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Poems of thought and incantations

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Review of chapter "Sparks or Thrive" from HappyWonKinobi
Hey, I came up with a really stupid poem for those who've been hurting and believe that there is no one worse than them. The person in whose persona I wrote this has been hurting for 5 years, and only now lets those feelings be known, even partially, and it most definitely isn't the best thing ever written, but if people who read this will make it better and post it (with a cite to my name), and maybe if you (Genuka) help me post this in a much better form, then it might make a difference for some people.

"Seen but not known"
I am seen, but not known.
People name me, sometimes with fear, sometimes with awe, but always without knowledge.
People admire me, want me, but do not know why I am distant, for they do not see.
I am seen, but not known.
I am recognized as I blaze down a hallway, and I am smiled at by many,
But when I smile, they see nothing of my shadows, my dark secrets, and secret wishes.
Sometimes I wonder who would mourne me if I died, and who would jump for joy.
I am seen, but not known.
People smile, people frown, people laugh, and people cry.
But people only see what I do, not what I am.
I laugh with the rest, but know that no one sees the tears.

I am a scourge, but made of fine china.
I am a hero, but the sun weeps in shame.
I am a villain, but the moon weeps in pain.
My uncle seeks to give me a mate to distract me,
My mother seeks to coddle me from our shared pain,
My brothers seek to recruit me,
And I say, "To Hell with it! Just let me die [maimed / maimed alone / alone!"

I am Morgan deWest, demolitions of SG-1,
Frightened by much but never kept from keeping my teammates alive.
I am Frey'r,
A woman controlling a Gu'auld inside my head while keeping it from suicide.
I am Ashley Director,
A daughter bereft of a father and never given a chance.
I am Lady Genevieve,
A woman of riches who realized that 'sorry' will never be anything more than a band-aid to a wound that needs surgical scars.
I am Shego,
A thief of the world who lost an enemy, one who could never be replaced and felt more like family than a sister ever could.
I am a human,
An unstable specimen who witnessed the loss of close family firsthand, and wishes she could replace those who died for her mistakes.
Comments from author:
I just added you as a co-author to my "Poems of thought and incantations" story so if you like you can add such poems and such to it. I understand the need to write and share these things...

Please remember that there is a "only allow author to read" mark on reviews if you only want me or the relevant author to read it, m'kay? To save you some time on this one I'll post it for you in the named story. Love you li'l bro!

Review By [HappyWonKinobi] • Date [13 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "WAR!!!" from Genuka
That was interesting. And totally fitting with a lot of views on war it's self. Not a lot of people are willing to listen to stuff like that and take it truly to heart though. I liked it and I'm glad you finally remembered that I added the two of you as co-authors. ;D
Comments from author:
And like I stated it was a class assignment. We had to take exerts from poems already written and create a brand new poem. Without adding additional words. When I handed in my poem I had 2 or 3 extra words that didn't come from the poetry book and I would have gotten 100% if I had written down which poems I had used. Or so my teacher told me. I just shrugged and told him I was too lazy. He could take it as it was. But because he was so eager to get his hands on everything else I wrote he took it anyway. I got 50% cuz I did 50% of the assignment. Cheesy grin
Review By [Genuka] • Date [24 Aug 10] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Purple Hearts" from FireWolfe
Interesting poem. You are right many suffer hidden wounds. We often over look the pain our soldiers, sailor, airmen and marines suffer to serve us. That does not just include American Soldiers either. It includes every soldier from every country that ever served freedom and justice. We have had many wars many were preventable. That being said sometimes there is a right reason to fight. It still causes pain and heart ache. I do not think any just God loves war or wants his / her children to fight and die and kill. However, it is not wrong to defend the weak and innocent. It is not wrong to say this cannot happen. It is wrong to forget that even in a just war innocent on all sides suffer.
The purple heart is for the brusies we all get when that happens.

So today on American Independence day say a prayer for those who fight to keep us safe. This one nation is supposed to be a shining light. Sometimes we manage that other times we fall short.

Remember also that this one nation was born on the ashes of 500 others. The American dream we all seek was born from a nightmare. So we need to remember this and make the dream real for all our peoples so maybe we will not need more purple hearts.

Fire Wolfe
Comments from author:
I understand what you mean. Beyond that there are no words. But it's good that we both understand. I hope that others can understand too. If not today than one day, maybe.
Review By [FireWolfe] • Date [5 Jul 10] • Not Rated
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