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“The Spectres Of Spite And Slander”

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Review of chapter "Chapter 34... Kerith" from (Moderator)acs
Okay, it can't just end there. I'm assuming sequel. I'd like to know who tricked Tara into thinking she saw Buffy and Willow. Especially since canon Buffy would have been in no shape mentally at that point to do more than hide in her room.

I don't think knowledge of the crossover is really necessary to follow this. You include enough info for the story to work.
Comments from author:
I'm currently working on a Season Five rework (Buffy/Willow/Tara 'ship) and I want to get that out of the way before doing anything else. Certainly there's a lot more backstory to do which includes Tara's odd behaviour at this point in Season Six, Xander's death post Season Seven, backstory for Aravah (Willow), Emunah (Faith) and Shahar (Dawn), more backstory for Bethany (Buffy) and Kerith (Tara) plus the interactions between the Wraeththu!Scoobies and their younger human selves. But I want to finish "Lovers, Slayers And Witches" first. Hope you enjoyed "Spectres".
Review By [(Moderator)acs] • Date [23 Jan 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter 1... Bethany" from (Recent Donor)Deamondeathstone
Hey i read about this series, isn't it basically slash and Mpreg, with the excuse of they are hermaphrodites even though there is no external evidence besides them looking like bishonen boys? I mean they have no boobs, a Vagina Anus combo for procreation and waste disposal and a build in hatred for women. Maybe if the Writer had a female equivalent evolving at the same time in Eurasia and kept Africa, Australia human it might have been something more instead of hidden slash.

I honestly am not surprised she got it published seeing the load of Mpreg and Slash stories out there on the net.
Comments from author:
A couple of points. Firstly, Wraeththu are true hermaphrodites and don't use their anuses for naught but excretion. Secondly, if you intend to review a story, you should really make an attempt to read it and not form your opinion based on hearsay about a series of novels you've never, as far as I can tell, actually read. Have a nice day :)
Review By [(Recent Donor)Deamondeathstone] • Date [22 Jan 11] • Not Rated
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