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The New Girl

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Review of chapter "The New Girl" from naplam
You're sneering at the show itself, aren't you?
Comments from author:
I would never do that. I love both Buffy and PGSM very much so. This was written as a bit of fun for a very good friend who role-played Endymion, as a bit of birthday fun for Mamoru, and as a part of the fic a day challenge.
Review By [naplam] • Date [11 Feb 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The New Girl" from Shadohime
...The sad thing is, I can actually picture Buffy kicking Kunzite's butt around like a football even when he's a general of the Dark Kingdom. You have done this well, and I look forward to your next installment in the series.

One question, though: Is Buffy still part of Silver Millennium at this point, or is this AU to the previous stories?
Comments from author:
Hehe! Thank you again, and yes. Poor Kunzite didn't know what hit him. ^__^

This one is separate from the others, yes. Just a little one shot, because I wanted to write something for Mamoru's birthday!
Review By [Shadohime] • Date [4 Aug 09] • Not Rated
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