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Star, Cross and Dirt

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Review of chapter "Eleven" from Callista
I suddenly realised I hadn't rec'ed this story yet, so I just had to correct that mistake. This series is awesome, and it deserves all the love your readers can give it!
Review By [Callista] • Date [7 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "One" from Scathach
Review: the tattoo the same as the one Angel has?
Comments from author:
Nope, it's the one Ethan gave her in season two. The Mark of Eyghon. If that's how you spell it...
Review By [Scathach] • Date [18 Jun 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Eleven" from squeegybug
Got it. Anne is a misunderstanding on the boy's part. Definitely going to read the next one. Can't wait for Buffy to meet Bobby.
Review By [squeegybug] • Date [6 Apr 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Eleven" from WomanofLetters
What can I say but... genius! Such a fun ending! Dean riding around in Buffy's souped-up car. Sam and Buffy talking on the hood of the Impala. And... off to meet Bobby.

I truly enjoyed the moment where Buffy asks Dean if he's one of those people who believes that if it's supernatural, you've got to kill it. The reactions of the boys were perfect, especially Dean's. I guess she's an exception to that rule.
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [16 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Ten" from WomanofLetters
Poor Dean gets the works here - living through hundreds of deaths and being aware of them all at once. So funny to see _him_ being the one to puke his guts out, not Sam.

Loved how you showed the awesomeness of the boys and of Buffy, how well they work together here -- Dean with his strategies, Sam with his encyclopedic knowledge, Buffy being the kickass slayer. The scythe was a nice touch, especially this line: "It was like the weapon was a part of her that had been returned."

And my favorite line of all: "Sarcasm. The most wonderous weapon of the world." Funny and very Dean.
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [16 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Nine" from WomanofLetters
This part is pure poetry:

"It occupied her body, this strong, more-than-mortal form of flesh and blood. It had never wanted a body before, content to fly through dreams as a shape in the dark. But her body was different. More. So much more than that of the things whose dreams It rode."

Loved the Nightmare POV. I always enjoy the monster's POV, it's so very inhuman and different, evil and fun. In this case, the monster longing to be made corporeal. And Buffy's struggle inside was wonderfully written. You could really feel her strength, her rage, her determination not to fail. Her growing weaker all the time yet striving to the last to take down this monster and protect the people, especially Sam and Dean.

That monstrous smile was the perfect way to shift to Dean's POV.

Now here's a monster who doesn't know how to use Buffy's body, so we get the awkwardness, the smile that looks disfigured, the hands at unnatural angles. Nice way of showing the hideousness of this thing. Loved Dean's thoughts here: "Great. Cannibalistic dream eating monster demon. That got a full nine point nine on the bizarre scale."

The screaming and the darkness crowding in was a nice touch. The dreams leaving the thing but the stupid thing won't die! And now the boys are being put to sleep. I loved Dean's quick thinking at the end, his realization that that charm necklace was important and that they were going to have to fight the thing in the dream realm.

Onward to the resolution! Looking forward to the last two chapters.
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [14 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Eight" from WomanofLetters
I like the parallelism of having Sam worrying about Dean's remaining time while Dean is simultaneously worrying about his brother fretting and Anne slowly being absorbed by the nightmare. Also, great details on the ritual - the pieces, the multiples of 12, the circle, the candles. All such fragile parts of the puzzle, anyone of which could easily be broken by the power of this thing. It was great to see the boys struggling against their own lack of knowledge and a powerful adversary.

About Dean being able to pick out the patterns and John's patterning really being his son's... Of course, as a writer, it's your prerogative to create something like this, but one of the things I loved about John's character was his brilliance in picking out patterns. I feel like you're diminishing John here.

I still very much enjoyed this chapter. Sometimes writers and readers can disagree-- it doesn't make either of us wrong, just holding different views.

But oh, the suspense you're building here! Waiting for the Beast to strike and Dean wondering if they're already too late... Don't leave me in suspense. I'll just have to read on.
Comments from author:
John being brilliant; I don't know. We didn't really see all that much of him in the show. I think we learned more about him from the mouths of other people than from his actual appearances. And really, I just didn't LIKE the character. He lost his wife, okay, sucky deal, but what the hell gives him the right to fall apart like this? Grief is no excuse for what he did to Sam and Dean. Especially Dean.
So, imo, there isn't much of John to diminish.

But, like you said, to each their own opinion.

That said, he actually gets away kind of well in Lachesis' Knot (further on in the series), which, huh. No idea what I did there. o_O

Happy reading!
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [14 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Seven" from WomanofLetters
This was a deep chapter. Full of angst, pain and pure brotherly love.

Loved your analysis of the brother's relationship -- how both of them know each other so well that their attempts at manipulation don't work any more. "Sometimes the older of the two forgot that they’d been fighting for going on twenty-five years and Sam had long since learned all of his brother’s tricks. Making him angry in order to distract him had stopped working when he’d been twelve..."
"Calm. Reasonable. It’d drive Dean up the wall and hopefully make him burst out with something he didn’t want to say."

