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Ever After

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Review of chapter "Rescuing Wesley" from SirenFire
I absolutely love Ever After and your quoting of the movie is exact. I love love love this fic please up date asap
Review By [SirenFire] • Date [23 Mar 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rescuing Wesley" from slytherinwithwings
Making Alex a bearer does not make him female does it? You go back and forth on your gender pronouns and that makes it difficult to follow. Glad you picked this back up. Ta.
Comments from author:
Thank you, I fixed the problems.
Review By [slytherinwithwings] • Date [22 Mar 12] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Rescuing Wesley" from Stardust
Notes for you:

It would not do for him to find out that her servant was a stepdaughter. ~probably should be stepson

"I thought I was looking at your mother." ~Alex is a woman? I think you meant father.

“I fear that the only name to leave you with is Comtesse Nicolas De Lancret.” ~Normally a male is named Comte, and a female is Comtesse.

Also men don't normal curtsey unless they are disguised as a woman.
Comments from author:
The Mother comment is staying is, as his 'mother' was a barer also.

The Comtesse and curtsy are there because of the fact Barers are considered basically women. But thank you.

the stepson has been added.
Review By [Stardust] • Date [22 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Once Upon a Time" from Jilly
Interesting start and interesting concept... I'm curious to see how things will play out. One minor correction... you misspelled Michelangelo's name.
Review By [Jilly] • Date [12 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Prince, the Servant, and the House De Ghent" from SirenFire
i loved everafter the movie and so i love the idea of this fic. please update soon great work so far, can't wait to see how this will work out
Review By [SirenFire] • Date [20 Feb 11] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Prince, the Servant, and the House De Ghent" from LucyH
I woke up this morning and decided to check out TTH latest before getting ready for my day classes and guess what I find! I find another chapter. This is making me very much want to dig out Ever After and give it a watch. ^^

Xander in the role of Danielle is so great because they both have that big heart both characters were known for. Especially since all he wants from his step-family, or rather the step mother, is love. Spike as the prince is very cool and considering his zest for life I can see him having Henry’s need to be free easily – I’m curious if the Spanish Princess will turn out to be Dru or not because I think she would be great for that cameo.

Rupert as the king was excellent! Is Joyce the queen I wonder though.

I’m so excited to see Alex dressed up and going to court to buy back Wesley! Though I wonder how you’re going to handle his alias since he can’t exactly be his mother unless his mother happened to have been a bearer (Comte Nicholas de Lancret instead maybe?) though I suppose using an near ancestors name would work (like the mother’s father’s name or the mother’s brother if he came from a woman).

Just two minor corrections I saw need to be made:
‘Alex grinned dumping his bag or money on the table with a grin’ – of instead of or
‘Buffy raised a brown and gave a slightly disgusted look’ – brow instead of brown

Also... I had a thought of a potential problem but I could be wrong since your the author and know where the story is going before I do. Anyway; I just wanted to throw this out just in case. Since Willow is Jacqueline and since that Jacqueline falls for Captain Laurent (and he falls back for her) then who is going to be Laurent? Unless your going to keep him Laurent. I mention this since I realize you've used Oz as Gustave and Tara as one of the servants. An easy correction, if this is something is going to provide a problem, that occurs to me would be to allow Jesse to take the place of Oz as Gustave and use Oz for Laurent. Though Jesse as Laurent would work for me XD
Review By [LucyH] • Date [8 Feb 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Prince, the Servant, and the House De Ghent" from Stardust
Couple things, 'Take heed mistress' should probably be 'Take heed master' or 'Take heed young master'. And the line about offensiveness, you have a Danielle where there should probably be an Alexander.

Otherwise it's interesting, I'm trying to figure out if Willam is William the Bloody/Spike or Liam/Angel, it's a bit difficult to guess. Editing to state that I just realized that the hair color and face description said it all. I missed it the first time.
Comments from author:
Thank you! Just a little tired. But glad someone caught it for me! :D :D Well, the prince is discribed for a breif second when his cape comes off of his face.
Review By [Stardust] • Date [8 Feb 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Papa's Final Journey" from LucyH
*claps hands happily* I was very happy to come home from class and find this when I was looking under 'Latest' on the site. It is definitely the perfect read to end the day with since it was just so sweet at the beginning with Xander so excited to meet his new family members and see his papa.

I love that you have Oz in as Gustave. Not to mention Tara, Faith and Wesley at the servants of the manor. Oh! and having Anya and Buffy as the Baroness and Marguerite are perfect! Willow as the sweet step-sister works for me as well ^^

Only one minor thing - You wrote ' “But I seem to be missing a daughter.” ' and I think you mean for the father to say he is missing a son to introduce to the trio or even use your term of bearer instead since Xander is a boy.

I cannot wait for more!
Comments from author:
thanks!! I fixed that messes with my head the whole changing genders over thing. :D
Review By [LucyH] • Date [7 Feb 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Once Upon a Time" from LucyH
I think I just fell in love with you! Actually its more like I just fell in love with your brain. XD

Ever After is one of my favorite movies and seeing someone use it and to have it be Xander based is excellent! I know you only have the prologue done but I am eagerly awaiting to see how you go about adapting it into a slash story though I am curious if your going to keep Henry or replace him with a Buffy-verse male ^^ Excited to see how it plays out either way!
Comments from author:
It is one of my favorite movies also. ^^
Review By [LucyH] • Date [6 Feb 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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