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Key Secrets

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Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from kitus
ah, rewrites can be a bitch. how goes the progress? looking forward to more, and if you need a skull to bounce ideas off of, feel free.
Review By [kitus] • Date [5 Jun 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from jgoodman
Love this story and can't wait to read more, please update
Review By [jgoodman] • Date [5 Sep 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Four" from cryefourme
This is a good series. I hope you haven't abandoned it. I can't wait to see what happens next.
Comments from author:
Haven't abandoned. Rewriting is just going very slow.


Review By [cryefourme] • Date [12 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from Caliadragon
I loved this chapter! It was so cute to see the twins interact with everyone. I'm sorry I've been MIA online, but I have had limited internet time and my yahoo messenger only works half time.

Review By [Caliadragon] • Date [27 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from Doodle
Excellent chapter. 111/100

Review By [Doodle] • Date [18 Mar 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three" from draconis
I don't understand what you are saying here. What is "the first section" and what are "the previous chapters"?
Can you please be more specific? Thanks.

"...the first section is a fix of the last section of the previous chapters since I noticed a big discrepancy."

Does this mean some unknown number of initial paragraphs (presumed "first section") of chapter 3 of Key Secrets corrects something in chapters 1 and 2 of Key Secrets, or did you alter chapter 1 and/or 2 to fix an internal chapter 1 and/or 2 discrepancy, or discrepancy in the earlier stories, or did you alter all 3 chapters of Key Secrets, or is it even more involved than that?
Comments from author:
sections are denoted by '8', the more '8's' the longer the time change (one 8 would be pov or scene change). so if you read chapter 2 the last section of that chapter and the first section of chapter 3 are almost the same. except that in chapter two i had the WK characters in Japan, but in Sacred Twins Omi is mentioned to know Nagi who in this story lives in New York. thus i fixed that part and posted it at the beginning of chapter 3.

hope that clears that up, if not feel free to ask for further clarification.
Review By [draconis] • Date [18 Mar 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from singerrenn
First off I don't rate stories.

That being said over the last two days I read the series from start to finish.

I hate all of the memory loss it feels like something you do so that higher powers can reset time/change history without the twins noticing. It doesn't really seem to have a purpose plot wise.

I like how everything takes time and how everything isn't going perfectly, but at times it seems a touch too angsty.

The new joke is obviously about spanking since the shotgun culminated in Sam using one.

Good luck continuing.
Comments from author:
i assure you the memory loss thing (and the past change thing) is all part of the plot and will be explained (in fact has been explained i just keep forgetting to update, so sorry).

i'm a drama writer, with a bit of insanity mixed in, in fact i've tried several fics i've had to stop because Aya's become a little too bouncy and way overly emotional. sorry if that all seems a little too angsty to you, but i cant help it (shrugs). i like that you like that everything takes time and everything isn't perfect, if everything was perfect- given that the twins are gods- then i feel the fic might as well be a Sue fic because then they would have all the power to do anything and everything with nothing to stop them. when i'm done with the edit i will actually show what happens when that happens. they aren't meant to be perfect.

sorry, the new joke is not about spanking. the whole of the joke is from several pictorials from a site called icanhascheezebuger (or something like that) where you caption pictures for humor. one of the sites running joke is what happens when you divide by zero (you cant divide zero) a black hole will form. so the joke is basically what happens, people doing so, and others that can divide by zero (explained in later chapters)

if someone reminds me I'll post what i should have posted months ago on Tuesday.

just remember if someone seems a bit like it wont fit there are two reasons behind this, one: it will be explained at some critic point as planned, or two: life has unanswered questions, sometimes it just happens and will never be explained.

or i forgot.

thanks for your critical review, i'm always looking for someone to help with my plots and feedback before posting.

Review By [singerrenn] • Date [23 Jan 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from Caliadragon
I loved this chapter. Tyler would be a great friend to the twins. He would be someone just as insane as they are, maybe a new best friend for Xander to take Willow's place?

Review By [Caliadragon] • Date [14 Jul 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from samsas
Good Chapter,

So now the twins have a buddy to get into trouble with lolz.

BTW did you happen to get the joke from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
Comments from author:
no the answer is not 42...i hinted about where the joke came from in the story. but you do get a prize for being the first person to review the last two chapters, PM me.
Review By [samsas] • Date [28 May 10] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Leannachan
very good. i have been following this story since i found it searching randomly for Xander stories. its a good thing i decided to read the first chapter to see if i was interested. its well written and it draws you in. good job. and good luck.
Comments from author:
the first chapter? of Wiess Xander? i have to seriously rewrite and over haul that...but if you think it was good....*hugs*
Review By [Leannachan] • Date [24 May 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Chaoskitten
I could have sworn I reviewed the end of the last story *hugs* I love this trilogy.
Comments from author:
its never too late. i didn't get as many reviews last story as i did the first, might have been from the big lulls and holidays *hugs back*.
Review By [Chaoskitten] • Date [23 May 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from sciphy
awwww!!!! yay! Yohji! is it going to be Xander/Yohji or Xander/Evan(thor?).... I wanna know.....!!!!

hey great job!
Comments from author:
Well your half right....*giggles*
Review By [sciphy] • Date [22 May 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Caliadragon
This is a brilliant beginning to the end of the trilogy. I love how you merged the two ideas for Lorne. I look forward to seeing what happens next and how the twins get their memories back.

Comments from author:
we will discuss that because i don't really know.
Review By [Caliadragon] • Date [22 May 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from samsas
Hello Eva,

I have loved your twin series, I saw your post at the beginning of the story and wanted to let you know. I just am not one to leave reviews very often and it is beyond time I left one for you =)
Comments from author:
yes i remember you all the way back from Weiss Xander, *hugs* i just pout when i work so hard and it looks like no one likes what I've written. but also like i said, it wont deter me from continuing with the writing. and hey now i qualify for CoA!
Review By [samsas] • Date [22 May 10] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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