are well-worn, and it was good of you to
avoid them. However, in avoiding cliches on, two and three, you fell into cliche four,
that is, you made one of the Potter witch friends be called as a slayer.
Review By [Motta] • Date [26 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Ollivanders" from (Recent Donor)CaptainBoulanger
Just a tiny quibble here - they're assuming it's Buffy's hair. What if it's Faith's?
Comments from author:
At the time Spike was using his "Doctor" pseudonym, he had never met Faith, in the flesh, and later, in Sunnydale, there would have been little chance for him to collect and sell any during the few days that they were in each other's vicinity. (At the end of which time Spike was dead.)
Review By [(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulanger] • Date [18 Jun 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon" from (Current Donor)Starfox
Very good story. I usually have trouble taking Harry Potter seriously whn crossed with a show that needs less suspension of disbelief, but you blend them well.
Review By [(Current Donor)Starfox] • Date [14 Feb 13] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "End of Term" from MMWillow
Excellent story!
Comments from author:
Thank you.
Review By [MMWillow] • Date [9 Aug 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Hogwarts Express" from MMWillow
Just realized where the hair came from and laughed so hard I cried, my kids now think I'm batty, but hey what good is life if you can't startle a couple of little kids every now and then.
Review By [MMWillow] • Date [8 Aug 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon" from Knightmare
You bring up a valid point about the wards surrounding Privet Drive. After further research (meaning talking to several of my friends who are even more Harry Potter experts then me and the Internet of course most agree there had to been more than one type of ward not including the actual blood wards themselves shielding the house (Notice me not charm definitely and probably a modified version of the Fideluis charm that were all tied together to expire or collapse once Harry turned 17). You are also correct that unfortunately the Dursleys were Harry's legal guardians. Here the thing though or loophole as you might call it-the Dursleys never wanted Harry to live with them (they would have in all likely hood dropped Harry off at an orphanage when he was a baby if Albus hadn't likely threaten them in an indirect way in that letter that was left with him what with their aversion to all things magical) and could care less if Harry didn't return to Privet Drive. They certainly would not have picked up the phone and called the muggle authorities or social services to report Harry kidnapped or missing nor would any one in the neighborhood considering Harry only lived there three months out of a year. In fact where were they when Harry was growing up showing signs of abuse and neglect. Surely someone must have noticed this when Harry was attending primary school or walking around his neighborhood. Unless people really are ignorant of what's around them. It's doubtful the Ministry would have gotten involved either considering they knew Albus was shielding the boy for his protection. You didn't see Ministry Aurors guarding Harry's home. It was the Order of the Phoenix. For all his faults, Albus was smart not to trust the Ministry of Magic who would have used Harry for their own purposes (likely as a propaganda tool by that moronic Fudge to bolster his image). To tell you truth the Dursleys were cowards and would have signed off guardianship to Harry just to be rid of him once the courts approved if say Willow or Buffy paid a visit and applied pressure to them.
Review By [Knightmare] • Date [2 Oct 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "End of Term" from Knightmare
Two main problems though with Harry Potter going back to Privet Drive even it is for two weeks and the so called abuse has stopped. Let's look at this logically-number 1/ The blood wards work off the protection that was given to Harry by Lily's sacrifice of her life that are then keyed to Harry by Albus and to his last remaining blood relative Petunia Dursley (aka his so called loving aunt). If you remember though Voldemort stole his blood to use it to come back to life at the end of book 4 thereby mainly negating the protections afforded by the blood wards. (Even Rowling admitted in a later interview this was a over site on her part.) Number 2-as stated by the ever manipulative and shorted sighted Albus Dumbledore " as long as you thought of Privet Drive as your home Harry you were protected there. (Book 5) One big problem there genius, blood wards work based off intent of the heart (feelings), can you honestly say at any point in his young life that Harry thought of the Dursleys as home. The answer is a resounding NO. In what sane universe would he. He despises them and wishes to never see them again. Therefore the blood wards are all but Useless. Might as well have a sign posted in the front yard saying come and get me Voldemort. I am totally defenseless now thanks to my incompetent and controlling Headmaster. For ten years Harry suffered mental and emotional abuse (locked up in a cupboard and being starved half to death) at the hands of his degenerate family never knowing love or caring. They deserve to go prison for what they did to Harry. At the end of the book series there is no indication they face any type of punishment for their actions. Where is the Justice?! It's a miracle Harry is not more mentally imbalanced because of this. (I have had the privilege of knowing people who work with abused children and the one thing they all agree on is you do not send the victim back to his family to compound his psychological trauma.) (And to use another quote from Dumbledore " I knew I was sending you to spend ten long dark and difficult years there Harry". (book 5) Meaning he knew of the suffering and torment Harry would go through. He may have not known the details but he knew nevertheless. But of course this was done for his safety and the so called Greater Good (what a joke). Albus shares in the blame of what happened to Harry regardless of what he felt for him. At the very least enough to be publicly censored by the Wizengamot, but the chances of that happening are as about as good as the Dark Lord reforming back to the light. (Can you honestly say if Harry had put his foot down and refused to go back to that hell hole, the Order would have dragged him back there kicking and screaming against his will? I seriously doubt it and if they did then that's kidnapping in my book.) He could have easily gone overseas for those two weeks protected by wards designed by Willow herself along with a squad of slayers as backup. I am strongly against the abuse of children and I just had to respond to this. Thanks.
Comments from author:
Since the Dursleys were Harry's legal guardians, and Harry is still a minor, if anyone tried keep him away from Privet Drive, even with his cooperation, they are the ones that the law would regard as the kidnappers.

