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Xander: lost in Echo

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Review of chapter "Meanwhile in the Suddydale" from Genuka
Ooookaaaay, I clearly need more background info. I'm intrigued and will happily continue to track this despite my minor confusion due to unfamiliarity with the world of Echo. I could still tell it was a really good blending though. *smirk*

*shock & awe* I'm definitely going to have to find the english translation and read the series!!!! Damn that's something that is going to play hell with everything. Thank you very much for the explainy!!!!!
Comments from author:
Echo is the world created by Max Fry.

During the original cycle's story, its hero sleepwalks through realities and in one of them, a local offers him a job as some kind of special forces policeman. This local creates a phenomenon that takes our hero to the magical world of Echo - a lovely though, as we find out, pre- or post- apocalyptic. The cause of this is in great deal of people using Obvious Magic - both Black (Matherialistic) and White (Mental)- which in proximity of a phenomenon called Heart of the World causes reality to expire. Luckily, there is also Unobvious magic - which our hero and his colleagues have a talent for and which repairs the world.

Many years ago numerous magical Orders existed, each with their own unique empowerment techniques and with grandmasters equal to gods or miracles of nature. Then the Order of Seven Leafs discovered their world was about to end and waged war on all other orders practically causing the end of days to come even closer. There were many steps taken to keep the world going - many magisters were killed, banished, locked, thrown into pocket dimentions etc. Also, quite a lot of powerful individuals travelled the Time Bridge, I think it was called, to create some kind of metaphysical scaffolds for the dying world. Also, their king Menin, who had a special ability to conform reality to his expectations {"Everything you want always happens, sooner or later, one way or another"}(similar to the one our protagonist from Earth [and quite a lot of his dimention's inhabitants] possesses), allowed himself to get locked in a deliriously happy reality, which caught all visitors for eternity, and acted as anchor to reality by thinking only about the Echo he loved.

In the end after many dangerous adventures, dimention travelling, betrayals and heartache our hero becomes a quite good magician and in some worlds - a being of nearly godly powers (he also finds out Sir Max of Echo was not his first incarnation, but rather one of many and ruins the Ragnarok in his homeland (Earth)).

By the series current point he found a solution for Echo's problems, though for some reason his mere look becomes deadly to his surroundings {meaning parts of Echo he gazes upon crumble to dust}, so he settles in the neigbouring newborn reality of Kettary, where world solidifies from nothing to "it was always there" state from his gaze.

My version of "Maxander" woke up on Earth, not overtly surprized but also not that thrilled as he detests his home reality almost as much as he loves Echo. As he woke, he found monsters and Faerie harassing civilians and ordered them to protect them instead usind the magic which allows him to give absolutely inescapable command to anyone hit with it (originally this magic was meant for killing). But as his order is absolute, the changes costumes made to children became permanent - therefore presenting new power into Buffyverse.

One of the problems of sir Max was a Corridor Between Worlds - a semi-sentient set of interdimentional doorways that is enamoured with him and sometimes kidnaps him from any doorway he might be naive enough to cross without checking first. It then proceeds to dump him into different dimensions where sometimes his powers do not work... Sometimes he manages to direct the 'kidnapping'. Therefore, as he enters the "Ethan's", The Corridor acts up, Max redirects it and find a doorway more or less into direction of Echo, arriving. There, when the power of Chaos spell weakens, he understands that he is not the "current" personality and disappears into Xander, as the creature he is never liked returning to his previous uncarnations. Therefore, Xander is now in Echo. Though I thought that modern-day Echo was all saved, and Xander thrives in world saveage, therefore he appeared in the times when orders were at full power. Though whether this is a version of Sir Max's Echo, just a similar world or a completely different one is still up to the debate...

So far the main problem with writing this piece is finding an English translation of the series as I read it in russian - and do not know how accurate my translation of different terms is - for example how to call our hero's world altering powers.
Review By [Genuka] • Date [5 Mar 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Meanwhile in the Suddydale" from Oxnate
A very... unique crossover. You're really going to have to explain a lot more about this new world that most people on this site have never heard of. But I'm willing to read a few more chapters to get an idea of what's going on.
Review By [Oxnate] • Date [21 Feb 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "PROLOGUE: Waking up lost" from Tjin
interesting, i don't know enough about the series to really make a decision either way, but it is still an interesting start.

Review By [Tjin] • Date [7 Jun 11] • Not Rated
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