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Fred (And Company) in the Warts on a Hog Years

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Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from Lirana
I think it would be interesting for Fred Lovegood to meet Illyria, or maybe Fred Burkle's parents? Also, if Harry Potter is in the same Earth as BtVS, how are you going to deal with the breaking of the Seed of Wonder loss of all magic etc.?
Comments from author:
I apologize if it is disappointing to you but Fred Lovegood, Illyria, or Fred Burkle's parent's will never meet. I'm working off of the multiple dimension/alternate dimension theory here and none of them are exisiting on the same plane. And none of them actually have reason to look for each other - Fred Lovegood is trying to be her own person, the woman who was the Burkle's daughter is effectively dead, and I've never read Illyria's comic (and her goals/end-game tend to be elusive) but she has no real reason to hunt down the soul of her shell - she has no reason to even suspect that Fred's soul is reborn somewhere else and who would tell her?

In the same vein I have not read the BtVS/Angel comics so do not really count them as cannon in my brain. Also, even if I did, they would fall into the same - it's happening in that dimension not the one I'm working with trap I was talking about earlier.

I hope this answers your questions (and doesn't dissapoint you too much!). Thanks for taking the time review!
Review By [Lirana] • Date [3 Apr 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from Angelfirenze
I honestly can't think of words decent enough to spell out how much I love this series. 'Perfect' doesn't do it justice, I tell you. There's elation that it's not over yet. And so much glee.

Does Fred remember Roger or Trish Burkle at all?
Comments from author:
*does the dance of happiness*

I have seen your other reviews so it saddens me that you have come to the end of what I have written. And now I wish (figuratively, of course) that this was some sort sort of continuous state where I am always somehow ahead of you.

...I don't think I made any sense there.

*ahem* Answering your question. Fred has large parts of her memory of her past. I even mentioned in the bit with Arthur Weasley that he reminded her of the other Fred's Daddy. So, she's been remembering since she was very young.

Yet again, thanks so much Angelfirenze!
Review By [Angelfirenze] • Date [15 Nov 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "It's Not Easy Being Green" from Angelfirenze
I think I found a second favorite chapter. There is no end to the awesomeness of this story. *snort* Leave it to an ignorant Slytherin to tell anyone in Harry Potter's extended family what to do...

And this from someone who loves Slytherins. *tsks about them*
Comments from author:
I rather adore V - which I think I should feel bad saying since she is largely a character I created, personality wise...but, hell, I still rather adore her.

And I have a large amount of Slytherin love myself (I am rather enamored with the layers to those sorts of characters) but that House does have a tendency to attract ignorant asses at times. *tsks at them as well*

Thanks for reviewing, Angelfirenze!
Review By [Angelfirenze] • Date [15 Nov 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "No Instruction Manual" from Angelfirenze
Sometimes I feel like I'm going to die from reading this story, it's so REALISTIC. I...I feel like I'm watching it all play out before me. It's PERFECTLY plotted.

Alright, now the bad news: you have, like, 1/16th of a spelling issue. You consistently misspell Godric for Gryffindor. I haven't noticed anything else, though, hence the 1/16th.
Comments from author:
Aww, thanks bunches. I try so much to make these characters realistic even though they're in a magical world because, I'm afraid, I've made them full real people in my head. *laughs*

And huh, Godric. I will have to change that when I look it over the story again for grammar mistakes. I know I use his name in Minerva's chapter but I'm unsure where else I used it. *shrug* I guess I'll just keep an eye out when I do my read over.

Thanks for letting me know Angelfirenze and for your lovely reviews.
Review By [Angelfirenze] • Date [18 Jun 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Echo of Sentiment" from Angelfirenze
So many perfect references I thought I was going to scream out loud with them! It's like a puzzle, putting this Fred and that Fred's life together and it's so...well, damn, panic isn't fun, but it's so mesmerizing, knowing where every reference comes from and why. Not a cow, damn it, indeed!
Comments from author:
*dances* This delights me. I was really proud of this chapter when I first wrote it and I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much. Like you said, panic isn't fun but it flowed really well to write in this situation for Fred.

Again, thanks for reviewing, and it makes me really happy that this chapter really hit you because I really liked it personally as well.
Review By [Angelfirenze] • Date [18 Jun 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Baby Boomers" from Angelfirenze
Finally, a Weasley in Slytherin where they belong! *utterly relieved* I wondered was I the only one that saw it - Percy, Fred, George, Ron, Ginny - COME ON!

Thank you.
Comments from author:
I thought so too. I mean, the Hat is supposed to Sort people because of their personality not because of where there family has been prior. Like you, I saw Slytherin characteristics in all the other Weasley kids and I thought you could only go so long before one of them end up in that House.

I'm glad you saw it as well and thanks for continuing to review Angelfirene. :)
Review By [Angelfirenze] • Date [18 Jun 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from RAINXIA
The way this story was written, the characters, the attention to detail, heck just the whole world has become one of my favourite stories. i never even liked Fred that much, we didn't have much in common - i thought Illyria was cool though, so me saying that it is a favourite is a big thing.

I don't have a lot of fic's i think i can come back, read years alter and still enjoy, your universe is number 3 on that list. Thank you for writing it, thank you for giving me the push i needed to try to my hand at a story done in this format.

Just thanks. you have amazing talent, as a writer myself i can see how much of yourself you put into it and am so happy to be a part of the journey. I can't wait till you return to this world.

Comments from author:
Thank you so much, Xia. Reviews like this just make my day.

This story, well I guess universe kind of took over my head completely for a little while. It was great in a way, but oddly intense. I'm so glad that I could transfer some of that onto the page (screen?).