Voldemort using Harry's blood in his revival ritual meant that he could now touch Harry without getting burned, but the wards themselves were still intact (as evidenced by the Death Eaters having to wait until he left Privet Drive in DH before they could attack him.)
Review By [Knightmare] • Date [2 Oct 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "End of Term" from Knightmare
Good story but you send Harry back to his abusive family?!! What are you nuts?! He is 17 years old, an adult he should decide where he is going to go not anybody else and definitely not back to them. That's why I always liked the take charge Harry Potter stories because in those stories at least Harry Potter has some common sense to tell Albus to go screw himself and stay out of his life. You are my Headmaster, not my legal guardian.
Comments from author:
At this point, he's still 16, and the actual abuse has stopped. The Dursleys are mostly just ignoring him as much as they can now. (At this point in the books, Dudley has even starting being half decent toward him.)

(And if the sequel ever really gets off the ground, Harry wil only be spending about 2 weeks at Privet Drive, before moving out again.)
Review By [Knightmare] • Date [29 Sep 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon" from maxthehobbit
Very well done. I'm not a HP fan, never read the books or saw the movies. I am a huge BtVS fan and have been reading crossovers to get my fix. This is only the second HP crossover where I could read the whole story. I liked it a lot and it introduced me to the HP characters in a good way. I liked that it was a good mix of both HP and BtVS, with both contributing to the final battle. Dawn is one of my favorite characters and I like the way you characterized her and her relationship with Buffy. I think that being introduced to the HP characters in this story I'm more likely to read more crossovers with HP and Buffy.
Thanks for sharing this story. It wasn't loaded with action, but it held my interest and had some good funny parts.
Review By [maxthehobbit] • Date [26 Aug 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "End of Term" from (Current Donor)MarcusRowland
Just noticed that this has 99 reviews, thought I'd take it to a round 100.

Still stands up pretty well if you ignore the last two books, I'm just in the mood for a bit of BtVS / HP and re-reading this fit the bill very nicely.
Review By [(Current Donor)MarcusRowland] • Date [20 Mar 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "End of Term" from tealruby
Wonderful story that I'd read first on your own site. One of the few fics I actually re-read now and again.
Review By [tealruby] • Date [25 Feb 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Knights Who Say ‘Key!’" from kalahari
The story is good.