I could hear them so clearly in that conversation.

It was harder to read about Dean's pain because he has no choice but to let Sam grow up, as Dean's not going to be around in 11 months. Such a difficult choice to make.

You ended the chapter with a very cute scene, though. Sweet to see Dean telling Buffy she'd better not die on him. Also a wonderful way to show how much he and Sam have come to like her, even in the brief span of the story.
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [14 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Six" from WomanofLetters
Oh no! The boys are going to sleep... Argh, they're not falling into a coma, are they?

The sleep thing can't be good here and I'm sure it has to do with their proximity to Buffy.

You do angsty Sam very well. Nice bringing forward of the idea of Sam tying Dean down to force him to talk. Quite an image there. Better watch it, Sam! Dean'll get his revenge, you can count on it.

The line they crossed here -- such a sad moment, the feeling that by trying to save the world, by listening to Buffy's wishes, they committed the worst sin for a hunter. That she might die from them trying to save her. What a crazy pickle! Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [14 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Five" from WomanofLetters
This was the best chapter yet because dream-controlling Dean is awesome! Of course, it makes sense that he has such control over his mind, given how he had to be like a mother and brother to Sam, a support to John...on one hand, what was done to Dean was almost criminal, but on the other hand, it did give him control on a very deep level. I've never seen people use that like you have in this story.

If they had met in any other situation, Buffy and Dean would probably be sniping at each other. They're both strong-willed characters, with attitude - and too much alike to sit easily with each other. The situation you created here lets Dean see her as an equal. Loved that you brought in the comparison with Jo, whom he sees as "playing" at hunting. Jo doesn't come close to Buffy.

Also loved your description of Sam dealing with Dean's refusal to open up. "Sam had been trying to find a way around ‘nothing’ since the age of six and he had yet to succeed." That whole paragraph was one of the best parts of the chapter.
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [14 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Four" from WomanofLetters
The journal sounded like Buffy and the scene with the boys reading it and reacting was funny. "She's a female version of you, Dean" - "No, she's a psychic like you, Sam." The truth yet so far from it.

So dream-drainer thing is now in Buffy's body. Oh, not good at all. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [13 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Three" from WomanofLetters
Funny how one little fact can change their attitude. Victim becomes hunter and now it's "we'll move heaven and hell to save you." Of course they have no idea she's the slayer or what that means. Can't wait to see them clue in on that.

Obviously this is a sleepy little suburban town -- which is what you described in the beginning - so I guess I can believe they wouldn't move the car for two months. Must not do a lot of business. :) Anyway, it's nice to see the boys catch a break. And obviously Sam's still smarting a little from Buffy calling Dean the brighter one.

So what kind of cookies do you make?
Comments from author:
What kind would you like?

Thank you for all those lovely reviews. I'm enjoying them immensely. :)
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [13 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Two" from WomanofLetters
Great way to introduce Buffy to the boys! Horrific death dream and she's obviously the cause, Sam doesn't trust her (why should he given his own history) and then she says, "Go find my car". Sam's reaction afterward was spot on -- while he's seen plenty of horrific death, even in the series we see that he's still somewhat squeamish (especially in the early seasons) but I think anyone might have the same reaction.

Now how does she know his name? Is this a hint that she knew about them before?

She refers to Dean as the brighter one. Cute. Sam's usually thought of as the smarter one. Also, I liked the moment between Sam and Dean after the dream: "He gagged and retched as his head tried to explode from the pressure that was pounding on his brain and the images that wouldn’t fade. A warm hand was on his back suddenly, between his shoulder blades, not moving, just staying there. Solid. Real. Dean." Great contrast between the dream images and Dean.
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [13 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "One" from WomanofLetters
Can't have you singing off-key now. :) So I'll review.

The tattoo on Buffy's back is the Mark of Eyghon, which was put there by Ethan Rayne in the episode "The Dark Age" and later removed by Buffy. And the cookies should go to Google, since I'll freely admit I had to search for that info.

What makes this story feel so real are the details you put in. I loved the invention of their hand signals as to what something is - "The ability to classify your enemy without letting them know about it was dead useful sometimes. Plus, if Sam remembered correctly, they’d both been bored out of their minds the day they had made up those signs. There was one for ‘I want pizza’ as well." So funny! I'd like to know the sign for "I want pizza"!

Interesting mystery you're developing. Hope the boys can help get Buffy back and solve this case fast!
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [12 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Zero" from WomanofLetters
I loved the preface. The bar fight was fun and read like a scene from the show, from Dean flirting with the girl in the bar to the conversation about the case. You slip in a lot of background details in this chapter so that we have a good sense of place and time here. Very well done!

One of my favorite lines here: "The entire room was still dead silent. Armed, dangerous and doing random ‘jobs’. Great. People were going to start thinking they were the mob."
Review By [WomanofLetters] • Date [12 Nov 12] • Not Rated
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