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An Outspoken Enemy

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Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from Penfoldone
I know it has been over a year but this has been nagging at me. When you accuse me of trying to fool you, I was so pissed I said entirely the wrong thing. But since you said you wanted to discuss it I thought I would come back once more to explain myself. ( for the record it has taken me this long to get back to a computer). It's very simple. One thing all the reviews of PGSM agree upon is how week the fight scenes are. The people who praised this said the could see it happening. And you said - and these were you exact words- Buffy is stronger and faster than Sailor Jupiter even when powered up. And just what would all of you be basing this on? Yes, exactly. What PGSM looks like. That is what this fic is really sneering at. You wanted to know what I was doing on this website. I did not see this fic on this website. I saw it in I came here hoping to find something here kinder. Quite wrong. Many if the Fics on this are brilliant, when they're not attacking other shows just because they came along after Buffy ended. That's all I wanted to say Goodbye.
Comments from author:
Oh for the love of... -____- You just don't know when to quit, huh?

Let me say this again- maybe I should type it slowly, so that you'll understand. I am /not/ sneering at PGSM. I love PGSM- it's one of my favorite shows even to this day. I think it's a /fantastic/ show, and I don't think there's /anything/ wrong with the fight scenes. BUT, when I say that Buffy is stronger and faster than Jupiter- I'm basing that upon the entirety of my knowledge about Sailor Moon. I'm just just talking PGSM, I'm talking about the anime, to a point, and the manga, which is where PGSM draws a lot of its inspiration. The senshi, as a whole, are not physical fighters. Their strength is in their magic. Buffy, on the other hand, /is/ strong physically. Her power as a slayer is not in magic, but in her speed, stamina, and physical strength. While some of the girls are stronger than others, such as Makoto and Haruka, they're not going to be a match for Buffy in a melee type brawl, for this reason. In a magical fight, they'd stand a much better chance, especially when they're all together and she's alone. This is simply how fighting works. Play any MMO (and most rpgs, for that matter), and you'd see that.

If you want to discuss this further- message me. Yahoo, MSN, AIM, email, TTH or FF.N mail... /Please/ stop leaving reviews on new accounts.
Review By [Penfoldone] • Date [11 Nov 10] • Rating [3 out of 10]
Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from slartibartfast
PGSM has long been derided for the poor quality of it's action sequences. Poor is the polite word
used. The point of this fic, as with most fics on this site, is to prove that is to prove that none
of these characters is as strong as a slayer, and this is clearly seen by comparing the fight scenes
of PGSM with those of BTVS.Yes, they are two different shows from two different countries which
are made differently, but all's fair on a buffy website and they don't have Sarah Michelle Sellars'
personal trainer. If you honestly think this is fair and unbiased you can't like sailor moon that much. And before you mention dark magical powers, well, that makes Buffy more than a slayer
so it defeats the point, unless the point is slayer beats senshi hands down with her magic powers.
This is not Buffy beats sailor moon because she would. This is Buffy beats sailor moon because
you say so, even if it means making things up, still no disrespect.
Comments from author:

A. Nothing you have just said here makes sense. I never said Buffy would defeat the senshi 'because she would,' or that none of the other characters are as strong as a slayer. After all. Kunzite had to have beat Buffy in battle in order to capture her. And yes, it IS kind of the point that she's uber!magically powered by Metallia for this ficlette.

B. You're gravely mistaken about how much I love Sailor Moon. You can ask anyone who knows me in person, I'm usually caught talking about something or the other Sailor Moon, and most especially, PGSM. I'm even rewatching PGSM right now, and dragging some friends to watch it with me who've never seen ANYTHING Sailor Moon, which is a special treat for me to introduce them to it. I've also been a Sailor Moon fan for just as long as I've loved Buffy, which is a rather long time, and they some of my oldest fandoms. I also have to beg to differ with you about the quality of PGSM action sequences. I've never seen anything wrong with them, personally, and I love how nicely done the transformation sequences are.

C. If you think that that the entire point of most of the fics on this site are to prove that no character is as strong as a slayer... then why are you still here?