But the end scene in chapter 44 with Xander cutting a hole into the wall is totally unrealistic.
They are in England.
They are in a real house, not in a shed.
In England the walls of houses are build from brick or from stone (dry wall is only used for the attic floor in private homes).
Drywall is not used for the ground floor walls in England.
Xander should be able to cut out the wooden pannelling off the wall with the power saw, but you can't cut a real wall with a power saw.

In England you don't want a hole in the wall open for longer then absolutely necessary. It rains at least every other day, and the wind will drive the rain into the building.

Comments from author:
It was not an exterior wall that Xander cut the hole in. It was an interior, non-load-bearing, partition wall.
Review By [kalahari] • Date [19 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "End of Term" from (Current Donor)DreamSmith
Hey there.
This is one of my favorite crossover stories from back when I first found the site, years ago. I just finished rereading it (after having downloaded it to read on my tablet--Yay! Technology!), and I just wanted to tell you again how much I love this story.

Sure, you've now been 'Jossed' in some fairly huge ways, by stuff that came out after you finished the story (Voldemort without Horcruxes isn't nearly as difficult to deal with, is he?), but even so it's still a hugely entertaining tale.

Nice job of making Slayers still relevant in a world with all those wizards and witches; I'd hate to see Buffy and the rest getting smacked down by any first year with a wand a two half-learned hexes.
Dawn comes off as smart and sexy and funny--who wouldn't fall for the girl?
(One thing that bugged me was how serious she and Harry were getting, without (somehow) going all the way... teenagers being the way teenagers are, that seems kind of unrealistic (by which I mean CRAZY unrealistic). Does Hogwarts not have any rules at all against students dating? I never really thought about it, but the way the dorms are set up, it would be awfully frikkin' easy for people who share a House to hook up on the sly.
Oh, random question also: are Trivets actually part of the Lore, or did you make them up? I might include them in a fic of mine, in a very minor way, and was just wondering.

Too bad Faith wasn't more a part of things, especially the final battle, but hey, you can't have everything.
Dumbledore.... well, he was very, very passive here, but then again it wasn't his story. Though he did get to live in this version of things, which is always nice, if you can manage it.
Nice to see some of the Slytheryn kids getting a fair shake from you, although Malfoy came off as almost cartoonishly stupid and cruel (then again, that's sort of close to cannon, isn't it? Not sure, I only read the books once; not a superfan or anything). It would have been nice to see at least some glimmer of a real person in there, especially as you have Snape a chance and all.

Oh, and just to creep you out a bit, I have to say that the interaction between Snape and Dawn... well, I loved it.
Perhaps a little TOO much, as it really has me thinking about some sort of Dawn/Snape story. Is that wrong?

Okay, that's probably enough; I just wanted to let you know your work on this one is greatly appreciated.
Comments from author:
Lots of high school age kids manage to date, and do other things, without going all the way. I wasn't explicit about it, in this story, but Dawn and Harry have progressed well past second base with each other. (They're hovering somewhere around short stop.) If you want to read about the first time they go all the way, see the sequel, "Birthday Present"

Trivets are entirely mine.

I made Draco an idiot, because he is basically an idiot. If I ever get around to finishing off the sequel I've been working on, off and on, I'll probably make him an even crueller one.

I think I was actually too nice to Snape in this story. He's pretty much just an over grown bully, who got much better than he deserved in the final book.
Review By [(Current Donor)DreamSmith] • Date [22 Jan 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Ollivanders" from WriteTheGoodWrite
I really like this story but... is Buffy's pubic hair seriously in Dawn's wand? Cause as funny as that is, I don't think Dawn would appreciate that in the slightest.

Hell, if my sisters' pubes were in a wand, I'd want it burnt, thrown away, and never looked upon again. And I would seriously not want to touch it.
Review By [WriteTheGoodWrite] • Date [28 Aug 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "End of Term" from (Past Donor)lucidity
This was so very fantastic. I've spent far too much time reading it this weekend, but it's worth it. Very well written, very entertaining.

Review By [(Past Donor)lucidity] • Date [11 Apr 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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