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Time and Effect

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Review of chapter "Chapter 2" from Harry
Something tells me that the PTB are going to be in for some SERIOUS headaches this time. They tried to destroy the Scoobies time and again and failed. What makes them think that they can succeed this time!
Review By [Harry] • Date [28 Aug 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 5" from BrownFinderth
I'm eager to read more of this extremely fascinating story!!
Review By [BrownFinderth] • Date [18 Nov 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 5" from CageFire
Interesting story, I'll be looking forward to reading more. :)
Review By [CageFire] • Date [3 Nov 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 5" from zanviller
The Powers That Be have to have a superior they have to answer to. If the PTB are all about Balance, how can they get away with trying to end all life in the Universe, which also seems to be the goal of the Abyss? Will the Big BOSS let the Powers get away with actively trying to destroy his greatest creation? When will the Hammer fall, and who will it hit?
Review By [zanviller] • Date [3 Nov 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 5" from draconis
Story has definitely improved in last couple of chapters. I was wondering where you were going with all this.

I don't know if you intended it, but I think it's funny that you have the Scoobies being the ones with the immortality secret when in the Andromeda series I recall that there were several oblique references to Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) actually being the immortal demi-god Hercules (e.g. when he opened a panel in his quarters and a prop from Sorbo's "Hercules" series was inside, a couple of indirect references in the dialogue in some of the episodes, etc.)
Review By [draconis] • Date [31 Oct 11] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 5" from Eureka
So when will Trance tell Dawn?
Comments from author:
Soon, it is not exactly an easy thing to tell someone is it? "Oh by the way you are my long lost daughter" I am trying to plan it out for the next chapter or at least the one after that. (razial)
Review By [Eureka] • Date [31 Oct 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 4" from Rod
You are spinning a complex storyline here, and I'll be fascinated to see how it plays out. One small thing to watch out for -- you seem to be a bit prone to "Grocer's Apostrophes" (using an apostrophe to mark a plural). Please don't do that :-)
Review By [Rod] • Date [14 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 4" from Chan
Boy oh boy up to their necks in a dangerous situtation or impossible deadlines yep that andromeda for you. :D wonders if they'll actually succeed or if the Powers That S*** You will find a way around this temporal rescue squad.
Review By [Chan] • Date [14 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 4" from VillageOrchid
Good strategy with character storytelling. Again, I bit sketchy with the background details, but also some good situational exposition.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [14 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 2" from VillageOrchid
Giles is with them, too, right? He never played partner to the other available females in their group?
Comments from author:
yes Giles is with them too, the only people not with them is Angel, Oz, Joyce, Cordelia and Wesley and there is no Anya either. Now Twilights Avatar is modeled on Cordelia and has most of her memories so technicaly she is in it kinda.

You may see some of the above in the flashback scences but that is all, only the ones named in the first chapter are in the future and part of the group.(razial)
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [14 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from VillageOrchid
I can follow most of the scenario, but having only watched a handfull of andromeda episodes I don't know who "Trance" is and would like more exposition.
Comments from author:
Hard question to answer really, Trance is a sun avatar a being of incrediable power. She helps the crew and especially dylan in fighting the abyss and its plans. Before season 3 started there was a different story line place about who she was but due to the writer been replaced it was not used and this one was used instead. She has a unqiue gift to see into the future some what and even into other realities, in one or two episodes it has been shown there is either more than one trance or all avatars look like her. She has a darker nature in some episodes, and a good fighter is others. During season 2 she changed from been a purple skinned women to a golden skinned one due to her future self exchanging places with her past self.

I hoped that helped but if it did not just use a search engine and type in Andromeda ascendant and then look into the character file of Trance, that should clear it up. (razial)
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [14 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 3" from andromedaRocks
Great fic! Great concept!! But I'm wondering what class of ship Dawn's Twilight is?? Is she the same class as the Andromeda Ascendant?? A glorious Heritage Class Heavy Cruiser?? That's my only question.
Comments from author:
Yeah Dawn's Twilight is a glorius heritage class heavy crusier same as Andromeda herself, glad you liked what you've seen so far. I will try and get a few more chaps done as I really like this fic, so keep your eyes pealed and thanks again(razial)
Review By [andromedaRocks] • Date [12 Feb 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 3" from Eureka
So you gonna add a new chapter for this story?
Comments from author:
yes in time I will, I have been concentrating on some of my other stuff right now but I will be coming to this story.(razial)
Review By [Eureka] • Date [18 Aug 10] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 3" from eriktheviking
An interesting start on how things came to be. Well done.
Review By [eriktheviking] • Date [19 Jun 10] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter 3" from evilredknight
Not into the Buffy as screwed up underling to heroic manly-man Captain Xander.
Who heroically leads and defends the women of his chosen family with a brave, fair, and clear-eyed view.
As they all unquestionably follow his quiet greatness.
It just Xander-Sue light.

That most hated and reviled form of all fanfiction. Well... to me anyways.
...And looking at your list of stories, one that your totally into.
It always struck me that the point of Buffy-verse was that the small bubble-headed blonde girl was the hero of the story.
That making the guy in the group have the least power, but provides the more powerful females with the emotional support and love they need, as a team to overcome the obstacles they face. A roll traditionally given to females in book, film, and TV. That's not to say I don't appreciate Xander centered stories where the strengths he's given in the show shine through to allow the Scoobies, as a group, to win.
But making Xander the central strong character in a revision to the strong male hero, especially in stories where Buffy is vilified in some way- whats the point?

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

But hey, thanks for writing.
Comments from author:
did u even read the story? Buffy is not helpless she has just been changed by the experiences she has been through in her life. She feels guilty for getting her friends cursed to a long life of constant threat. The loss of so many loved ones and family have worn her down. This story has nothing to do with making Buffy weak and Xander the hero. As the story continues you will see the normal Buffy in the flashbacks as well as what changed her. hell the whole gang has been changed by what has happened.

Why can u not see this. most likely cause u rushed the story. next time read it carefully. I have not done anything to make Buffy out of character. I would think someone who has fought for such a long time would be worn down and that is what I am trying to show.



rofl...sometimes i think people just like to complain and nothing else. I would have understand this kind of review on some other fics of Razial. but here? Nope. For some people everything seems to be bashing if Buffy isn't the shining hero and I sometimes ask myself if they watched the same show as I did, because in canon she never was a shining hero either and had her flaws like everyone else (including Xander). Bye, Hawklan
Review By [evilredknight] • Date [19 Jun 10] • Not Rated
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