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Requiem Of Ruin- Lineage

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Jryu
'Van,' in this case, is a preposition used in several Dutch names, to mean "of" or "from."

It should NEVER be used as a personal label. The character is either Abraham van Helsing (the original literature) or Gabriel van Helsing (the Van Helsing movie.) Use the first name, or - if you don't want to reveal which version you are useing, use Helsing.

Never use 'Van' unless that is the character's actual name!
Comments from author:
I see your point and i don't at the same time. 'Van' is a preposition in Dutch names yes. But the referencing is Saxo-Germania, in which it is the preposition to me 'The'.

Outside of that I see your point in the use of first names. I will endevor to use the 'Abraham' moniker from now on.

Review By [Jryu] • Date [30 Nov 09] • Not Rated
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