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Repeating History

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Review of chapter "Repeating History" from burmafrdnow
Over the years I have come to the conclusion that Angel would never have changed and he and Buffy would never have been truly happy together. I wonder if Buffy will ever admit that though I believe she knows. But she really regrets that they did not TRY.

Katims was such an ass- just like Joss. He screwed up the show with the whole Tess mess then trying to make Isabel the star. What made Roswell was Liz and Max. And the Destiny thing was so stupid- just plain dumb. You do not have to be married or lovers to work together to take down a Dictator. Tess could have been a really good charactor but Katims screwed that up as well. Frankly after the first year he screwed up everything. The FBI Special Unit was everybit as stupid as the NID in Stargate. Both pathetic jokes.

Liz deciding that Destiny was BS would have been a great way to go with Roswell in Season 2. Once again Katims was stupid; like Joss he was great at creating but at steadily running a show he sucked.
Comments from author:
I so agree. When "future Max" first appeared and said that Tess left because of the way she was treated, I kept thinking they didn't have to be together for her to stay, everyone just needed to change their attitude toward her and make her feel wanted. I knew then that where ever they were taking it was going to suck. As a whole, I really like the show but some of the plot twists just do not make sense, even if you take into consideration teenagers are the ones making the stupid choices.

I'm 4 or 5 episodes into Season 3 now but I can already tell by the end of this season I'm going to be shaking my head and wondering what the producers were thinking.

As for Buffy and Angel ever working in the long term, again, I totally agree. They may never have made it long term but he left before they even tried and I think Buffy never really go over not knowing if they could have made it work.
Review By [burmafrdnow] • Date [3 Oct 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Repeating History" from CPTSkip
Excellent blending of both BtVS and Roswell with some very nice characterizations. But, da-yam, was your story depressing. Lol!
Comments from author:
lol. I know. I didn't intend for it to turn out that way but I go where the words take me and they took me to a very depressing place in this story.
Review By [CPTSkip] • Date [2 Oct 10] • Not Rated
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