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The Best Revenge

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Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from bjchit
I gotta say, that turning yourself in jail is a pretty crappy way of getting revenge.

Thing is though, that's not what she went to jail for.
Comments from author:
Only if you can't break yourself out. She's only there as long as she feels like it.
Review By [bjchit] • Date [11 Jul 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from MagnusXXN
Well, I never said what Faith did was right. Even if she was asking for help in a twisted sort of way. And I don't dislike this fic. I was just trying to understand it better. If it was just to show Faith's innor musings and her very thoughtout plan on how to screw Buffy over thats one thing.

But she actually has to screw Buffy over now in a way that shows her intent. Otherwise, all we're doing is telling the same story. I like a good AU, or at least a believeable crossover. And your story is a pretty good start up, I'm just curious as to where its going? If it is going anywhere?

): )
Comments from author:
This story is marked complete, so it isn't going anywhere else. Whether I use it in a series later, I'm not sure.
Review By [MagnusXXN] • Date [13 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from clarityfades
Very interesting...the part I like best is that Faith THINKS she's won. What prize is Angel? Besides, I always thought Angel's "get out/stay out of my town" thing should have resulted in Buffy saying "YOUR town? Fuck you, my DAD lives here & I'm an American who can go anywhere she fucking wants--including into the sunlight. Why don't YOU take a little walk outside at noon & we'll see who has a right to be ANYWHERE." Any chance you wanna do a one-shot (or two-shot) dealing with THAT piece of fuckery? Hee! Also, I wouldn't jump down your throat, hell, at the time, I didn't believe Faith was serious about redemption. I thought she ran to Angel because she knew he has a thing for saving people & she could make him pity her enough to shelter her from having to pay for what she did. And that's pretty much what Angel did in canon, in my opinion. It was only later we found out Faith was serious about repentance, though I think that could still be twisted as "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em....@ least until you can stab them in the back again." It's the fun of Faith...and can realistically make them go bad or good or have them be gray. :) Good one-shot!
Comments from author:
I may have to come back and write when Faith decides that she doesn't want to be in jail anymore. Maybe as part of a larger fic.
Review By [clarityfades] • Date [12 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from Cmiller
I liked this take on Faith's inner mind though, I didn't care for the idea of Faith bashing(given she was my favorite character). It makes a lot of sense if done just right which you did. While normally I wouldn't read a Faith bashing story I did like how you set it during Faith at her most vicious in both series, I mean in season 3 you could say she was lost but in season 4/1 Faith was at her worst.
Comments from author:
I personally didn't consider it bashing, but I know how people can be touchy - especially if they like the character in question. Figured better safe than sorry. The way she acted in Sunnydale and torturing Wes made me think she might not be on the up and up about repenting.
Review By [Cmiller] • Date [10 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from soulNchantress
That is the first fic I have ever read from Faith's POV, at least I think it is. Oh well.

I can't say that I'm disappointed in it. I think the Angel/Buffy split was the best thing that ever happened to Buffy. *Thank you Faith!* Angel just couldn't stand that Buffy could do as she wanted while he was cursed. LOL Not that that ever stopped him, especially later in the Angel series.

You still have a knack for making me pick my brain for remembered details and put a new spin on what I thought were solid stances on the Buffyverse. LOL
Great job, as always.
Comments from author:
It's her POV, just not written in first person.

I know, right? Now if Buffy can just keep from forgiving Angel...*again*, then all will be good. You can count on me for taking any moment I can think of where somebody wronged Buffy and eventually writing a fic about it. If you can think of one I haven't used yet, please let me know, and I'll see what Musie and I can come up with.
Review By [soulNchantress] • Date [10 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from Mcspender
Imagine this, you're a chewing toy, everyone takes advantage out of you; you have to figth with tooths and nails to keep a little something for yourself, whether's food or clothes and one of the most wanted thing in the street: respect.
You tend to forget that life it's not only problems and battles, in short: your life can be described as a gutter. Suddenly, you find a good place, with people that really cares about you, someone that show you the good things of life; you don't need to be a victim or a predator all the time, you just can be... you.
And then, they rob you of that peace, and you have to run again, to a mythical place, where you find yourself in the same cycle, you have to fight the same battles of old, over and over again.
It's ok, you can win this fight, and guess what? You're winning the fight to get back to that good place, where you can be... you.
Not the predator, not the victim, just You.

And then, you make a mistake.

And you have to run again, and from the darkness comes a warm ligth, and it's good and cool, no need to fight for respect; you have food and clothes and toys only for you, ain't that great??.
Nobody is evil in their eyes, and Faith had the mother of all psychotic breakdowns.
But when you're from the street, you learn to cash in at any chance for payback, and well, if Faith can have this tiny little flip the-bird-moment at Buffy's, good for her ;).

Sorry for the long rant mate =).

See ya!!.
Comments from author:
Not saying she didn't have a crappy childhood, but other people have too, and not all of them turned out to be murdering psychopaths. The glee in her eyes as she was torturing Wes makes me think that she was evil. That said, she'd make a great big bad for them to fight again...especially if she teamed up with the right person/demon.
Review By [Mcspender] • Date [10 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from MagnusXXN
......But now we done know that she wasn't doing that to hurt Buffy. I don't really see the point of this. What exactly is the perpose here?

): )
Comments from author:
What is the purpose of *any* fanfiction? We write about things to change them, or to understand them better. In this case, when you watch these two episodes without knowledge of later episodes of both shows, this is a plausible explanation for what was going through Faith's mind. Or are you seriously trying to say that kidnapping Joyce, switching bodies with Buffy and leaving her to get grabbed by the Council's goons, screwing Riley in Buffy's body, trying to kill Angel, torturing Wes - plus all the other things she did after waking up - was okay for her to do, simply because she was asking for help in a twisted kind of way?
Review By [MagnusXXN] • Date [10 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from RevDorothyL
Frighteningly plausible, given Faith's general patterns at the end of season 3 of BtVS. If we assume that her self-hatred during her showdown with Buffy in the church (after she gave up her chance to get away clean in order to show up and slay, because she was Buffy, and that was what Buffy would do) was short-lived remorse, or simply not strong enough to overcome her ingrained habits of directing rage at everyone else.
Comments from author:
Thanks for reminding me of her 'lapse in evilness'. I put in an explanation for it, which I hope works for people.
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [10 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Best Revenge" from texaswookie
An intersting look into the mind of the rogue slayer, and one i could believe.
Comments from author:
Watching the episode again, having Faith break down like she did at the end felt unreal to me. I mean, she didn't show the slightest remorse up until that point, and even looked like she was enjoying her torture of Wes. That wasn't the face of a person looking for help.
Review By [texaswookie] • Date [10 Apr 11] • Not Rated
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