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Review of chapter "Equinoxium II: The Fading (Buffy)" from (Moderator)Ava
Oh! Pretties! The black and white 'Fading' intrigued me. Is he really that much tall then Buffy? Wow.

I do like the last one, it's definitely well done and I'm enjoying the look of determination on Buffy's face, but we have to wait till more fic'age comes? But I need my Lisette fix now!
Comments from author:
TBH, I imagine that Legolas is actually taller than the B&W image would suggest. After all, SMG is only around 5'2", and Tolkien goes to great lengths to describe the men of Middle-earth as very tall - and the elves, even more so. Therefore, I would hazard that Legolas would be anywhere from 6'2" to 6'5" tall. In other words, just picture Sarah Michelle Gellar standing beside Lee Pace in Possession to get an idea of the height difference. It's crazy!

In either case, thanks for the review! I always love my Ava reviews, and hopefully I can keep my wayward muse focused on the fic at hand. I seem to keep getting distracted by the delectable work of other authors. Your own, for example. ;p And then there's my latest obsession with all things Doctor Who and Torchwood. I just finished a truly epic DW/Torchwood AU that was dark, twisted, and so immensely thrilling and starred Ianto and Jack. I think I was sucked into that one for well over a week... Point is, distractions abound, but I'll do my best to stay focused. :)

Thanks again for the review!
Review By [(Moderator)Ava] • Date [1 Apr 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Equinoxium II: The Fading (Buffy)" from Dragonelf
You have done an great job with these manips and I am looking forward to see more of them. Congratulations to your marriage.

::Gives the plot bunny a a bowl of Goulash::

The only interesting answers are
those which destroy the questions.
- Susan Sontag
Comments from author:
I don't think I've ever been given a virtual bowl of goulash before... that's AWESOME. :)

Thank you for the review and the well-wishes! They are very much appreciated!!
Review By [Dragonelf] • Date [30 Mar 10] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Equinoxium II: The Fading (Buffy)" from Bluejello
Absolutely gorgeous art, and I'm thrilled to hear that there's a sequel in the works for one of my favourite stories!
Comments from author:
*grins* Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the art - it can be so addicting, and it's so much fun to share the work with people that might appreciate the effort that goes into it. :)
Review By [Bluejello] • Date [26 Mar 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Equinoxium II: The Fading (Buffy)" from liit
are you kidding? this is awesome...i didn't even realize that you're going to do a sequal. That's awesome! I can't wait ;)
I must say that I reread Equinoxium probably 10x and still liking it. Love the last chapter by the way. Congrats to your marriage, i'm assuming he's a fun.
Can't wait to see your first chapter
happy writing
Comments from author:
Thanks for the congrats on my marriage! Needless to say, RL has been keeping me busy lately, but with such a supportive husband... did I mention that while I was writing Godless Provenance, he got me a Buffy Summers and a Jack O'Neill collectible statue for my birthday? *grins* He's the perfect kind of geeky, and a total Joss Whedon-addict!

But enough praise of the husband - thank you so much for the review! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the art, and also that you're still excited about the sequel. I have to admit, the writing would be going much quicker if there weren't so many fabulous fanfiction authors out there putting out so much great (and distracting) reading material.
Review By [liit] • Date [26 Mar 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Equinoxium II: The Fading (Buffy)" from (Past Donor)exiled
What is this? You might be writing Buffy again? Glory, glory! What a happy day. Don't get mad at me but my favorite was Godless followed closely by Sacrifice Par Amarth.

I think Godless was my favorite because I had first hand knowledge of Jack O'Neill with two Ls, while I learned about Harry through your eyes in Racing so he was familiar in Sacrifice.

Equinoxium ripped my still beating heart out of my chest so many times I had to stop reading it until you finished it. I know you are a sucker for a happy ending but there were times during Equinoxium that I thought the light at the end of the tunnel was a train.

During Godless, Racing, and Sacrifice Par Amarth I could see the tiniest glimmer of hope, or at least a path, for escape. However when the bad elves had Buffy, had Buffy chained as they slowly drained her life away, there was no hope, no love, no help coming... Until of course help did come. Even then though, Buffy wasn't among friends and she was to weak to take care of herself.

Yep. ripped my heart out! Anyway, I can't wait to read your next story! You rock!

Or in normal feedback speak:

yez roc dude!
Comments from author:
LOL - I forwarded your review onto my husband, for the "there were times during Equinoxium that I thought the light at the end of the tunnel was a train" continues to be one of my most favorite lines to find in a review. If it helps, E2 is looking to be nowhere near as gut-wrenchingly angsty as its predecessor. Equinoxium really was all about breaking Buffy into the smallest of pieces so that she could come back all the stronger. E2, on the other hand, will focus more on her happily ever after - though this IS me we're talking about, so even the greatest of happy times will always be marred by the bittersweet in my writing. Nonetheless, I'm predicting a much lighter piece for Buffy... hopefully. :)

Thanks again!
Review By [(Past Donor)exiled] • Date [25 Mar 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Equinoxium II: The Fading (Buffy)" from Nightscream
WOOT!! Now its going to be even harder to wait for that sequel. Love the fan art! Now go dust off that keyboard, you poor muse has probably been very upset at being put in a drawer somewhere you know. :P
Comments from author:
Don't worry - the muse was stored on a shelf, not in a drawer. That would be cruel! But regardless, thanks for the review! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the fan art - Photoshop can be so addicting sometimes!
Review By [Nightscream] • Date [25 Mar 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Equinoxium II: The Fading (Buffy)" from Sarah
Yay! I'm so excited to see that we'll be getting a sequel to Equinoxium. Your fic was one of the first crossovers I read, and it totally got me started on my addiction to Buffy X-overs. That last manip is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the story that goes with it.
Comments from author:
*grins* While my husband has been a pretty awesome cheerleader as of late, I can't believe how much I've missed actual feedback and enthusiasm from fellow readers! Your excitement is contagious - here's to hoping that I can bottle that excitement and use it to push forward through writing the sequel. :) Thanks for the review!
Review By [Sarah] • Date [25 Mar 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Sacrifice Par Amarth" from (Past Donor)exiled
Yay! I love your stories and now I get to see the art work for them! Hmm.... Maybe I should go back and reread a few of them? Yep, this weekend here I came.

Thanks for sharing.
Comments from author:
Aw, thanks! I'm so glad that people are still checking their author updates from me! And happy reading - I've done some updates on some of the stories as I re-read them myself. Nothing too big, but hopefully it makes for a better reading experience. :)
Review By [(Past Donor)exiled] • Date [25 Mar 10] • Not Rated
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