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The End of the World

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Review of chapter "Surprises" from spring
I love this fic please continue writing such wonderful fanfics!
Review By [spring] • Date [29 May 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The End of the World" from LadyCarpathian
Point of Order, Sunnydale is in Southern California and San Francisco is in Northern California. In the first parts of your story you have Willow sensing the magic and then going south. That would put her in San Diego, not in Frisco. Also, I saw the spelling warning, but I have one thing to point out there. The spelling over all was actually pretty good. There was just a couple of connotation errors: mostly their/they’re/there and your/you’re.

Over all, this is a very interesting. On to the sequel.
Comments from author:
*blushes* sorry about that! I'm trying to edit the entire series, but it's slow going! I will both change that and check those!

Thanks so much!
Review By [LadyCarpathian] • Date [10 Jun 05] • Not Rated
Review of story "The End of the World" from Anonymous Reviewer
Just wondering if you knew that San Francisco is north of LA and (presumably) Sunnydale. Other than that this is good and rather interesting so far (second chapter).
Review By [Anonymous Reviewer] • Date [4 Dec 03] • Not Rated • Add Comment
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