The format though was wonderfully freeing, and I completely encourage you to try it. Interconnect drabbles (ficlets? Has anyone settled on a name?) that jump from character to character, scene to scene in the same world just let you do those moments you see in your head so vividly. Those bits of dialogue you find yourself running over in your mind during the day, wanting to get to a computer before you lose them. Flesh out that and just that, what -you- can see completely. And then move on. Let the reader fill in the rest with their imagination......

And there I go babbling again. Sorry about that. I seem to have a tendency to do that in comment responses. *laughs*

Thanks again for reviewing and I wish you luck with your own writing.
Review By [RAINXIA] • Date [27 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from (Past Donor)wozwashi
Well. This chapter is just fucking awesome. And, a great way to end this story/s.

Thank you
Comments from author:
Aww, well thank you. There will be more coming in the future - I can't seem to stop writing for this group. But, it will be a while before any of it is posted, so I am glad you enjoyed the "ending" chapter.

And thank you for taking the time to leave a review as well. When I noticed it this morning, it really made me smile. Fucking awesome way to start the day. Thanks. :)
Review By [(Past Donor)wozwashi] • Date [21 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from AndiiShadow
I love it! I adore Ivy/James:) And I very much hope that you continue. I love all your characters, so I can't really pick. I'll adore anything, I'm sure:)
Comments from author:
Oh, Andii I am continuing. I've already started an Ivy POV one as well. :) It might be a while until I start posting stuff for this universe again, and it won't be twice a day (that got to be a bit much), but this group won't leave me alone.

And I want to thank you again for reviewing along the way for me. I really super super appreciate all of your comments. *internet hug*
Review By [AndiiShadow] • Date [20 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from liraelkalliel
More please. Seriously, I think I'm addicted, and you wouldn't want to deprive me of my fix, would you?
Comments from author:
I certainly would not. And I seem to be equally addicted to this world - I can't seem to stop writing for it. It might be a bit before you see anything posted (there are a few things I want to figure out) but I won't be dropping it.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.
Review By [liraelkalliel] • Date [20 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from Damia
I would love to hear more from this universe. Actually reading all these updates has reminded me that its been far too long since I updated my own. So you inspired me and I thank you.
Comments from author:
Aww, thank you. I'm glad my story manged to give your muse a bit of a push. Happy writing!

Thanks for taking the time to leave me a review as well.
Review By [Damia] • Date [20 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from HebiR
As the thought of this being over is very disheartening, I'd really love it if you would add another bit.

Did Oliver ever get back on a broom? How did Pansy and Percy turn out? Did Molly ever answer when Fred called her "Grandmother?" Did James manage to convince Ivy not to 'hate' him, and how? Did anyone but Montgomery learn about the other Fred? And where did the kids get their wands now that Olivander had passed on?
Comments from author:
I'll keep writing, I am very much in love with these characters as well. However, I won't be posting until I've figured out where everyone is post-Hogwarts. That way I don't trip over or leave them out later.

And well, I can answer the Ollivander question right away. If you remember one of my early drabbles, Luna had been apprenticing for him since she was pregnant, now a bit over 17 (probably more like 18 if you count 9 months of pregnancy and the fact that Fred is a slightly older than 17 when he dies) years later she is ready to take over the shop. The Ivy one is in the works. As for the others, I will put Oliver, Pansy/Percy, Molly - Fred, and Fred-identity on my list.

Thank you so much for reviewing.
Review By [HebiR] • Date [20 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from (Past Donor)zephyrRS
Do I want more? Silly question! I'm addicted to this verse!!! And, while I definitely want more..... Nope nothing specific --- just any of it!
Comments from author:
I'm certainly glad you like all of the characters so well. :) I always have trouble when I 'm looking for favorites to write for, I start out knowing than I just end up listing (Padma, Dennis, Hannah, Pansy, George, Albus & Lily..............)

I'm going to keep writing for this universe as it hits me, not push it. And when I have it figured out where everyone has ended up, I'll begin to start posting.

Thank you for your continued reading and reviewing!
Review By [(Past Donor)zephyrRS] • Date [19 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from HarmMarie
Sorry to see this go, but you picked a very good chapter to end it with. I loved it.
Comments from author:
Thank ya, HarmMarie. I really appreciate you sticking with me the whole way through. And I'm glad you liked the chapter (you're the first to comment on the actual chapter really. Not that I don't appreciate all the other comments, I do. It's just, I'm really happy you liked the ending chapter :) ).

The whole way through, so far that is - because I can't seem to get away from this series and have been writing more, although it will be a while before I post.

And, as always, thank you (and your kitten) for reading and reviewing.
Review By [HarmMarie] • Date [19 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "A Small Matter" from MistofRainbows
Maybe a Fred and friend could figure out how to track down the people from the other Fred's life after school. Maybe more of a flowing story rather than a collection of scenes? This series was nice though. I understand that mad insanity that comes with focusing on one story though. :) So what ever you decide good luck.
Comments from author:
I apologize, but in my Alt-Fred-Potterverse world Fred is the only one there. There won't be any Angel or Buffy characters randomly popping up. This was always meant to be a new Fred in a new world (with old memories) sorta deal.

And I'm sorry (again), if it disappoints you but the fact that if -was- a collection of scenes instead of a normal flowing story was one of the main reasons why I like writing on this fic. I don't know if it's a short attention span thing, or I'm just fickle - but I really enjoyed the freedom to bounce around characters and scenes.

I thank you though for your understanding, even with being able to move around so much with this fic I've felt like tearing out my hair sometimes at how stuck my brain is on it. Especially when I really need to concentrate on other things.

Thank you so much for your review, it helps to hear that others go through fic-focus insanity, too. :)
Review By [MistofRainbows] • Date [19 Apr 11] • Not Rated
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