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Wolfram & Hart's New Clients II

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Review of chapter "Frank Burns" from (Recent Donor)nerfherder
That slippery slope, it has an 80 degree pitch with a stainless steel slide anda 2 inch coating of petroleum gelly. Going down!?!
Comments from author:
Well Angel has already taken the elevator, not like he needs much more help in getting to is final destination.
Review By [(Recent Donor)nerfherder] • Date [19 Mar 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Kinsey" from jamielnorris
i object for kinsey to be from Indiana i thought he was from California but otherwise damn good story keep up the good work

p.s. i live in Indiana
Comments from author:
According to stargate wiki he's from your state sorry to destroy your hope in California. I personally thought he should have been from Georgia with his southern boy ways.
Review By [jamielnorris] • Date [12 May 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kinsey" from (Current Donor)JanessaRavenwood
Minor nitpick - you've spelled the Senator's name as both "Kinsey" and "Kinsley" in this chapter. The former is, of course, correct. See the link below. Otherwise, good chapter.
Review By [(Current Donor)JanessaRavenwood] • Date [9 May 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Shredder" from TaleWeaver
Just a thought... don't know if you watch any anime? Have you ever seen or read the manga of 'Hayate the combat butler'? Because if you don't have all the prospective client slots filled... I could see Nagi coming to Angel and the gang to get Hayate both legally and mystically emancipated from his douche parents - so they couldn't sign away his soul to pay their gambling debts as well as his internal organs.
Comments from author:
Not a big anime person I'm afraidm so Ive never heard of the series. Sorry.
Review By [TaleWeaver] • Date [18 Apr 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Shredder" from (Recent Donor)Luna
"Not a turtle," he muttered to himself as he calmed down slightly.
*snort* ;)
Comments from author:
C'mon you know that Lorne is very much apart of the Green Machine.
Review By [(Recent Donor)Luna] • Date [17 Apr 10] • Not Rated
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