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I Am...

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Review of chapter "I Am..." from PrincessAudrii
I love your take on overly cliche characters. I found this story very funny.
Comments from author:
Thank you!
Review By [PrincessAudrii] • Date [28 Mar 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "I Am..." from VillageOrchid
Nicely done. Yes, I think that stage-two fan-fic writers say, well my character isn't a mary sue if she isn't happy all the time because of a tormented past. Even original characters on television that are very skillful need to have more than one flaw. I'd say that Duncan McLeod as originally presented bordered on being uninteresting -- and even the very sexy Blair Sandberg was presented as just a tad annoying in spite of his usefulness and skills. Both shows (Highlander and The Sentinel) had legs and their better and worse episodes, but eventually got quite deep. So I guess it depends on how you introduce such a character.
Comments from author:
Thank you- they do seem to think a dark past suddenly means their character has some sort of emotional depth to them. Characters do need to have more than one flaw- one of my favourite examples of such a character is Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk- often portraying some of the worst stereotypes in people, narcissism, very selfish and very focused on one night stands and encounters- but this character was so well thought out that we see him starting to develop somewhat when he starts to love Justin however he still retains some of his imperfect qualities. Often OC's can all of a sudden become perfect- get over their issues...
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [29 Dec 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "I Am..." from starshinedown
This is me, sending you a cyber high-five.

The Godric-centered offerings are rather slim, aren't they? In quality, anyway. If I felt like I could do justice to his character, I'd write the story I want to see myself. Alas.
Comments from author:
*accepts cyber high five*

I'm hoping that people will maybe write me some decent fan-fiction- I do know of one that I adore:
Review By [starshinedown] • Date [29 Dec 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "I Am..." from (Current Donor)mmooch

But you *must* love me!!!

Eh, not so much. Don't even think you're worth soiling my hands so I can break your neck.
Comments from author:
I originally was thinking Godric would kill Tiffany but then I thought it might be OOC for him- Eric would have killed her...

Thanks for reviewing!
Review By [(Current Donor)mmooch] • Date [29 Dec 10] • Not Rated
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