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Review of chapter "Welcome to hell" from MathiasBlue
I'd vote continue myself, sounds intriguing
Review By [MathiasBlue] • Date [16 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Welcome to hell" from banditobane
An awesome crossover to an awesome game. I hope you keep working on this story.
Review By [banditobane] • Date [12 Aug 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Welcome to hell" from zTiamaTz
It's definitely a good start. If you decide to continue with it, I would definitely continue to read it.
Review By [zTiamaTz] • Date [2 May 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Welcome to hell" from Jess
Never thought of this crossover but I like this story.
Review By [Jess] • Date [24 Mar 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Welcome to hell" from Blackguard
interesting start, looking forward to where you'll take this.
Comments from author:
I honestly don't have any idea what to do form here on out. Because of the plot ((or lack there of)) in Borderlands, I may just kind of skip around.
Review By [Blackguard] • Date [5 Feb 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Welcome to hell" from TheHeartist
I toyed with the idea of doing a Buffy/Borderlands crossover but as you've already mentioned, the main problem is Borderlands' severe lack of plot. Perhaps have the Core Four (Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander) replace the game's characters as the Vault Hunters? The parallels are easy enough to draw, Willow in Lilith's place, Buffy in Brick's place, Xander in Roland's place and Giles in Mordecai's place? That last one is perhaps a bit tenuous, but then again I wouldn't be surprised if Joss reveals Giles to be a first rate sniper in the Buffy comics, what with his past.
Comments from author:
That woudl be very interesting. And to be fair Giles was a Watcher trained in a crossbow, and Wesley is trained in guns ((We can assume from watcher training as well.)) so it wouldn't be out of line to have him be an excellent Sniper. Seeing trailers for Mad Moxxi's under dome, I think it would be hilarious to have her and Xander as a pairing. I might add that in a chapter ounce I download the DLC.

Plus having the Scoobies "Play" in the Dr. Med Zombie Island DLC would be fun as well.

If you do decide to start the story I'd be happy to read it please send me a link I'm sure it would be interesting.

You might even be able to have Spike as your Sniper if you wanted or Buffy as your Brick, Spiek as yoru soldier, and Xander as your sniper. That makes the most sense actually, but Giles wouldn't' be bad at it either.
Review By [TheHeartist] • Date [2 Feb 10] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Welcome to hell" from Vilkath
Not badly written or anything but it was written more like a full length novel than a one shot story. As it is now it just fails to work, it spends nearly half it's time describing what everyone looks like, what they are wearing and other background type of things, which is fine in a normal story. But in a short story like this the fic is basically over before the author got done describing how a person likes to style their hair.

Add to that Xander is so OC it's not funny and really no back story went into how this was achieved except a few sentences about Dark willow sending him off to another dimension and waking up on some prison planet. Over all it's to short to be a real story and it's to slow, vague and wide spread to be a good short story. A short should have a single thought or purpose, a goal to be achieved in that time frame and this story just doesn't. Xander is very OC and the cross over world is not well known, as such most the brief time is wasted trying to fill those holes up and nothing really got done.

This is a fine outline or summary of sorts of a full length story, and the author shows some real skill at writing, but the format is a failure and should stick to longer stories. That or this is marked completed on accident.
Comments from author:
Well I was planning to write an entire story, but after playing the game again I realized that the angel that offers negative says the same thing over and over. The purpose of the game is to find the vault, story no so big a factor. I was originally planning to have Xander kind of slowly but surely revert a bit more to "Xander shaped" ounce he had friends he could trust and such again.

I wanted to show that Xander was a changed man, that he'd seen and presumably done things so bad that they'd killed the majority of the "Xander" we all knew, however he was still that person at his core.

I honestly only posted the story because I'd hit a bit of a wall with it. I wanted to "publish"it, I wanted to see if anyone maybe fans of the game could give me a bit of an idea or something that would allow me to come up with a better plot than "Xander and new friends run around shooting things." Which is all that happens in the game.
Review By [Vilkath] • Date [28 Jan 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Welcome to hell" from Bluesnowman
Comments from author:
Thanks and thanks for the review.
Review By [Bluesnowman] • Date [28 Jan 10] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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