D. PLEASE stop making new accounts to review this fic. Honestly. I can tell it's you. If you want to continue the argument, how's about messaging me on site, or even on my email, or aim, or ANYTHING else. I don't mind. Just... this has gone past a 'review.'
Review By [slartibartfast] • Date [19 Feb 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from slartibartfast
And likewise, Lynda Carter would prove that slayer beats Wonder Woman, hands down.
But only because BTVS has more impressive looking fight scenes. Come on.
And if anyone says the senshi look silly,well, so did christopher reeve.
But you never get Buffy smirking at Superman.
I continue to have faith in Usagi.
Comments from author:
As I have explained to previous reviewers, and as it is mentioned in the story information, this story is based off of PGSM. This means that Buffy has been kidnapped and brainwashed by Kunzite, as well as being exposed to Metallia and therefore granted even more power than she has as a mere Slayer. I am in no way looking down upon Usagi or the senshi; they are quite powerful. Unfortunately, it is canon that both Kunzite and Mercury (when Kunzite brainwashes and exposes her to Metallia, just like he has with Buffy in the story) are stronger than the senshi.
Review By [slartibartfast] • Date [16 Oct 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from slartibartfast
I really wish I had not said anything.
When I mentioned America I was referring to American comics, where you have to be able to go
toe to toe with the Hulk to be taken seriously.
Sailor moon crossovers with, say DC or Marvel comics often use some kind of setup which means the characters fight. This is intended to show that, IF it came down to it, they would wipe the floor with her. This is also true of many Buffy crossovers,(Buffy threatens Gandalf,)
and it also seemed to be the case here.
You love Sailor moon but Buffy would put that pedo bait in her place. Giggle.
The idea that Buffy would beat Superman has already been rejected, so I thought one defense
of Sailor moon amid all the sneering would be allowed.
I have long thought you could sell Sailor moon to Buffy fans by saying that they have more in
common than maybe they would like to admit.
Comments from author:
The reason I have Buffy so easily win against the senshi is for several reason; First off, Buffy alone is physically stronger and faster than even Jupiter powered up. Secondly, this is set in the live action series, before any of the girls have discovered their true power, so they're still weak, not anywhere near full power. Thirdly, other than Jupiter, the senshi really aren't used to physical fights, and Buffy is, so she's going to have an upper hand in the fight anyway. Fourthly, Kunzite brainwashed and powered Buffy up with Metallia herself, which gives her even MORE of an advantage.

Now that said, do I think Buffy could stand so easily against end of the show live action girls, or especially later season anime/manga girls? No. All of the senshi become far more powerful as the series get closer to their end. I mean, after the princess awakens in the live action, she can literally destroy the entire world. Not much Buffy can do against that.

I'm sorry this came off to you as if I was bashing the senshi girls, or anything like that. As I said before, Sailor Moon is honestly one of my favorite shows ever, as is Buffy. I don't really love one over the other. But if your curious, check out my other BtVS/BSSM crosses, you might see that I do think they work fantastically together.

P.S. Also, I really don't agree with you on American comics. I mean, look at people like Batman and Green Arrow from DC, or Black Panther and Hawkeye from Marvel, who have no powers whatsoever, and yet they still stand on their own against all other superheroes and villians. *shrugs* Take it for what you will, but I've never gotten that impression about American comics.
Review By [slartibartfast] • Date [26 Sep 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from slartibartfast
I have read this before. Sailor moon gets the crap kicked out of her by
Buffy/Xena/Wonder Woman. Because in America this is how you get respect.
Buffy is very good at punching, kicking and stabbing.
Sailor moon is capable of bringing Dead worlds back to life, or destroying Galaxies.
Last I knew, neither Buffy, Willow, Xena, Wonder Woman or Superman can do This.
What next, Buffy kicks Galadriel?
Comments from author:
Um. What? First off, I see no reason for slandering America. Second off, this is a BtVS/PGSM cross, and has nothing to do with Xena, Wonder Woman, Superman, or Galadriel. Third off- What?

Look, I don't know what bug got up your bum, but I happen to love both Sailor Moon and Buffy fandoms, very, very much. Do I think Buffy (if so inclined) could kick senshi butt at the beginning of the live action show, yes. Do I think she would? No. Except for the fact that she's been brainwashed by Kunzite, then given extra powers to boot. Please, before you go off on some rampage on the perceived horrible-ness and disrespect of the story, actually read the story and the series and understand what's going on.
Review By [slartibartfast] • Date [18 Sep 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from Shadohime
Dun dun DUUUUNNN! Might I say, ouch time? The thing is, I can picture THIS happening as well. Slayer vs. Senshi. Slayer wins, hands down. Thanks for playing, see you next time. Hoping for a new installment in the 'Serenity' series soon!
Comments from author:
Yeeeah, the senshi really aren't prepared for an enemy who attacks through mostly physical attacks, sadly. Well, this will certainly teach them. ^^; Thanks for the comment, and glad you liked it!
Review By [Shadohime] • Date [7 Aug 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from WhiteWolf
On word 'confusing'

Okay, read the other reviews, unconfused now *grin*.
Comments from author:
Sorry it wasn't clear at first, but I hope you've been able to enjoy it!
Review By [WhiteWolf] • Date [7 Aug 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from djhardim
I don't really see a reason for them to fight, unless Buffy is under some kind of spell.

In any event, Buffy was struck in the back of the neck by a rose dipped in sedative.
Comments from author:
Hehe. That's it in a nutshell. Where as Kunzite kidnapped Mercury in the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, he kidnapped Buffy instead for this fic.
Review By [djhardim] • Date [7 Aug 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "An Outspoken Enemy" from Kremer
Not bad, but when did Buffy suddenly acquire magical talents?

It might have been more fun to have Willow there, winning through simple defensive spells and charms... then finally showing she could easily curb-stomp them all with her full power and abilities.
Comments from author:
If you're familiar with the live action version of Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Buffy takes the place of Mercury, who Kunzite kidnaps in canon. So the energy blast is an ability Buffy gained after being corrupted by Kunzite. ^___^ Sorry if that was a little too vague.
Review By [Kremer] • Date [7 Aug 09] • Rating [7 out of 10]
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